Local Brand but High Quality? [PAC Studio Coverage Series]

Local Brand but High Quality? [PAC Studio Coverage Series]

Happy Good day people !

Today I really excited to share 3 best product that I never wore before.

So, lately I was really confuse to find a new foundation. Not easy for me to find the right foundation, because basically my skin is sensitive, oily, and a little bit dry in some areas. Why should I choose the right foundation? The right base make up will speak everything about your facial skin and your looks that day. Other than that, the right base make up will help you to flatten the skin tone and hide your flaws. So, that’s why you must to choose the base make up that suitable with your skin tone and skin type, of course. More over, the right base make up will make your face look brighter and smoother.

Some days ago, finally ! I met my new love. I don’t want to keep it for myself, so today I want to introduce to you :

PAC Studio Coverage Series

Yash ! Please say Hello to my new love, guys. PAC Studio Coverage series already steal my heart since a month ago. Maybe, I’m the one of the closest minded person if this come into the make up stuff. I think my facial skin just suitable with Korean or USA beauty product. This thought instantly faded when I tried PAC Studio Coverage series. Yap ! This is the local Brand make up from Indonesia, guys. PAC is the one of make up brand or product under the Martha Tilaar company.

PAC Studio Coverage comes with new technology for wrinkle, pore blurring effect and soft focus effect. Those effects will cover the flaws on the face, so your make up could looks perfectly. Even tho, you used ultra HD camera resolution, your face still look smooth and perfect. Say good bye to beauty plus, camera 360, or another editing applications. PAC Studio Coverage really suitable for whoever that worked under high-lighting studio and camera ultra HD, like actress, model or broadcaster. But, not only them who need it, we’re need it too.

So, let’s we talk deeper about PAC Studio Coverage series !

PAC Studio Coverage Hydrating Primer

PAC Studio coverage comes complete with awesome hydrating primer. So, this is a primer that formulated special for you to give a moisturizer before make up application, help the make up to stay long lasting to fulfill Ultra HD technology need, multifunction (can be as a face and primer), contain with PMMA powder to absorb the sebum/oil, complete with anti irritant, and suitable for any skin type and tone.Yap ! I couldn’t agree anymore, because all their claim is proved and even I can give more than that !

PAC Studio Coverage Hydrating Primer

Different from another brand, hydrating primer from PAC make you no longer need a heavy pore less primer again. Comes with a soft texture and white gel, PAC Studio Coverage primer give you a fresh sensation with scented aroma and super light primer. Other than that,your pores will be perfectly covered, easy to stick, suitable for sensitive/acne skin (without any side effects) and give a perfect boost for your foundation. See? I can told you more than they claim. When I used it, I feel this primer just like a water, so you need to wait a few second to dry perfectly.

Texture of PAC Hydrating Primer

I’m so sorry if my before and after picture can’t show any obvious difference. Honestly, the sun light can’t help me to show my pores perfectly, maybe I need a ring light as soon as possible. Well, the things that look very real is my pores totally covered, my skin smoother and the things that I like the most is PAC Hydrating primer moisturizing my skin and can blended well with the foundation.

Too hard for me to find a suitable primer, because some of primer cause a stickiness, a little itch, andfeels very thick. So, I’m so grateful can tried this product. Totally no side effect on my sensitive skin ! No acne and purging comes up. Some of my friends give the same testimony like me, so I think this primer is really worth it, right?

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HDHydrating Primer

Net/Netto : 30 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 220.000

Where to buy : Department Storeor online site shopping

PAC Studio Coverage hydrating primer, can’t be found on PAC website. I don’t know why, maybe PAC have not launched this product officially. If you can’t wait, just tap on online site shopping link and buy it as soon as possible. Well, after I talk to much about the advantages of PAC hydrating primer, but sadly nothing is perfect. This primer not suitable for you who have a skin tone problem because the clear gel can’t makes your skin tone looks good.


Super light and slim packaging, make this primer easy to put everywhere. Comes with the black tube color and gold letter, giving a simple and elegant impression. I like the small press tip, becauseI can guess the amount of fluid that will coming out.

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HD Liquid Foundation

This is a liquid foundation which formulated to create the ultimate perfect look and meet the needs of Ultra High Definition camera technology. So, you can imagine the power of PAC ultra HD Liquid Foundation. I can said “Very Awesome”, Really !Inside PAC Ultra HD Liquid Foundation contains UV protection as a facial protection from sunlight, Bisabolol as an anti irritant and Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

PAC Ultra HD Liquid Foundation

Honestly, this is my very first time I read about bisabolol,what is this? Bisabololis an ingredient that usually used for treatment, controlling and repairing, especially for cracking or inflammation skin. Well, you can imagine a liquid foundation with many advantages and benefits. Like a breath of fresh air during the sunny day, PAC studio coverage answer my confusion.

The first time I put this liquid foundation in my hand, I feel this foundation too liquid. Maybe, this experience makes me underestimate it will not look good after I applied on my face. For the first time, my judgment is totally wrong ! After I shaking 3-4 times, texture of this liquid foundation directly changed. Not too liquid again, but the texture look a like a mousse on the cake (looks solid but super soft, after you touch it).

Texture of PAC Liquid Foundation (First Try, before shaking)
Before – After

Look at the product swatch above! You can clearly see the difference before and after used PAC Ultra HD liquid foundation. PAC claim if their liquid foundation will give you smooth effect skin (wrinkle and pores blurring), waterproof (film forming), complete with skin protection, great coverage and light when you used it. So, after 2 weeks I tried this liquid foundation, I can said their claims are 100% true! and maybe I can explain more than that. PAC Ultra HD liquid foundation have medium-high coverage,especially for me that have a lot of redness on my facial skin. Other than that, this liquid foundation is quick to dry, not sticky at all, matte to natural dewy finish, super light, super smooth, and last up to 5 +++ without touch up.


In the photo above, that is my 3rd times tried to compare before and after used PAC Ultra HD liquid foundation. My facial skin look so flawless, super smooth and brighter too, even before I applied the concealer. I couldn’t ask for more and I never be lied about product that I review. Comes with super affordable price, PAC offering us a high quality of liquid foundation that suitable with weather in Indonesia.

I can guaranteed, PAC Ultra HD liquid foundation is oxidation and cracking free, even after 3 hours+++. You can put 2 layers or more (depends on your needs) of this liquid foundation for a perfect result without worry will be look super cakey. If you have oily skin type like me, after 3 hours your face still look natural glowing even tho the oil is already visible in our T-Zone area. To hide it you just need to put some of sebum powder and your make up will be on point again.

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HD Liquid Foundation

Net/Netto : 35 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 330.000

Where to buy : Department Store and PAC Website

So easy to buy the PAC products, you just visit to some of department store or can buy directly from their website. PAC Ultra HD liquid foundation is available in 4 shades, but sadly they didn’t have a special name for each of them. I can help you to explain one by one #01 (Natural Beige), #02 (Sand), #03 (Chestnut), and #04 (Espresso). Mine is #01 (Natural Beige) of course !


Talk about the packaging, I’m really excited because PAC Ultra HD liquid foundation comes beyond my expectation. The outer packaging made from iron material with black iron color and complete with hard sponge inside. So, don’t worry if you buy this product online, the original product inside will not easily broke. The foundation packaging looks like another foundation packs, the clear hard glass and black cover made this foundation looks simple but still elegant. Small and press tip, help us to regulate the discharge of fluids.The slim packaging, made this foundation is easy to put anywhere.

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HD Loose Powder

Well, for the last touch I uses PAC Studio Coverage loose powder in number #01. So, this is a loose powderwhich you can used as a setting powder too. Formulated with Squalane to maintain the moisture of the skin and Vitamin E as antioxidant to protect your facial skin. PAC claim, their loose powder will give you an amazing natural appearance on 4K camera and everyday wear. That’s true? Let’s we prove it together.

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HD Loose Powder

PAC Studio Coverage loose powder have a soft texture, good coverage and give a smooth effect. So, can you imagine that? If you already use a primer, liquid foundation and loose powder with high coverage and smooth effect, your face will be look super duper awesome ! Other than that, this loose powder has soft focus effect to disguise the fine lines, pores and wrinkles. The dow corning powder inside will help you to absorb oil on your face too. So, with all of those formula, you’ll got the smooth skin effect, long-lasting, complete with anti oxidant, and UV protection.

Look at that ! you can see the before after I used loose powder. My hand skin looks more brighter, smoother and give a color booster. So, the same result is appears when I use it on my face. More over, the color of loose powder in number #01 is pink, so when you applied it the color will be change to white and give you the natural look finish. Don’t worry if you want the true of beige color, you can choose the number #02 (yellow color).

Well, I can said all PAC claim is true ! my face look smoother, brighter, no cakey finish, super light, no fine lines, and can hold my oily face up to 4 hours +++. All of my friends said the same things like me, even they said this loose powder is the best ! So, I bet you’ll have the same judgement as them.

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HD Loose Powder

Net/Netto : 20 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 253.000

Where to buy : Department Store oronline site shopping

Same as the primer, PAC Studio Coverage loose powder can’t be found on their website. So, if you want to buy it, please check on online site shopping. Fyi, This loose powder just available in 2 shade only #01 Pink and #02 Yellow.Please check your skin tone well, before you choose it.


The first time I got those PAC Studio Coverage series, this loose powder packaging is really eye catching. The cap look shinny and combined with good font choices. Just like another loose powder, the size is not too big and not too small but I can’t said this loose powder packaging is slim. Comes with clear or transparent bottom, so you can see clearly the color of your loose powder. To put this loose powder, you need to provide a big space because of the chubby shape.

Final Thought

Overall, PAC Studio Coverage series is my favorite now ! Especially the primer and liquid foundation. Even tho, I’m not put loose powder as my favorite it’s doesn’t mean the loose powder is worse or my review is fake or whatever. So guys, If you following me on instagram, I’m very often to said if I can’t used the type of loose powder for normal skin. Maybe once or twice I used some of loose powder brand to give you my HONEST REVIEW, but I can’t used it continuously. I feel a little bit itchy on my face after 3 hours used the loose powder for normal skin type. Not only for PAC guys, but I will feel the same things in another brand too.

So, I can said if you have a sensitive skin type like me, I not recommend the loose powder for you. But, don’t worry with the primer and liquid foundation, I didn’t feel any side effect even when wore the make up for 7 hours +++, no acne and no purging, NO SIDE EFFECT !Well, start from last month I will use this primer and foundation until it runs out or maybe I will repeatedly buy? Who knows. The one thing that I wanna say for you,I REALLY RECOMMENDPAC Studio Coverage series !

The local brand now is grow up so so so fast ! They increase the quality, they provide the many options of beauty products, and they always improving the packaging to looks more elegant than before. Maybe, start from today don’t underestimate the local brand products, try first before you judge. Well, I’m so speechless with the result of PAC Studio Coverage series, it’s very awesome for me. In the middle of my search I found the right product. My life is full of miracle and blessing

PAC Studio Coverage Ultra HD series Result

Last but not least,

I want to say thank you so so so much for PAC and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for the great collaboration. I can’t wait to the next collaboration.

So, that’s all guys ! I hope you can take my review as a useful information.

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me onIG : @tephietephorAsk.fm : @tephtephie

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