About Me

Hi. My name is Stevie
I’m just a little girl who want to share to you all my wonderful experience and I’m a Clinical and Child psychologist too.
I will write everything that I love and I think you need it. I’m a short and tinny girl who loves eat, try a new food and place, try a new beauty product, traveling around the world and capture every moment that I have. I love my life like I love a meatball (I will try a meatball everywhere).
I can’t life without my little friend Pipi and Sucre. So, when I traveling I also bring them. I love to life in new country. I hope someday I can study/work aboard so I can stay there for a long time and I will try a new things.
I love to drawing, coloring and designing something, so I collect any stationary like color pencils, crayons, color pens, cute note, extraordinary agenda’s, etc. Don’t be shocked if I’m a psychologist but having any designing tools in my room. Someday, I want to have one box full of the coloring and designing tools..
I love to watch a movie and reading some cheesy books. I’m a gadget freak too, I love to buy new series of the phone/camera’s, but I must to control it now.
I like to meet new people and make a friendship. Just call me if you see me around or just send me a message on instagram/askfm. We can be a friend !
If you have any suggestion for my blog, or want to collaborate with me and this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you need me as a Professional Psychologist, I open for this too, I will help you as I can.
IG : @Tephieteph
ASK.FM : @Tephtephie
Happy reading !