Summer Rescue with The Body Heart – Check it now !

Summer Rescue with The Body Heart – Check it now !

Wuhuu ~ I’m going to Bali !

Yes, this words is always buzzing in my mind, ear and heart. Seriously, I’m really exciting, because this is my very first time travel alone without my parents. So, I can be FREE to doing anything that I want. So, one month before get away, I preparing a lot of summer stuff like hat, shoes, bag, summer outfit, bikini, and a set of sunburn rescue.

If you think sunblock/sunscreen for face and body is enough. You’re TOTALLY WRONG ! you need to keep your lips are moist, your skin is smooth and your facial skin still hydrating. Well, I have the secret and I can’t keep it for myself. So, today I will share the SUMMER RESCUE by @tephieteph. Let’s we get started !

The Summer Rescue

Psst… before I fully open my secret, I got all items above from @thebodyheart.Maybe you feel strange with this brand, but you must to know if The Body Heart is a Skin Care brand from Bali. They make all of their stuff homemade and use natural ingredients. Don’t worry, the body heart never use paraben things inside. So, their skin care is perfect for all skin type, including sensitive skin like me. If you curious about the product that they have, you can visit their instagram page @thebodyheart.

First rescue stuff : Lolipop Lip Scrub Vanilla

Back to my summer rescue secret ! The first things that I must to bring is LIP BALM. Yes, the weather in Bali is dry and full of wind (sometimes super humid too). So, I prepared to choose Lolipop lip scrub with Vanilla scent from The body hear. Why Vanilla? Another secret – I really love vanilla flavour and this scrub is like a dry ice cream vanilla? (LOL). Actually, I like the scent and taste of this lip scrub.

Lolipop Lip Scrub – Vanilla

Texture of this lips scrub super dense –mixing of vanilla cream which already dry and sugar cane granules.Theadvantageof lips scrub texture like this, you didn’t need to worry if the sugar will fall out and hard to scrubbing.How to use :Take a pea size amount of lips scrub, scrubbing your lips (until the sugar granules is faded) and wipes you lips ! Oya, you can wipes your lips with micelar water or plain water to lift dry lips skin perfectly. If there’s no dry skin, you just need to wipe it with tissue.

This lip scrub is really good ! Made from natural ingredients and complete with beeswax, cocoa butter and sea butter that good for hydrating our lip skin. Honestly, after I use this lip scrub, my lips feel super moist, fresh, healthy, no dead/skin appear, and my lips look thick than before (uuu so sexy). If you doesn’t like vanilla flavour, The body heart provide another flavour, like green tea and mocca. Psttt… I will do GIVEAWAY on early December and I will give you 3 Lolipop lip scrub as early Christmas gift.Don’t forget to join !

Lolipop Lip Scrub

Net/Netto : 15 g

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 35.000

Where to buy :The body heart online site

Packaging –Talk about the packaging, so far I really like it. Small, light and completed with eye-catching design. Moreover, this lip scrub easy to put and bring it anywhere. The packaging didn’t need a lot of space, you can also put it inside your main bag if you need it as a first lip rescue in the middle of drying weather of Bali.

Second rescue stuff – Strawberry Lip Balm

Yeah, the another rescue after you scrubbing your lips, you need lip balm ! That’s why, I choose strawberry lip balm from the body heart. Why strawberry? Another secret – I don’t like something that plain touch in my lips or tongue and my favorite flavour is strawberry btw (since I was baby). Sadly, strawberry scent/flavour being the one and only choices. Because, they didn’t provide another flavour like their lip scrub. The body heart strawberry lip balm being my second rescue stuff and also being my second favorite product.

Strawberry Lip Scrub

Well, because this lip balm is homemade, sometime you’ll got the lip balm with sharp tip and easily to broken. It’s okay, you can cut and flattening it, so easy to applied. Texture of this lip balm is buttery and not sticky at all. Buttery texture will help you to get the moist lips in twice swatch and easy to flattening. The important thing, after you applied it you won’t feel wet, sticky or oily. I guaranteed about it, because until today I still use this lip balm as my lip base before applying any lip cream.

Again, The body heart make this lip balm from 100% natural ingredients like europaea fruit oil, vitis vinifera seed oil, and another seed oil. I can’t write it one by one because the name is really hard to type (LOL). If you have a dry or super dry lips like me, I recommend this lip balm for you. You can use it everyday (day and night before bed) to get the perfect hydrating lips. Trust me, if you use lip balm regularly, you lips will look more fresh, moist and you can easy to applied any lipstick or cream. Then, say bye bye to dry or dead lips skin.

Strawberry Natural Lipbalm

Net/Netto : –

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 35.000

Where to buy :The body heart online site

Packaging –Same as another lip balm, the body heart create the packaging like a mini or thin lipstick. So, super light and easy to bring it anywhere. Well, this is a automatic lip balm, so you can rotate it left/right to make the lip balm up and down. I can’t talk to much about the design, because the design it’s too ordinary for a good lip balm product. Can’t lie, someone is always look from the outside. Maybe next time, The body heart can’t make it more eye-catching like the lip scrub.

Third rescue stuff – Rosemary Natural Facial Spray

Faced the summer weather in Bali, we need something which can keep our facial skin still hydrating and fresh. Thanks God ! The body heart provide a natural facial spray with rose based ingredients. So, I need to bring it anywhere for first rescue, when I feel the weather too hot, humid and too dry. Even tho, the texture of this facial spray is liquid, you didn’t need to worry if your make up will faded. After you spray it off, the liquid will quick to dry and you’ll smell the rose scent will appear. Omg ! this is so refreshing in the middle of hot summer weather in Bali.

Rosemary Natural Facial Spray

This facial spray is also can be a moisturizer, refresher and toner. Are you confused how to use it? Okay, if you want to use it as a moisturizer, you can spray it after you cleanse your face and wait until dry. The natural ingredients inside it, will make your face moist than before and your skin is ready to approve any make up base. If you want to make it as a refresher, you just spray it anytime. I suggest you to put it in refrigerator to get cold and fresh sensation. I use it as a refresher when I was in Bali, btw (but I’m forget to put it in refrigerator). Last, if you want use it as a toner, you just spray it in a cotton and wipe on your face.

Another secret – I usually use a rose water (from any brand) as a beauty blender water. I never use mineral water or raw water for my beauty blender. I told you, if you use rose water as a beauty blender water, your bb cream, cc cream or foundation can blending perfectly. After that, you’ll get the smooth and flawless finish. I can’t lie about it, I already do that thing for 6 months +++ (maybe). Because of my new habit, my facial skin look more moist, healthy, less problem, and supple.

Rosemary Natural Facial Spray

Net/Netto : 100ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 40.000

Where to buy :The body heart online site

Packaging –I love the way the body heart create the packaging of this facial spray. Comes with clear bottle and simple design, make this facial water look eye-catching. We can see the liquid inside it and the bottle not easy to be broken too. Oya, the holes of spray not too small, so first you’ll feel a little bit wet, but it’s not a big deal because the liquid is quick to dry.

Fourth rescue stuff – Avocado whipped body scrub

I can’e lie, the sun in Bali is so strong and hot. Even tho, I’m already use sunscreen for my face and body, the sunburn effect still visible. A lot of sweat that arises make my skin look dull. That’s why, I need to use a body scrub when I take a shower. I don’t think twice, I choose avocado whipped body scrub from the body heart. Honestly, I fall in love at first sight, when I smell the avocado scent – so soft really !

Avocado whipped body scrub

Look at the body scrub texture above ! the texture of this body scrub like a whipped cream, so soft, light an full of scrub. Other than that, the avocado scent super calm, make me want to applied this body scrub more, more and more. Well, if you didn’t like avocado scent, the body heart provide a coffee scent too. Choose the scent that you like, guys !

The important thing that I like from this body scrub is scrub granules. Size of the grain is big enough, so when you scrubbinglots of dirt will raised. How to use :you can applied this body scrub before/after you take a shower, put the small amount of cream, put it on your body (especially hand, foot, and back), scrub a little and wait for 10 minutes and rinse. That time I use this body scrub while I enjoy the jacuzzi time. Omg, I want going back to that time, so I can relax, enjoy the jacuzzi, smell the avocado scent and complete with the pool view in front of my hotel balcony. Last, after I rinse it, my skin feel so smooth, moist, clean and the smell is so good.

Avocado Whipped Body Scrub

Net/Netto : 100 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 45.000

Where to buy :The body heart online site

Packaging –The design of this body scrub is pretty good. We can see the cream and granules from outside. Look so cute and eye-catching, especially, avocado has green color and the body heart create the color well. The jar of this body scrub made from a plastic, so unbreakable but not easy to bring anywhere. It’s because the jar is fat enough, I think it will be eat much space. But, the sunburn is very bad and you need to bring it as the rescue.

Final Thought

I’ve never thought, if the body heart will create a lot of awesome product. Honestly, I never heard this brand before, so I still curious about the advantage from the body heart product, until I tried it by myself. Yes, I’m a little bit speechless, this is a 100% homemade product with good quality and ingredient. I still used the body heart product until today, I swear. So,I rate 5/5 for all product quality of the body heart and 4.5/5 for the packaging. Recommended or not? I really RECOMMEND this product for you. I suggest the 4 items above as the summer rescue, if you have any holiday plan in this summer.

If you not interested with 4 items above, you can visit their shopee account and found a lot of beauty product in there. The body heart have another product like masker, eyelash serum, soap bar, wax, liquid soap, and many more.

I salute with the body heart and teams, the create a lot of skin care with good quality of ingredients and sell it in super duper affordable price. Who can’t afford it? They sell everything with price around IDR 35k – 65k and the also have bundling price for some of their product. Omg, I must to admit that the body heartdeserve a good appreciation. I never lie or “peres” about it, if their products is not that good, I wouldn’t to give you a long review like that.

Last, I want to say thank you so much to @thebodyheart teams, to let me try their awesome product. They have a good manner too, a long of patient too, friendly staff, and give me a highest trust to tried it. Thank you so so much❥

Yeah ! That’s all guys,

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,


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