Unboxing Beauty Box from Perfectbeauty.id

Unboxing Beauty Box from Perfectbeauty.id


Happy Wednesday morning, people. I hope you all stay safety and do all daily activities as usual. Well, after 3 days straight we faced any bombing issue, today I read and hear all activities started to run well. Today, I deliver my highest Deep Condolences for all victims.

So, this is the 3rd day I was stay at home and I want to do unboxing with you all.

A few weeks ago, I attend Surabaya Beauty Blogger 6th Soiree and I got a big beauty box from Perfectbeauty.id. Yap this is the one of big beauty online shop site which sell any beauty stuffs. Don’t worry about the quality, they only sell original and good quality products. In Perfectbeauty.id you could find any holly beauty grail which is not sold anywhere (like counter, mall, etc).

Are you curious with the things inside the beauty box that I get? Let’s we get start ~

Beauty Box from Perfectbeauty.id

Yash ! I got a lot of mask and some of sun protection products. Honestly, I’m not a mask fans, I rarely use any masker. But, I really curious with one mask which the brand is quite famous and a lot of bloggers/vloggers review it. Please note it, I didn’t tried all mask or products that I got, so I will give you my first impression only. So, this is the thing that I got :

My Beauty Diary Roe Mask

My beauty diary is the number one of famous mask brand in Taiwan, Singapore and Hongkong.Comes with natural ingredients, my beauty diary was created to fulfill any Asians skin problems. Well, this time I got My beauty diary Roe Mask. This mask has many benefits likehydrating, nourishing, repairing and firming our skin. Caviar as the main contain in this mask has the awesome benefit to make sensitive skin healthier.

My Beauty Diary Roe Mask


My Beauty Diary Roe Mask

Net/Netto : 23 ml/mask

Brand Origin : Taiwan

Price : 32.900

Where to buy : perfectbeauty.id

Another ingredients which is good for our skin isCosphingoandAquaroad, this contain is very goodto help hydrating, especially for you who have a dry skin.Polysaccharidefromblack wrack, sea weed, and baobab tree is good for nourishing and help to firming our skin.Arnica Montana extract,Ginko,andMarigoldhas a function for repairing, regenerating or rejuvenating skin cell. What do you think? It’s complete enough right?

Before I used it, I put my beauty diary roe mask inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes.I like a cool mask, so when used it I can feel fresher. Oya, my beauty diary mask has a very thin layercompared to the most mask. So, this mask very elastic and easy to adjust to the our face shape. The first time I cut the packaging, I can saw a lot of water inside. Be careful guys before you cut or applied it on your face.

Well, now I will show you before and after I used this mask guys.

Used My Beauty Diary Roe Mask
After Massaging my face
The result

Roe mask from my beauty diary is totally refreshing and hydrating my facial skin. I love the fragrance, I love the soft mask layer, and I love the ingredients to. As you know, my skin type is sensitive and I have proven if my beauty diary Roe Mask 100% safety and suitable for sensitive skin. So, to get the maximal result you can use this mask 2-3 times a week and leave this mask on for 20 minutes. Pstt.. don’t forget to clean your face first before you applied this mask.

I give rate 4/5 for my beauty diary Roe Mask. I’m so sorry I can’t give a perfect score, because I didn’t like a lot of water content inside the packaging. It make me faced some trouble if I used it not in a proper place. So, wanna try it, guys?

Beauvrys Facial Gold Mask

Beauvrys is a cosmetic brand from China, but this brand not so booming here. Honestly, this is the first time I hear about this brand andI just found out if Beauvrys has a lot of beauty products and not just for the face. So, facial gold mask from Beauvrys have a lot of benefits like reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, lifting and inhibits premature aging. Moreover, Beauvrys is also restore the suppleness and freshness of our skin, keep theblood circulation good, removing dead skin, smoothing, brightening and keep our skin tone is good.


Beauvry Gold Facial Mask

Beauvrys Facial Gold Mask

Net/Netto : 20 gr/mask

Brand Origin :China

Price : 15.000 – 20.000

Where to buy :Online shopping site

The texture of this mask is sticky gel, so you’ll feel this mask super sticky from the first touch. Other than that, I feel so hard to flatten up this mask, because of the texture. So, I decide to stop applied it to my face. If you curious with this gold mask, you can buy it on any online shopping site. The price is really affordable for a mask with a lot of benefits (as their claim ofc). Same as with another mask, after cleansing your face, applied it evenly on your face. Wait for 15-20 minutes and wash. To get maximal result please use it regularly 1-2 times a week.

Beauvrys Black Shampoo

Well, this is another product from Beauvrys, butnot as familiar as the mask product. Honestly is really hard to find information about this shampoo. Their claim this product can nourishing our hair, thehair color becomes darker, smooth and shinning. This shampoo is made from mengkudu fruit extract (I can’t imagine the smell of mengkudu fruit, because I have some traumas with this fruit. LOL). Don’t worry, this shampoo has a good smell guys.

Beauvrys Black Shampoo

BeauvrysBlack Shampoo

Net/Netto : 25 ml

Brand Origin :China

Price : 12.000 – 15.000

Where to buy :Online shopping site

The use of this product is very special, you need to use a plastic glove first before touch the shampoo (you’ll got the glove every purchased this shampoo). After that, you can touch the shampoo and applied perfectly in you hair. Massage your hair slowly until the shampoo is equal and wait until 10-15 menit and wash it. If you have a thick hair, you need to use 2-3 sachets. To make sure this product is suitable with yours, you can test it first by applied this product on the back of ears skin and wait for 48 hours. So, allergic like itchy, redness, or freezing will be appear after 48 hours.

Eveline Structura Restructuring Treatment

Eveline structura restructuring treatment is a hair mask from Italy. This mask has a function for restructuring a dull hair, smoothing and make our hair healthier. Again, this is the first time I hear about this product and I’m shock ! This mask has a lot of benefit. Even this mask can repairing our damage hair because of chemical proses. Moreover, this mask canstrengthen the damage hair fibers, moisture hair, make our hair strengthen and boost the hair nutrition.

Eveline Structura Restructuring Treatment

Eveline Structura Restructuting Treatmen

Net/Netto : 250 ml

Brand Origin : Italy

Price : 172.000

Where to buy :perfectbeauty.id

Eveline structura restructuring treatment has a soft gel texture and fresh smell. After you applied it, your hair feel super smooth, easy to manage, easy to styling, not swell, and still neat afterexposed by the wind. The function of this mask is like a hair vitamin, you need to drying your hair after washing and applied it over your hair. Give a soft massage and wait for 5-8 minutes washed with a warm water. To get the perfect result so you need to buy a full size guys.

L’ActionRice Oil Face Mask andCotton Oil Mud mask

L’Action is the one of beauty brand from Paris that concern with treatment product like skin, hair, or lips care. This time I got 2 mask from L’Action, first is Rice Oil FaceMask and Cotton Oil Mud mask.Rice Oil Face mask has a function for soothes and protect, tones and rebalance the skin, and helps protect against the effects of ageing. A mask with Pink lychee fragrance and enriched with white lilies will helps you to remineralise your facial skin.More over, this mask will help your skin to fading the blemishes, boosting suppleness, boost good nutritions, and hydrating.

L’Action Litchi Mousse mask

The second mask that I get is L’Action cotton oil mud mask. A mask with a lot of benefit like detoxifies and refreshes your face, hydrates and protect, and leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth. So, this mud mask is really perfect for you who alwaysexposed to pollution everyday, to kick out all bad things from your face. Comes with mint fragrance, this mud mask will give you a cool sensation in you skin as well. Rich with vitamins and the beautiful cotton oil inside will rejuvenates our skin.

L’Action Rice Oil Face Mask

L’Action Rice Oil Face Mask andCotton Oil Mud mask

Net/Netto :12 gr

Brand Origin : Paris

Price :15.000 – 25.000

Where to buy :perfectbeauty.id

Thetexture of those mask is creamy, so you just to applied with mask brush. One pack of mask can be use once or twice, depends on your need. Well, after you applied it on your face, wait 10-12 minutes and washing with fresh water (if you like a fresh sensation) or warm water. L’Action has many types of mask which is based on our skin problem. So, you can choose freely the mask that match with you skin problem. The things that I like from L’Action mask is the texture is creamy enough and comes with scrub if it’s a scrub edition. Other than that, L’Action provide any treatments products for face, skin and hair.

Caribbean Breeze Face and Lip Essentials

Caribbean breeze is the one of skin care from USA that concern to give us best quality sun care with affordable price. You didn’t need to worry again when holiday season is coming. I know, most of you have a plan to go to beach, even more Indonesia has thousands of beautiful beaches. So, this time I want introduce to you, two kind of caribbean breeze product, that will you need when you’re on holiday. First product that I got isCaribbean Face essential, this is a sunscreen cream with SPF 50.

Caribbean Breeze Face Essentials

Caribbean Breeze Face Essentials

Net/Netto : 16 gr

Brand Origin :USA

Price : 140.000 – 150.000

Where to buy : Online shopping site

So, even tho you’ll under the sun rays for a long time, this sunscreen cream will protect you facial skin from harmful sun beaming. Like another sunscreen cream, the higher SPF contain will give a dry sensation on your skin. I didn’t recommend a suncream with high SPF for you who have a dry skin, because it will make your skin dried. Texture of this suncream is creamy but not that sticky (more to liquid than a gel). The smell is 100%same as to the most suncream, like a rubber smell? LOL ! The color of this suncream is pure white, but after you applied and rub it perfectly on your face, the color will changed.

To get the maximal sun protection, please applied the suncream 20-30 minutes before youexposure to sun light. Applied it on your face, ears area, eyes area and nose, and wait until the cream dry perfectly. Use the suncream before we exposure under the sun light willkeep us away from bad effects UV rays, like skin cancer, fleck, or early skin aging.

Texture of Suncream

Second product that I got from Caribbean Breeze is Lip essentials. After you protect you facial skin from the harmful sun beaming, now you need to make it all perfect. Lip essential from Caribbean breeze is good to protect your lips from the bad effect of UV rays and complete with aloe extract which will make your lips still moist. Moreover, this lip essentials enriched with a lot of good vitamins, helps to prevent, soothe and heal dry, chapped, chafed and sunburned lips.

Caribbean Breeze Lip Essentials

Caribbean Breeze Lip Essentials

Net/Netto : 4.2 gr

Brand Origin :USA

Price : 40.000 – 60.000

Where to buy : Online shopping site

Texture of this lips essential is like a lip balm/butter but more soft, so it’s very easy to fragile if you press it to hard. The green tea fragrance make me feel so fresh when I used it. Same as the suncream, this lip essential has SPF 50, but after you applied you’ll never feel dry at all. Besides, it help to moiturizing my lip, this lip essential is also help me to avoid the dry lip from chemical contain of lip cream/stick.

I really recommend this product for you who always have outdoor activity and exposed to the sunlight. The biggest problem of most girls is have a dark lips, so they not confident enough t use any clear tint or lipgloss. Use this lip essential regularly, in addition to protect your lips from bad effects UV rays in your lips but also can make your lips healthier.

Swatch Result

Well, I think my unboxing and my first impression of beauty box that I got from perfecbeauty.id is long enough. I’m so sorry if I can’t give you a detail review from some of products above. I hope you can take it as useful information.

I really happy and appriciate if you don’t mind to give me any ideas for my blog thru my Instagram DM, guys.


I want to give a big THANK’s for Surabaya Beauty Blogger x Perfecbeuty.id to let me tried all those babies. I really excited ! See you again on the next project

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