The Excitement of Surabaya Beauty Blogger Soiree I

The Excitement of Surabaya Beauty Blogger Soiree I

It’s a WRAP !

The 1st Surabaya Beauty Blogger Soiree went successfully and full of excitement. Yay !

Last Sunday, I was really excited, because I can be joined in the beauty blogger soiree that organizing by Surabaya Beauty Blogger. This is the first event that not only carries the theme of beauty but also fashion trend. Are you curious with the event? Let me tell you the excitement of Beauty Blogger Soiree I.

Look at the poster guys ! The 1st Beauty Blogger Soiree carrying 3 big theme, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I know beauty blogger identical with make up, beauty treatment, beauty tools or all the things that related with beauty. Surabaya beauty blogger always dare to look different when held an event, believe me about this.In this event, Surabaya beauty blogger want to show that beauty is not only seen from good makeup or beautiful hairdo, but also can be seen from the good fashion style too.

The venue of this event at Omah Sae Surabaya. I’m very familiar with this restaurant, because I always pass this place when I go to the Church. The first time I saw this place, I think this is a boutique, but I was wrong. This is the homey traditional restaurant, which provide home-based food with a modern concept. The special menu of this restaurant is Soto Ayam with a variety of side dishes and Sate Kambing (I’m so sorry I forgot the right name of this food).

The Venue Decoration ♥
The Traditional Food from Omah Sae ♥ (Ote-ote, Tahu Isi, and Bolu)

I really feel like home ! Look at the snack guys, full of “jajanan pasar” (traditional food from Surabaya) Ote-ote (some people call it Bakwan), Tahu isi and Bolu. Omah Sae is built in the one of Surabaya cultural heritage, so don’t be surprised if you visit to this place you’ll feel the vintage atmosphere everywhere. In the evening, Omah Sae is also opening an “Angkringan” in front of the restaurant, if you curious just visit Omah Sae at Jl. Musi 39, Surabaya.

Introduce about the Omah Sae by their crew ♥

Besides the venue, I’m really like with the table decoration. The table decoration looks so pretty with some flower arrangements in the middle of the table and complete with the name card, special table mate and a special red rose flower for each of invitation. Aw.. you’re too sweet beauty blogger Soiree I teams.

The name card, special table mate and a red rose ♥
This event is too sweet right?

The event was opened and guided by ClarestaTok as a Master of Ceremony. She’s successfully to bring this event more warmth, fun, full of excitement and full of laugh. After the welcome greeting from Omah Sae crews, the next session is a game. So, the MC pick 3 of invitation to join in the game“Selip Kata“.

3 participant of Selip Kata game ❥

The MC will mention one sentence to those participants and they must repeat the sentence for ten times (10x). The sentence that I remember is“Kepala digaruk, Kelapa diparut“. So, if you are not careful in saying that sentence, you’ll experience the tongue slippage. This game is really fun, some of participantit seemed difficult to remember the words, it’s make us laugh so hard. After do the eliminating twice, so here is the winner. Congratulation to Vania as the winner of this game !

The winner of “Selip Kata”

The next agenda is talk show and styling session with ChelseaFlo as the beauty blogger and Fashion Designer. She’s the one of multi talented person that I know, I love her make up in every event that she attended and I really love her fashion style too. If you curious with her just visit her instagram and blog too guys. In there, you’ll get so much knowledge about beauty and fashion trend from her.

Chelshea as the fashion style speaker

That day, Chelsea was talked a lot about fall-winter fashion trend 2017. This year a red color become the favorite color in this season, so in this event we requested to use the monochrome with touch of red theme as the dress code. As I know, Chelsea is the queen of fashion stylish in Surabaya beauty blogger, she’s always successfully to mix and match any clothes. In this occasion, Chelsea share a lot of tips to mix and match any clothes that suitable for the short-medium height women.

Chelshea sharing some tips to mix and match any clothes

Don’t worry if you have short-medium height, you still can be use any clothes that become the trend in 2017. If you want to use the long dress, you must choose a dress that has along cutting on one side of your tight and you didn’t look too short. If you want to use a long pants, you must choose a long pants that have seams ending on your knees and don’t forget to use the high heels too.

The flare design become the fashion trend in this year, so at this session Chelshea shown some clothes form Ada Buti Store and mix and match it. Flare design make the ordinary clothes look more awesome if you can mix and match it. You can also use some accessories like hat, small bag or other cute things to make you fashion look gorgeous.

Fashion Talkshow with Chelsea

In this session, Chelsea also inviting some beauty blogger to come forward and join in this talkshow directly. Chelsea said if all beauty blogger in front has the good fashion taste and match with the dress code today. See, the beauty blogger is not only good at make up, but in dress up too.

In the end of this session, Chelsea also announce the best dress code winner. Congratulation to ce Fanny as the winner, your style is rock ! The red blink shoes makes her look more awesome and suitable with the fashion trend nowadays.

The winner of the dress code

So, after that the event was ended?

No no… Surabaya beauty blogger events always full of present and agenda. The next session is announcement of the grand prize winner. So, ce Mindy as the founder of beauty blogger pick one name to be chosen as the winner and congratulation to Redha as the winner of the grand prize ! You’re so lucky

The winner of the grand prize ❥

The next agenda, we must moving on to Ciputra World mall to playdate will all Surabaya beauty blogger members at Absolute New York Studio. In there, we can try all ANY new collection and have a chance to get one of their matte stick lipstick and eye artiste eyeshadow. As you know, ANY product is pretty awesome, I always use their primer, concealer and counter palette (check on my previous post) every time I go out.

Playdate with Surabaya Beauty Blogger at ANY Studio ❥

All beauty blogger looked so excited and fun to try all ANY products. Some of them also looked so confused choosing the best color for her, so sometimes they talked each other for the opinion. ANY matte stick lipstick available in 25 colors and all the colors is so pretty. Honestly, we want to choose the ANY matte stick more than one color or sometimes we want to buy another series of their products too. Yes, this is the girls problem and we won’t to have the lipstick just one color.

ANY Matte Stick Collection ❥
Some ANY Matte Stick swatch ❥

The playdate in ANY studio become the last agenda of Beauty Blogger Soiree I event. I had so much fun with them, I really really like the event like this. I can feel the warmth atmosphere of this event, I get closer the Surabaya beauty blogger members and knowing them well. Thank you ce Mindy and Surabaya beauty blogger for inviting me to the an awesome event

Surabaya beauty blogger members and the invitation ❥

Thank you Omah sae for the venue and hospitality, Thank you Ada Buti Store for the wardrobe, and Thank you to Absolute New York for the Goodie bag

ANY Matte Stick and Eye Artiste ❥

I will review those pretties babies next week. If you can’t wait the full review, you can visit my instagram stories everyday for the short review for any pretty babies. So, STAY TUNE

So, it was the complete story of the event. And last word from me, Have a great day guys..

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph o : @tephtephie.

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