#ThirstForLife LANEIGE : Water Bank Hydro Essence x Water Bank Hydro Cream Ex

What’s your #ThirstForLife?

If me, I’m thirsty for something that beautiful in life. That’s why, during this pandemic, I try to make a lot of Instagram content with aesthetic stuffs. I learn to good at editing, I learn to make good video, I learn to take a good photos, I learn to mix and match aesthetic stuffs, and I learn to keep my skin healthy. Honestly, during on #StayAtHome period my facial skin was bad. Acnes, breakout, dry skin, redness and black heads everywhere. If you be me, you’ll stress out about this issue. In fact, I almost gave up with this issue. I feel uncomfortable to take any beauty photos, with acnes scars, dry skin and redness everywhere. Until my acnes problem started to decrease andas well as a breakout on my face. But, a I got a new homework : how to bring my healthy and glowing skin back.

A moment ago,ClozetteID and Laneige Indonesia,wassent me Water Bank series product which is good to restore any rough skin. Honestly, I already tried this series a year ago and it was good ! I really like the eye cream as well. But, this time Laneige launched this series with new look packaging which is very colorful and cool. I like the new packaging !


Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence

Well, comes with new hastag #ThirstForLife, Laneige want to bring Water Bank series as a “life water”. The things that always you need in life. Why? Because Water Bank series have a special texture, which is 99% like water. I can guaranteed, you’ll fall in love in the first time you try this products. So, what’s the formulas insideLaneige water bank hydro essence : Green Mineral Water thatextracted by Ocean Brew processing methodto replenish the skin moisture. Moisturize bomb and water splash -which provides moisture when it applied into the skin and providing a long-lasting moisturizing. Water zipper effect -prevent the moisture evaporation through out the strong locking.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence

What’s good?

The thing that I love so much is : the texture !Like what I said before, this series is gewd in textures which is like a water. When you applied it, you’ll never feel like using a skin care. The texture very very light, not sticky at all and very easy to absorb in our skin. Just in a second, your skin feels moist, smooth, elastic, fresh and look super healthy. I’m not gonna lie about this product, but I rate it 5/5 ! I like the texture, formulas and smell (super super soft and calming).Its formula works mildly to moisturize the dry and sensitive skin at the fundamental level. I’m already use this essence for 3 weeks and my skin looks super healthy. There’s no dry skin, darkness skin, dull skin, peeling skin, sebum, redness or dry skin. My skin is totally perfect.

How to use?

Well, to get the maximum result you need to use this essence twice a day and don’t ever skip it. You can apply it, after applied toner and emulsion. Make sure the skin care is absorb perfectly before you applies this essence. I think two pump is enough if you don’t apply this essence with cotton. After that, you can divide onto the cheeks, forehead then chin and massage it slowly.Another case for you, who’s have a severe problem with dry and peeling skin like me before. This is step by step to get your healthy, smooth and moist skin is back :

STEP 1 :Soak cotton pad in Water Bank Essence and make you own sheet mask. I think 2-3 pump is enough to make the cotton wet.

STEP 2 :Place it on the dry or particularly dry area and you’ll feel that the skin is instantly filled with moisture.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence

Brand Origin : Korea

Net/Netto : 70ml

Price :700.000 – 800.000

Where to buy :Laneige Store or Laneige Official Shopee

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

This is the next skin care that you must applied after the essence and eye cream. Laneige water bank hydro cream EX have special formulas, like :Green Mineral Waterto boost our skin moisture,Skin purification with the antioxidant effect of garden cressthat good to removes harmful and active oxygen to enhance the skin’s defence ability.Water Zipper technology tolocks moisture for 24-hour humidity retention.Moisture Tight Matrixtostretches a tight barrier to lock in all the moisture throughout the day. The texture a little bit different with the essence, I can say this cream has 2 level higher of moisturizer which is good for you who have a problem with chronic dry skin. So, essence is never enough, you need to apply this cream too.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

What’s good?

Again, I like the texture ! Even tho this cream has 2 level higher of moisturizer but the based texture is 90% like a water. I know, the texture of this cream is more treacly than the essence. After you use this cream, you can feel you skin is super moist instantly and you need 1-2 hour to make it feels light. Even so, this creamdoesn’t feel sticky at all,even though the moisture level is higher.Who’s suitable to use it? Chronic dry skin, Dry skin, oily and combination skin like mine. The highlight for this cream is :instantly moisturizes the skin and provides deep hydration that lasts all day long.So, if you have a severe problem like peeling skin or chronic dry skin, I recommend this skin care for you. In 2-3 days this problem will gone. I Rate this product for 5/5 !

How to use?

So, you can use Laneige water bank hydro cream EX after you applied the essence and put eye cream/gel. Take out an amount in the size of a gingko nut. Divide onto the cheeks, forehead then chin and apply in the following directions or you can follow this steps :

STEP 1 :Spread the content evenly across both cheeks using the index, middle and ring fingers.

STEP 2 :Gently massage from the center of the chin towards the corners of the mouth. Lightly press in between the lower lip and chin.

STEP 3 :Use the three fingers to spread the content on the forehead in a spiral motion like drawing a water drop shape from left to right.

Use this cream twice a day to get the maximal result and don’t skip the steps too. That’s the key to get the healthy and moist skin tho.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

Brand Origin : Korea

Net/Netto : 50ml

Price :500.000 – 600.000

Where to buy :Laneige Store orLaneige Official Shopee


Talk about the packaging, I already told you if Laneige has launched their new outer packaging which is very colorful and pretty. That’s mix pink and blue color, super pretty. So, what do you think about their new logo, hastag, and outer packaging? Is that good? I think Laneige try toreach all people of all ages. In fact, Laneige is famous with their amazing formulas with pricey price (I think isn’t that pricey) and ordinary packaging. Actually, their packaging is exclusive and pretty enough, but too exclusive. There’s no colorful design or unique outer packaging, So, to make the market is bigger and looks fresh, that’s why Laneige make this buzz. Other than that, the glass packaging is very cool to makes their products looks exclusive, eye catching, and pretty. Their glass is thick enough, so when it fall down isn’t easy to broken.

So, that’s all guys. I hope you like it and take it as a helpful information. I really recommend Laneige water bank hydro essence and cream EX. Especially for you who have a dry skin problem but doesn’t like to use a skin care that feels heavy / thick. I know the price is pricey enough, but trust me itvery economical. You can use it for 6 – 12 months. Really worth it ! Last, Thank you for Laneige Indonesia and ClozetteID to bring my healthy and moist skin is back. Well, if you want to more about Laneige products or any promotion, you can follow their official instagram.

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