Review : Caring Automatic Eyeliner and BIOKOS Intensive Brightening Foam

Review : Caring Automatic Eyeliner and BIOKOS Intensive Brightening Foam

Hey girls,

Like my promise before, today I want to review some product from Caring by BIOKOS.

What’s Caring by BIOKOS?

Alright, before I write some review, let me tell you first about this product. Caring by BIOKOS is the one of famous beauty product from Indonesia. The first time I heard about this product is like 13 years ago, because any their advertisement show up on the television. I remember, their famous product is Eyeshadow with the tag line “Caring Color” Haha I feel so old guys.

Okay, if you read my previous post, you should know that I got 3 beauty product from Caring by BIOKOS. What is it?

I got 2 pcs of automatic eyeliner in 2 colors (black and brown) and 1 pcs Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Foam. So guys, let’s get started from the face wash first.

Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Foam is the face wash with special formula that effective to removes make up, dirt and impurities. Helps to hold back the production of melanin, boost the skins clarity and radiance. This face wash have 3 secret ingredients, what is it?

Lightning. Alpha Arbutin– Blocks melanin production.

Brightening. Bio-Brightening– helps in blemish, boost the skin’s radiance and making glow.

Anti-irritation– anti-irritation agent for daily use.

Mostly of the face wash is very fluid, but the BIOKOS Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Foam is very lumpy and looks like a liquid bath soap. So, when you use this face wash you need squeeze in large amount and rubuntil foamy. The lumpy texture makes this face wash is hard to apply in the whole face skin if you squeeze in small amount.

Fyi, this face wash did not produce muchfoam, even you rub as hard as you can. If you like a foamy face wash, is so sad this product is not fit for you 🙁

First time I use this face wash, I feel so refreshed really ! The smell is so good and my skin feels more moist (not dry at all), clean, bright, and this face wash can control my oily skin for more than one hour without make up.

Pro’s :

  • This face wash can help your make up remover to clean the rest of your make up.
  • Clean all the dirt/impurities on your face
  • Your face skin can look more moist, clean and bright
  • Help your face skin to control the oil production

Con’s :

  • The texture too lumpy, so need squeezed in large amount every use *very wasteful*
  • You need to wash your face 2-3 times until you got the clean face *no liquid are left behind*
  • Not foamy at all

So, let’s move to the next review about automatic eyeliner. This is the one of new product from Caring by BIOKOS guys.

Furthermore this eyeliner offers you the long lasting and waterproof formula with vitamin E and jojoba oil to keep the moisture around the eyes area. The first time I read the waterproof word in the packaging, I’m very curious to prove it and this is the result..

Look ! This is the real waterproof eyeliner. The colors is not disappear even I put my hand under the running water for one minute. Caring by BIOKOS prove their word guys.

Important tips for you : don’t rub your eyeliner when you’re sweating, the eyeliner will be getting spill over. If you want to remove, please use the make up remover tissue or eye remover.

Automatic eyeliner come up with thin pencil tip that can be move automatically and equip with the sponge smudge to create a glamour look of smokey eyes. This is the good news for smokey eyes make up lovers, Caring help you to got the simple and perfect smokey eyes ever.

The color is very pigmented, just once swatch you can got the perfect color. One thing that you must pay attention, the pencil is very soft so it could be broke easily if you pressing and scrapping too fast or you accidentally dropping the pencil.

I already swatch on my hand and the color is perfect, but how’s the looks if I apply in my eyes?

On the left I apply the black color and on the right I apply the brown color. Honestly, the black color can be easily to apply and the color can come up perfectly than the brown, you can watch the different when my eyes close. I need to swatch the brown color for 3 times to get the perfect color that I want.

Pro’s :

  • The packaging is small and easy to carry every where
  • The black color is very good and can be use as an under eye eyeliner too
  • The perfect innovation for the smokey eyes lover
  • Waterproof eyeliner with vitamin E and jojoba oil
  • Can be easily to use for the beginner

Con’s :

  • The pencil is too soft and could be broke easily
  • The brown color can’t come up perfectly
  • Hard to got the perfect shape

I think this eyeliner is worth to try for you smokey eyes lover or you who started trying to make the perfect eyeliner. I love to have a good shape of eyeliner so it was too hard for me to use this product. Honesty, I prefer the liquid with the brusheyeliner than the pencil eyeliner guys.

How guys? Are you curious to try this eyeliner or the face wash ? Or you wanna try the other product from Caring?

Don’t worry, you can check their products on the their website or catch them up on instagram @caringbybiokos_mt

So, that’s all guys, I hope this review can help you.

I will post the another beauty product twice in a month.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today guys.

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,



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