Grand Opening Watson Store at Pakuwon Mall ! [Bigger and Beautiful]

Grand Opening Watson Store at Pakuwon Mall ! [Bigger and Beautiful]

I’m the one of Watsons Indonesia loyal customer, how about you?

If you still strange about it, let me tell you first. Watsons is the one of modern pharmacy store in Indonesia. So, don’t be surprise, until today Watsons have 100 store around Indonesia and the have one the bigger store. Are you curious where is it? Yap, Watsons Pakuwon Mallchosen as the largest store in Indonesia. In fact, Watsons Pakuwon Mall is under renovation a couple month ago and already open with their concept around last month. Yes, I’m already visit in their new concept store in several times (because my house near here) and buy some products too.

Well, I never know if new concept of Watsons at Pakuwon Mall not yet inaugurated. I’m so lucky, because I got a chance to be invited in their re-opening or Grand Opening ceremony last Friday. I feel so honorable can be the part of their Grand Opening event and have a chance to join on cut the bow ceremony. yay ! Thank you Watsons Indonesia

Watsons Pakuwon Mall Grand Opening

Honestly, first time Watsons open their store in Pakuwon Mall, I still feel strange. But, the things that interest me is their concept and stuff. Yap ! I can’t lie, when Watsons open in small store, they have a complete beauty brand, look more elegant, clean, and good atmosphere and – even some of theirstaff look so annoying (this is my honest testimony). Then, in last month Watsons come G8 concept with high technology inside. Every brand has a chance to create a beautiful counter like Maybelline, Make over, Nature by Watsons, Bioderma (has a make up corner), etc. This conceptmake everyone interested to enter inside the store and looking around.

Moreover, now Watsons in Pakuwon Mall doesn’t have a glass door with one entrance again, so we can freely to enter and out withoutfeeling cramped. Some of brand staff more nicely than before, we can take a look without uncomfortable feeling. I know they just try to offering their products, but sometime their way to offering too pushy. Well, you guys need to make a stop here ! I bet you never be disappointed because their beauty stuff super complete and you can try it freely.

Brand Counter at Watsons Pakuwon Mall

Onthe event last Friday, after cut the bow ceremony, we have chance to join in hunt treasure race. Yap ! we need to spin around the store and get the goodies from some brand that support on this event. I’m so happy, I feel like a spoiled kid again ! Because I got so much beauty stuffs from some brands. This event was so fun and the corner that I like is “make up corner” from Bioderma. I can try Bioderma products freely in this corner. Thanks to Bioderma team, because in this corner they provide us 3 type of special skin care for sensitive, dry and oily skin.

Still confused about Bioderma skin care? Okay, The pink one (the famous product), special for sensitive skin, Blue products special for dry skin, and light green products special for oily skin. What’s your skin type? If you still hesitate to buy, come here to Watsons Pakuwon Mall, try their products first before buy it. Pstt.. If you didn’t find any Bioderma counter near their make up corner, you can found it in derma counternear pharmacy side.

Bioderma Make Up Corner

I know the first thing that comes up in your mind after you see the Bioderma price is pricey enough. But, it’s worth it guys ! Well, Bioderma has special offering for you. If you buy anythings in Watsons Indonesia up to 300k, you’ll get Bioderma Sensibio H2O 250ml for free. Omg ! A great deal for a product with worth 240k. Don’t miss it this promo guys !Fyi, Bioderma has a special edition sensibio H20 ! They provide us a pump bottle, so we just need to put the cotton in the top and pump it.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Special Edition

Okay that’s all guys ! I’ll make special review about Bioderma on my Blog/youtube as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to Watsons Indonesia and Bioderma Indonesia for invited and spoiling me with a lot of heaven stuff. I feel so honorable as Watsons loyal customer can be joined in Grand Opening Ceremony. Moreover, in this event I can get a chance to cut the bow with the officials from Watsons Indonesia, Bioderma Indonesia and Pakuwon Mall teams.

Treasure Hunt Goodies

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