Ovale Micellar Water – The true water based cleanser

Ovale Micellar Water – The true water based cleanser

Micellar water like a beauty Queen lately.

Everyone looking for it, needing it and buy it. Since a micellar water become the best make up remover and skin friendly, everyone want to have it. So, lately a lot of beauty brands, trying to create the best micellar water and the one of them is Ovale. Earlier this year (2018) Ovale officialy launch their micellar water in 2 variant. Yap ! The pink one for Normal skin and the green one for Acne skin. What’s the best of it? Wait… read this review until last. Stay Tune !

Ovale Micellar Water

So far, I already tried 2 micellar water from the different brand and I can’t lie, Ovale micellar water is the best. Well, micellar water being the important part in “skin care” stuff because it can help you to get the maximal skin cleansing. Don’t forget, a healthy facial skin start from “how do you cleansing you face”. The dirts, dead skins and the rest of make up which can’t be lifted perfectly can make your skin dull. That’s why, you needa micellar water to help you lifting it.

Ovale create their micellar water with special ingredients like Magnolia extract to brighten your skin.So, Ovale not only help you to remove the make up or lifting any dirts, but also boost your whitening skin level. Moreover, Ovale micellar watergreen,complete with green tea extract as a anti-oxidant for acne skin. That’s why I used Ovale as a skin care routine. Yap ! I cleansing my face use Ovale micellar water green in the morning and before I put any skin care at night. Then, how’s it works? Look at the photos below.

Okay, step one – you need to pour the micellar water into a cotton until the back of it is wet. Don’t let the cotton super wet, because itthe liquid will drip in everywhere. Step two – place the cotton on the part of your face that you want to clean and wait for 7 seconds. Step three – rub or slide the cotton and DONE ! your make up is already lifting. As simple as that, you didn’t need much time to clean your face.

Well, maybe some of you will asking me “why I need to wait until 7 seconds?”. This step is important, becausethe rest of the make up can be absorb perfectly into the cotton. It willsave your time and cottons too.

Moving on from the 3 step to clean your skin with micellar water. That time I want to share to you “how to choose the best micellar water” for your skin type. If you really often come to a modern pharmacy like guardian, you’ll saw a lot of micellar water from any brand with different function/type. First of all, you need to know “what’s your skin type”you’re dry, normal, acne, sensitive, or combination. If you know about it, you’ll easy to pick the best micellar water type that suitable with your skin.

Ovale Micellar Water Pink

This micellar water variant is suitable for you who have a normal to dry skin type. The moisturizer inside of it will keep your skin still moist even after you finish the cleansing step. Idk why, I love the way Ovale create the moisture and brightening effect. Well, because this micellar water is for normal to dry skin type, Ovale just put Magnolia extract to brighten your facial skin. Yap ! Ovale didn’t put another special ingredients inside of it. If you have acne skin type, maybe you need to try another micellar water variant from ovale.

Ovale Micellar Water Pink

Ovale Micellar Water Green

This is another variant of ovale micellar water that special created for you who have a acne skin type. What’s the different? Well, ovale is already put green tea extract inside of it, which has a function as a anti-oxidant for acne skin. What’s about the brightening effect? Slow, Don’t worry ovale is already put Magnolia extract too and special you’ll get the green tea extract. Ovale is really understanding your need guys, so you who have a acne skin please choose it.

Ovale Micellar Water Green


Well, if you still hesitate to try, maybe you can try the small one (100ml) as your started pack. But, I bet you’ll love it guys trust me. This micellar water is hypoallergenic testing, dermatologically testing, fragrance free and alcohol free. I think if you have a sensitive skin type, you can also try it without a worry. So far, this micellar water is suitable with my skin type.

Ovale Micellar Water

Net/Netto : 100/200 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 17.000 (100ml) – 36.000 (200ml)

Where to buy :Guardian


Talk about Ovale micellar water packaging, so far I didn’t have any critic because I like the way Ovale create their packaging design. You can sw the water from outside and Ovale is pretty good to choose the pink/green color. The colors look fresh and colorful, so can attract the people’s attention. Moreover, the create their micellar water in elastic tube that not easy to be broken when it fall. Good job Ovale !

Well, as you know it a week ago, I’m so honorable to come in “Let’s Go Micellar” by Ovale in Tunjungan Plaza. In this event, Ovale not only sharing about their micellar water only, but inviting us to do a shopping race and watch a awesome make up demo by Bima Chang. He’s sharing a lot of tips to cleansing out face in the right way and giving a example how to create a simple elegant daily make up. The part of event that I like so much ofc, shopping race. I never do this kind of game before, but sadly I’m lost (maybe I don’t have a great housewife soul, LOL).

Final Thought

Okay guys, for Ovale micellar water I didn’t found any deficiency of it, so I rate this 5/5 ! Well, not only me, because some of my friends send me a lot of DM’s in Instagram and said this micellar water is pretty good. They also use it everyday. I think 5/5 is not too much for the good micellar water like this. Moreover, this micellar water is affordable, just 17k for 100ml and 36k for 200ml, is not included the discount price in Guardian. Psst… please buy it in Guardian, because they always have special deals for you. If I look at the price, I think everyone can afford it. Keep it up Ovale ! Maybe next time you can create another micellar water variant for sensitive skin.

I like Ovale micellar water because the texture is 100% like pure water, not sticky, itchy, sore in my eyes and bitter in my lips. That’s things is really important and being my concern to choosing a micellar water. I know a lot of brand can made a good micellar water with best formula which can lift the rest of make up as fast as ovale, but one of the is forget to caring with the customer health. Ovale micellar water can lift any dirt or make up in 7 seconds, yap ! I didn’t need 10 seconds for wipe my make up.

Well, I recommend this micellar water for you and I think you must to try it at least once. Give me your comment about this micellar water on my Instagram DM. That’s all guys, I want to say thank you to Ovale, Pop Bella and Guardian ID for let me try the good micellar water like this. See you on the next review !

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