BYS Cosmetic Studio Now Open in Surabaya

BYS Cosmetic Studio Now Open in Surabaya

Hallo guys

Lately Surabaya was quite cold because it often rains, but I’m here to give you something HOT

Yash ! finally BYS (Be YourSelf) Cosmetic Studio now Open at Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya. BYS studio located is in front of the MINISO, so is not hard to find right? ツ

Sometime ago, I’m so lucky can be join on BYS Grand Opening Studio. Why am I so lucky? Because I got 3 invitation in this event. Wow ! Thanks to Lilla Syifa and Bella Amanda (as a guest star) for inviting me and thanks to ClozetteID for having me too.

Okay, back to the main topic ! For your information, BYS is the one of famous cosmetic from Australia since 2004 and was grown very fast in the cosmetic world until today. The famous product from BYS is NUDE Palette, you will very easily find a review about this product on internet. Like USA and Korean cosmetic, BYS have a lot of beauty product that capture all the woman hearts. Don’t worry about the price guys, BYS cosmetic is very affordable

Alright guys, let’s we see the excitement of the grand opening of BYS studio…

The BYS studio officially opened by the product manager and the head of region from PT Teguh Pesona, wow.. Congratulation BYS for the opening ! sending all best wishes for you

In this event, we have a chance to strolling around to see the various products in the studio and try them out. Even though, the studio is very crowded because too much people inside, I’m still excited to trying all the various products. So, Let me show you the BYS studio.

The foundation side ❤
The Concealer and Color Correcting side ❤
Eyeshadow Palette side ❤

I feel so amazing to see all the various products in it, because they have so many choices and types for one kind of cosmetics. Okay,BYS has made me confuse to choose the product that I want (Girls, problem number one). So, I move to the lipstick side and try some colors with my friend.

After I saw some color and tried it, me and my friend were confused to choose which lipstick is suitable with us (Girls, problem number two). I know the girls always makes the boys tired when they accompany his girlfriend shopping, because we always confuse (please understand us!). That day, BYS also launching their new Berries Eyeshadow Palette, that’s why we use the pink berries outfit guysツ

The BYS Berries Eyeshadow Palette ♡


This is the new eyeshadow palette from BYS which takes the pink berries theme to welcome the autumn season. The 12 colors of the eyeshadow looks so warm and colorful blend of brown, orange and pink color. Honestly, I would like to have it, but I already have a eyeshadow with similar colors. So, I decide to try first before I buy.

Swatch Result ♡

I just swatch 5 colors because only those colors can be seen clearly when I swatch. In my opinion, I like this eyeshadow palette because the colors is very awesome, but sadly this eyeshadow is not pigmented enough. You need to 3-4 times swatch for the bright colors and 2-3 times swatch for dark colors. The texture from this eyeshadow is not so solid, so easy tofall out when you swatch it. I give score 7/10 for this eyeshadow palette.


Another product from BYS that makes me interesting is BYS Pure Silk Serum Foundation. I try this product because I want to prove the silk effect from this foundation and REAL ! the result looks very smooth.

BYS Pure Silk Serum Foundation
The Result

The texture of this foundation is not so thick and dry, so very easy to blend with any beauty tools. After you blend this foundation you’ll feel this foundation is very smooth, dry but still moist, medium high coverage, very light and glowy/dewy finish. This foundation available in 6 shades ivory, medium beige, natural beige, natural tan, sand beige and true beige. I give 8.5/10 for this foundation and I highly recommend this foundation for you guys.

Let’s we back to the event guys. The next agenda is make up tutorial with the one crew of BYS and hosting by Bella Amanda as the guest star. In this section, the BYS crew do the make up tutorial with the berries eyeshadow palette and Bella share some make up tips to the all invitation here.

Look at the result guys, you’ll feel like the autumn season will be coming very soon. The orange and brown color is clearly visible in this make up looks. Seriously, I had so much fun in BYS Grand opening event, I hope I can be join again in the another events like this. Congratulation for the people who wins the instagram post challenge. Thank you for the excitement BYS

Thank you for the goodie bag too BYS

A little leak for the next post.. I will make the glam looks with the BYS NUDE Palette on the go and some of BYS products really soon. How’s the result? So, STAY TUNE

And last word from me, Enjoy your time there guys. Hope you’ll have the sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or : @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,


If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…

Pakuwon Mall, LG Level Unit 45 Surabaya (In front of MINISO)


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