ULTHYME : Glowing Serum

ULTHYME : Glowing Serum

Who wants to have a glowing skin without any make up? I know, glowing skin is a must among the women around the world. So, you need to know what is the secret to have a glowing skin without put too much make up. Are you curious about it? Read ’till the end.

Well, a couple weeks ago, I got a pinky package from Ulthymeid and I gotGLOWING SERUM inside of it. Did you know about this brand before? if you still strange with this brand, let me tell you. Ulthymeid is the one of local skin care brand from Indonesia, that manufactured in East Java. Yap ! I know you still strange with this brand (me too) and curious about the BPOM code or “is that safety?”.

Ulthyme Glowing Serum


This is a glowing serum that contain Alpha Arbutin as a special formula, which is good as a number one whitening agent formula. Alpa arbutin will help to whiten our skin in a short time. So, here’s some benefit from alpa arbutin formulas :

  • Brighten and whiten our skin face
  • Flattening our skin face
  • Make our skin face more elastic/supple
  • Make our skin look glowing

The claims above is come from Ulthymeid, but for me a bright skin can’t beobtained in a short time. You need to maintain it, use this serumregularly and don’t forget use the sunblock too. In fact, there’s no instant result if you wants to have a glowing and bright skin naturally in a long time. Talk about this glowing serum, texture of this serum is 80% like water. Light enough, but not as light as water. The smell is good, moisturize our skin well, and make our skin glowing in a second.

Wait, this glowing serum can makes our skin look glowing in a second? Yap ! in a instant way. Because this glowing serum, contain enough water on it and it makes our skin look glow instantly.is there paraben content on it? there’s methylparaben on it. If you have any allergy with paraben contain, you need to take a not about it. So, let’s we discuss about “what’s good” and “what’s the down side”.

What’s good?

This glowing serum is good for you who have a dry or chronic dry skin. Other than that, this serum can give you a glowing skin in instant way. Moisturize your skin well and easy to absorb to our skin. I rate this glowing serum 2.5/5 !

Down side?

Even tho, this serum is light enough to wear and easy to absorb. But, this serum leaves the sticky feeling or sensation in our skin. Sorry, I can’t be dealing with that. Moreover, my skin type is oily, so the sticky feeling is really bothering me so much. Well, I hope this serum comes with clear color liquid or white color not yellow. Why? because the yellow color is stick firmly on the skin and it will disappear after I cleansing it with make up remover or micelar water. I know they’re still new in a skin care industry, I believe they can develop their skin care well in the future.

This is a local skin care brand from Indonesia, is that safety? In fact, I already google it and I found so much speculation about this brand. Some article talking bad about this product, because there’s no BPOM code in that time. But now, they already have a BPOM code POM NA 18181905999. You check it by yourself and search that code on BPOM site. Safety or not? I think, if BPOM issued the code, so this product is safe. But, if you ask me “this skin care is suitable with me or not” you need to try it first.

Ulthyme Glowing Serum

Net/Netto : 115ml

Brand Origin :Indonesia

Price :135.000

Where to buy :E-Commerce shopping site or ask ulthyme

How to use?

Well, to get the maximal result, you need to use this serum twice a day (day and night). You can apply this serum after the cleansing step done. Put 2-3 drop of serum on your hand and then apply it all over your face. Don’t forget to apply it on your neck too.But, I don’t know you can resist with the sticky feeling or not. If you can’t resist it, you can applythis serum just on night.


Ulthyme glowing serum packaging is light enough. It made of a light plastick, was molded on the tube with pump. The packaging is very light, easy to bring or put it anywhere and easy topouring out the serum liquid. Just pump it 2-3 x and done ! you didn’t need to worry, the serum liquid will spill out.

Okay that’s all guys. I hope my review can help you to know well about Ulthymeid. So, you can choose the right and best skin care for your skin. It’s not about the price or the brand. If it comes to a skin care, it’s all about suitable with your skin or not. Last, Thank you for Ulthymeid and Surabaya Beauty Blogger to give me a chance to try this glowing serum. See you on another review ! Have a great day.

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