Skinda Asia – Have a Healthy and Perfect Skin? Isn’t a Dream !

Skinda Asia – Have a Healthy and Perfect Skin? Isn’t a Dream !

Have a perfect skin is everyone’s dream, but some of us didn’t know how to make it happen.

A lot of girls thinking, if they buy a high-end brand skin care would give them a perfect result. But, think again, it will suitable with your skin problem? I don’t think so.That’s why, we need some examination or advice from professionals like dermatologist. Nowadays is not difficult to find the best dermatologist and skin clinic. You can find it everywhere !

Some people like a famous local skin clinic brand and some others like a skin clinic brand from aboard. Everyone has their own style and today you didn’t need to flying aboard to get best Korean skin treatment. Skinda Asia, now is open their first clinic in Indonesia, after reach a lot of successful in South Korea. So, lucky you who’s lived in Jakarta, because Skinda open their first clinic in South Jakarta.

Skinda Medical Skin Care

Dr. Lee Kyung Real, M.D., Ph.D., Dermatologist (you can call him Dr. Alex) as a founder of Skinda Asia, bring the best Korean skin treatment choices to Indonesia. In fact, Korean skin clinic or dermatologist always concern with surgery stuff, but Skinda Asiagive a different offers. They offering you 3 best skin treatment to fix acne, hyper pigmentation and scars problems. I know, it’s sounds classic or conventional, but they never fix it in halfway. Skinda Asia bring ILOODA as a best and famous healthy tools in South Korea to Indonesia. Other than that, this tools is already has US FDA Approved, European Medical CE Approved, dan DEPKES RI Registered. Wow, Skinda Asia bring a lot of sophisticated skin treatment tools to give you a best result.

Dr Alex as a founder of Skinda Asia
Ms Dian as a Manager of Skinda Asia

Maybe, this is my very first time came in to Korean beauty clinic for the rest of my life and I feel so amazed. Why? Skinda Asia not only bring the sophisticated tools only but they bring Korean standard in every services. First time I arrived here, I can feel the warmth atmosphere directly. I see the neat and beautiful waiting room with simply-elegant design and I also get the warmest greeting from Skinda Asia staff. I can’t lie to you guys, all crews in Skinda Asia is awesome ! They’re super humble, helpful, polite, nice, responsive, and professional. Maybe,I can’t necessarily find it in another clinic?

Moreover, Skinda Asia is concern with patient privacy and hygiene. So, they create a lot of room for special used. In Skinda Asia Indonesia, they provide us a VVIP room, private consultation doctor room, special laser room, photo room, powder room and etc. Curious with their room look? Let’s take a look.

Doctor Room
Laser room for IPL, etc
Powder room

If you confused with “what’s the powder room?”, powder room is another words for make up room. After you do a lot of treatment, you can put the make up on before you leaving. Is that possible? Yes ! because 90% treatment in Skinda Asia doesn’t have downtime. So, you can put any make up directly after do a skin treatment. But, if you want to get the maximal result, please wait 2-3 hours before you put any make up, let your skin take a rest a little bit.

Doctor consultation process

Skinda Asia in Indonesia adopt the Korean procedure before do any treatment. So, the first step – you need to meet the doctor and do the consultation. Doctor consultation is the important step, because you can find out about the condition of your skin, the problem of your skin and the treatment that suits with you. After doctor consultation, the next step is cleansing in VVIP room. It will takes 15-20 minutes to preparing your skin before treatment and after that, the crew will guide you going to a photo room to take some of (before) photo (it’s take 10 minutes). Nothing special with this room, but the experience to take a photo before do a treatmentwill not be found anywhere.

VVIP Room Treatement
Another room treatement
Photo room

The important thing about a skin clinic, they never hide anything from public. Skinda Asia is very open with the tools, skin care products, and treatment that they used.Honestly, I’ve been to a specialist laser clinic and they told me to not showed all tools that they used during the treatment. I don’t know why, maybe it’s their own policy. But, now I’m curious “why they hide it?”, when another clinic use the more sophisticated tools (maybe). Other than that, Skinda Asia is also told us about the skin care brand that they use. Yap, they use brand tHermoCEUTICAL, that famous skin care among the any beauty clinic in South korea.They use it in the treatment process? Yes, they use it. Not only that, Skinda Asia will let you buy or brought (for free) this products too.

Back to the treatment.

Skinda Asia has 3 speciality to fix any acnes, hyper pigmentation and scars problem. When I visited this place, I’m so lucky can saw the treatment demo for Acne and hyper pigmentation problem.

Laser Treatment for Uneven Skin
Acne Skin Treatment

As you can see, the tools for every problem is different. Even tho, laser treatment (with laser tools on first photo) can fix acnes, pores and scars problems, but Skinda Asia didn’t use the same tools for all problem. They always use the best tools, that suitable with patient needs. How long the acnes healing process in Skinda Asia? around 6 months (if you not a discipline patient) for severe acne problems. I suggest you to do the acne treatment routine,to get a fast healing process.

Do the treatment routine is enough? Of course not. You need to balance it with use the skin care routine, always keep your facial skin clean and keep your lifestyle is health. There’s no fast miracle in beauty treatment, you need to do some program and use a lot of skin care. Most of them, want to get the fast process, the best result and the cheaper price. Hey, isn’t a disney princess story right?

Dr Sammy and Skinda Asia Acne Patient

Skinda Asia give you a guarantee, they can fixed all acnes, hyper pigmentation and scars problem completely. Do you have any birth mark and want to remove it? Don’t worry, Dr. Alex is a specialist in this problems. He has a certificate special for birth mark removing and have done a lot of treatment to removing it. Well, after do a long step of treatment, the crews will finished it with put some moisturizer and sun block on your face. But wait, this is not a last step – you need to wait your home care products is still on the process to making and packing by the professional apothecary.

Like I told you before, Skinda Asia is always concern with hygiene. So, they pack all home care product with sterile and sealed bottle/jar and let you open it by yourself after you’re home. Other than that, the apothecary will give you some explanation about the products function, ingredients and how to use it. I really amazed with that ! This is the first skin clinic that I visited all this time and have best service/standard like that.

Set of Home Care products
Sunblock and Night cream
tHermoCEUTICAL Skin care sample

That time I’m so lucky, because I can tried their treatment too. I get the CuRAS laser treatment, Alex peel, and Skinda Skin Wellness VI,I can’t get the full treatment because my flight schedule is very tight.Well, CuRAS is good to fix any skin pigmentation issue and brighten my facial skin. Alex peel is special recipe from Dr. Alex, which is good to fix any special problem like acne.The last treatment being my favorite is Skinda skin wellness VI which s good to boost our immunity, stamina, and make our skin brighten, supple and tight.

Skinda skin wellness is a injection treatment with vitamin C and some of secret recipe. After the injection done, my skin look brighter and supple instantly. Honestly, I didn’t use any make up when I went back to Surabaya and my skin doesn’t look dull any more. My mom said the same thing with the Skinda crew “yeah, your face look brighter”. Omg ! I need to do it again !

Overall, I rate Skinda Asia skin clinic for 5/5 ! It’s perfect. I love the place, services, all facility, and their professionalism. I also love their skin care products, because I didn’t get any bad side effect after treatment. Instead of I get the brighter, supple, tight, and smooth skin. Everyday I always touch my facial skin and say Thanks to God for always giving me the best experience in my life. Thank you so much Skinda Asia, Dr. Alex, Dr. Sammy and crews to give me the best skin treatment and services.

If you curious and want to get the same treatment like me with special price, the rules is easy. Open my instagram, find my Skinda photo, bring it to the receptionist (let them see my photo from your photo) and automatically you’ll get mini treatment package with worth IDR 3 Mio. Don’t worry, you didn’t to pay it fully, you just pay IDR 500 for the mini package. This package is included with doctor consultation, mini treatment and get the home care.

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoy and take it as useful !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,

If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…

Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 9, Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan – (021-7291023)

WA 0811 1688 299 – //


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