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Keiskei Hair Care

Hair fall? Ewh.. no more ! Well, I know hair fall is the biggest girl problem nowadays. A lot of my friend ask me, how to resolve the hair fall problem? Honestly, hair fall is also my problem a long time ago and I fix this problem by using a […]


Unboxing Beauty Box from Perfectbeauty.id

Hey, Happy Wednesday morning, people. I hope you all stay safety and do all daily activities as usual. Well, after 3 days straight we faced any bombing issue, today I read and hear all activities started to run well. Today, I deliver my highest Deep Condolences for all victims. So, […]


Shinzui Ume Beauty Blogger Gathering

Hello guys !❥ Good Morning everyone… today is a special day, because my life more complete with something that refresh my day. Are you curious? Please read my story until the end baby ! Januari 20, 2018 I got special invitation from Shinzui Ume at One Pose Cafe. I feel […]