Trying Nano Booster Hair mask at Maria Elizabeth : One stop beauty-tainment !

Trying Nano Booster Hair mask at Maria Elizabeth : One stop beauty-tainment !

Happy Wednesday guys !

Christmas vibes is everywhere now. I saw any Christmas trees and decorations everywhere. Do you have any plan to enjoy the Christmas eve?

Today, I will going to Bali to enjoy the Christmas holiday with my family. Can we say it early Christmas holiday?

Yeah ! if you doesn’t have any plan on your Christmas holiday, today I want to give you an idea to enjoy you freeyay! (Read : Free day). Well, last week I got the special invitation from Maria Elizabeth Clinic Surabaya along with Surabaya beauty blogger members.

Maria Elizabeth Clinic is the one of famous beauty clinic since 80’s. But sadly, because a lot of beauty clinics appear everywhere nowadays, this clinic is slowly drowned. When I told my mom about Maria Elizabeth clinic, she said this clinic is very famous in the middle of Surabaya area. So, I can say if the competition of beauty clinics nowadays is very tight. Re-branding is the most of the best solution.

We can say Maria Elizabeth is One Stop Beauty-tainment. Why I can say like that? Because in one place you can found a Bridal, Salon, Gym Centre and Beauty Clinic. Doctor Tya as a speaker that day, take us to walk around to every site in Maria Elizabeth building. For your information, Dr. Tya is the one and only Dermatologist in Maria Elizabeth Clinic. So, you don’t need to be confused to choose the best doctor here.

Seriously, the Maria Elizabeth building is big enough, but the high fences of this building makes everyone can’t see the building in it. Let me show the Maria Elizabeth building one by one. The first one is Bridal :

Maria Elizabeth Bridal

In there, you can find any gorgeous wedding dress in all custom, like traditional wedding dress, international wedding dress and any party gown for male and female. Don’t worry about the price, just 10 mio you can got 1 set wedding dress for bride, groom and the parents.You can also order your own dream wedding dress model and you just pay for a rent !

The second site is Maria Elizabeth Salon. I know the atmosphere of this salon is really different with modern salon that exist nowadays, because the light not to bright and I can found some of old stuff there. Some suggestion for this salon is please make the light more bright because this is a salon, replace some of old stuff and better remake the design interior of this salon.

Maria Elizabeth Salon

Why I suggest like that? Because when I do the hair treatment here, I observe the visitors mostly is older people and I didn’t find any teenager do the treatment there. Sadly, because I think the treatment here is good as in another salon. On that occasion, I got free nano boost hair mask treatment. Yap ! as you know, my hair is really thin and quite damage. So, with this treatment I can repair my damage hair and boost the volume of my hair.

The first step : Washing my hair
The second step : the crew smear my hair with special mask

After the crew washed my hair, she’s then smeared my hair with special mask for boost my hair volume and fill the hair keratin. I need 2 ampule of hair mask for the long hair like mine. Fyi, the price is depends on how many ampules that you need. Maybe for my hair, I just pay for IDR 300k (really affordable price).

The next step after smeared the mask over of my hair is steam with the stuff like a gun. I don’t know the water in that little bottle, I think that is the clean water maybe. Honestly, the crew is very patient to steaming one by one side of my hair. This step is done around 20-25 minutes, with some pain while the steam through your hair skin.

The third step : Steaming
The fourth step : head and body massage

The next step is head and body massage ! HahaI love this part, because I really tired lately. After massage, I need to wait for 20 minutes before the last washing and styling my hair. Oh yea guys, don’t worry about the cleanliness, the crew here is always make sure our hair is 100% clean. Overall, I love the hair treatment there. The crews is really patient, responsible, and friendly. I can recommend the treatment there for you guys ! Maria Elizabeth salon is also provide the reflexology treatment.

The fifth step : Blow and Styling
My hair is DONE ! ( Gosss… I look like Maria Bellen here)

So, the third building that I visit is GYM Centre. The building can’t seen from the front, because the GYM centre is locating behind the clinic and salon. In there, you can join the yoga class and GYM class with the good quality equipment. I’m so sorry, I was forgot to asked the membership price, maybe you can call Maria Elizabeth GYM Centre directly.

GYM Centre

The last buliding that I visit is Maria Elizabeth Clinic. Like in another beauty clinic, in there you can do any beauty treatment like facial, RF, Laser, Peeling and many more. The special treatment in there is Whitening, so the doctor will provide the infusion that fill with vitamin C. Don’t worry the whitening treatment here is 100% safe with the experience doctor. The another special treatment here is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and Spa.

VIP Treatment Room
The beauty equipment 100% from Germany

The PRP treatment is suitable for people who wants to have the supple, bright, and healty facial skin. Doctor Tya told us if the one of her patient is cancer survivor and she was successfully to makes her facial skin is more supple and healthy like before. Fyi, all equipment that used here is 100% from Germany, so don’t worry guys you’re totally safety.

High Quality Equipment
Beauty Talk Show with Dr. Tya and Mbak Lilies from Woman Blitz

After beauty talk show with Dr.Tya about the beauty treatment in there, she’s give us the special treatment voucher and let us try the sweet corner that she provide for us. I really appreciate with her effort guys, because the sweet corner is super cute and full of sweet food. Thank you Maria Elizabeth for the treat

The sweet corner

So guys, I want to tell you something, Maria Elizabeth is not only for old people or someone that knowing this place well. The teenager are welcome here, you can do any treatment with affordable price here. Trust me ! The doctor is very experienced in this field. I recommend the salon treatment too

The last…

I wanna to say thank you for Maria Elizabeth, Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Woman Blitzfor having me

See you again next time

And last word from me, Enjoy your time there guys.. hope you have the sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,


If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…

Jl. Ambengan No. 19-21 Surabaya


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