Asiana Boarding Pass Ticket


Hi, it’s been a long time to waiting for this day and finally my holiday is coming. Yey 🙂

My trip start from Jakarta (Asiana airlines just available in Jakarta) and from Soetta (Terminal 2) to Incheon (Seoul) need more than 7 hours (depend on the weather),

Tonight, the airport look so quiet and very bored after entering to waiting room :'(. The boarding time at 11.45 PM but delayed around 15-30 minutes, so I must be patient.

Asiana Boarding Pass Ticket
Asiana Boarding Pass Ticket
So quiet (11 PM)
So quiet (11 PM)


After 30 minutes or more… finally, I can get on the plane (even though the queue is very long). My eyes can’t compromise anymore. Soooo sleepy. But wait, before I slept, I will tell you about this airlines first.  Asiana airlines has very complete facility, like entertainment tools (headphone, up to date movie, songs, and games), Wi-Fi on board (contact the flight attendant first) and comfort tools (blanket and small pillow). If you didn’t want to sleep during the flight, you can using it.

Inside the Cabin
Hello ! I’m Sucre and my little friend Pipi


During the 7 hours flight, I decided to sleep first with my 2 little friends, but wait…. 30 minutes after take off, the flight attendant come to me and gave me a very delicious Burger (although this Burger is very cold). No problem, I feel hungry already, thank you miss Hehe :).

3 hours later…

The flight attendant coming again and ask me, want kind of food that I want? (wah.. eat again *shinny eyes*). I choose the steam egg with salad (I forgot the food name) with one bread, fresh fruit and yogurt. Wah.. look so delicious. I love it. Even though time has shown at 4 AM (Indonesia times), the flight attendant still serve you with smile and kindness heart *lovelove*,

The Cold Burger with Cola
My early morning breakfast

At 8 AM (Korea Times), I was arrived in Incheon airport, South Korea. The airport looks very big and clean, this is the second airport which I love after Changi (Singapore). But… the queue to immigration counter were very very long and need 30 minutes or more to finish it. 



I’m going to Korea on October 10th (Autumn Season), So the weather was so cold (around 9-15 celsius), please read the TIPS below :


  • Please don’t forget to bring coat or mantel (3 is enough) and warm clothes
  • Don’t forget to bring gloves and sock
  • Don’t forget to use lotion (the wind quietly dry)
  • Don’t forget to bring your vitamins (the weather is very different with Indonesia)

I think it’s enough. Next...

From Incheon, I was moved to Seoul and have a lunch there.

Takes about an hour to arrived in Seoul, no bored time here, because my travel guide always tell us about the Korean Culture (so.. interesting) and I can see the beautiful view along the way (include my handsome guide too, look like Lee Min Ho btw). But wait wait… when we’re in highways I saw………………..


Yoo Si-Jin ssi… aw you’re my everything…. (skip.. skip..) just a Korean Army and I don’t know what they do there…

When you’re arrive in Seoul, you’ll see cosmetic store and Paris Baguette Bakery everywhere. If you are a Korean Drama lovers, of course you’re very familiar with this view…..


Yeah… The bus stop! This is the place where the Korean actress always wait her boyfriend or cry over there after she saw the boyfriend cheating or something Hahaha… I still remember Bae Suzy kiss Kim woo bin picture at bus stop after he’s gone (Uncontrollably fond Drama)

If you think Seoul has no traffic jam, don’t worry guys you’ll see the traffic jam everywhere (but not like Surabaya and Jakarta ofc)  Haha..

First stop before I go to the Gimpo airport is a Korean Traditional Restaurant near Banghwa-Dong Street. Today, I eat Bibimbap and beef (Gogi) soup. I don’t know what the Korean name of this dish, please tell me if you know it 🙂



(From left) Beef Soup Vegetables, Bibimbap, and Kimchi

The soup is very very delicious and fits with taste of Indonesian even, the Bibimbap looks in Korea is very different from any picture (all vegetable mix in the top of rice), don’t worry with the taste, this bibimbap is very delicious too. There is also kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi), Tongbaechu-kimchi (napa cabbage kimchi), Danmuji (yellow pickle radish), and Japchae (sweet potato starch noodles stop fried with vegetable) as side dishes.

The Kimchi here is VERY VERY DELICIOUS and I can’t find the taste like this in Indonesia (especially Surabaya) 🙂

Yeah… This is my first day trip in Korea. Please stay tune for the second day trip in Jeju Island.

For any question or suggestion please kindly contact me in IG : @tephieteph or ASK.FM : @tephtephie 🙂

Thank you for reading, xoxo