Stay Elegant with PAC Satin Lip Cream series

Stay Elegant with PAC Satin Lip Cream series

Lip cream lovers, raise your hand ! *me too* *yeay*

If you following me from the start, you must already know, if I’m the one of lip cream addict. So, I always looking for the best lip cream with good quality. What about the price? So far I always looking for middle – low price for lip cream. I don’t care it’s comes from local or not, as long as the quality is good enough and suitable with my super dry lips, I will buy it as well.

Talk about lip cream, several days ago PAC and Surabaya Beauty Blogger send me PAC Satin Lip Cream series. Yap ! This is the new lip cream product/series from PAC and comes with 7 colors choices. Honestly, I’m so excited when I heard SBB has a new collaboration with PAC. As you know, I really in love with PAC products, so when the collaboration is open,I immediately join.

PAC Satin Lip Cream

If you still strange with this brand, let me tell you first. PAC is international high quality premium cosmetic brand, which fits perfectly with Asian skin. PAC tried to give a room for any professional make up artist to create their imagination for real. That’s why, PAC offering you any bold and expressive complete color which are suitable for edgy, fashionable and adventurous personality. PAC is under one big brand cosmetic company in Indonesia with name Martha Tilaar. Until today, PAC consistently supported Indonesian performing arts like plays, movies, soap operas, fashion show, news broadcasting and music show. Pstt… they have special formulas for everyone who’s works under the 4K light, so the make up still look stunning. Curious? Read my preview blog post about PAC.

So, this time PAC let us know about their new lip cream product which name PAC satin lip cream. They create the 7 color choices special for you who have a lot of activity but want to look always gorgeous and stunning. So, PAC satin lip cream is the right choices ! Comes with 7 pretty colors, complete with UV protection, Moisture complex, and bisabolol (anti irritant), to give you a intense color (pigmented), high coverage, and water proof.

PAC satin lip cream is suitable for dry lips, because the have a high moisturizer complex which can make your lips still moist and look fresh. But, if you have a super dry lips like me, I suggest you to use any lip balm before you applied it. Even better, if you scrubbing your lips first to get the best satin finish.The weakness if you use the lip balm before applied this lip cream, the transfer effect is higher. It’s okay ! not a big deal, because PAC has a good formula, so even tho it makes any transfer but the lips cream won’t to faded easily.

Well, I use PAC lip cream like every day and I always change the color. I never bored with their color choices. I can create a calm, fierce and natural look with their satin lip cream. Other than that, this lip cream is not easy to crack, no patchy when you applied it, get the weightless sensation and feel the smooth formula. Are you paraben avoider? Yes ! PAC is safe (because use the natural ingredients), halal, paraben free and no animal tested.

Swatch Result

Look at the swatch result ! The color is really pretty and awesome. PAC offering us the 7 color choices, but in elegant way. There’s no “norak” or “jreng” color inside. The color looks fresh, smooth, there’s no patchy, super pigmented (in once swatch), and I love the way PAC create the purple and red wine based lip cream color. I don’t know why, when I look at this color I feel like “this is my color”. Well, don’t wait to long, here’s the 7 colors of PAC satin lip cream :

#01 Silk Cherry

The red cherry color is really true here ! you’re lips will look so beautiful with fresh red cherry color and shimmer. At a glance, you’ll think this is a metallic color finish, but don’t worry the shimmer not that strong. So, your lips will look shinny without look too much shimmer/glitter.

#02 Dolce Bennet

A nude pink color without shimmer, which can give you a natural nude pink-ist color. This color is suitable for teenager or you who want to get the natural nude pink lips. I admit it, the color super calming, smooth and satin-matte finish look clearly.

#03 Misty Chocolate

Yap ! PAC give you another nude color choices and they create a natural nude color (or skin/light chocolate color). The true nude color in PAC series, doesn’t give you a pale effect at all. Look at the picture below ! even tho, I wear the nude color, my face doesn’t look pale, instead my face look still fresh and calm. I give two thumbs up for PAC, which already give us the nude color choices without look too pale or sick.

#04 Unbearable Gooddess

This is my favorite color ! A mixing of red cherry and purple color with shimmer, make this color really POP UP when you wear it. My face change to be fierce and (over) confidence (maybe). Again, the shimmer just give a shinny and fresh effect to your looks. Since a long time ago, I need a lip cream with the color like that and finally, PAC answer my wish list.

#05 Lilac Power

Again, PAC offering us a nude color, but this time they create a combination baby pink with baby purple ? Honestly, I can’t describe this color well, but in my face, I think this color isn’t too fits. Even tho, I still look fresh but the color look a little bit pale for me. Maybe, this color is suitable for you who have a fair skin color. So, the finish look more natural.

#06 Pink Frontline

A shocking pink color ! True color of pink without shimmer and not a nude color series. This color is not me at all. So, that’s why I told you if number 6 isn’t my favorite. Too colorfull (maybe) and I’m not a cheerful (image) person. That’s why this color isn’t suitable with me. Are you a cheerful person? You must to using it ~

#07 Purple Demigod

The best purple color lip cream so far ! I never use purple color before and after I try this color, I immediately fall in love. A mixing of red and purple (red wine) color, give us a elegant lips satin matte finish. My face look very firm, but still fresh and not too fierce. It’s suitable for daily use too.


Well, after you take a look at the 7 color of PAC satin lip cream what do you think? Which one that you like? Please tell me !

The texture of PAC satin lip cream is thick enough but not sticky at all. The consistency of the water inside the lip cream is equal with another ingredients. So, you can easily to applied and flatten it. I suggest you to use once swatch only, to avoided to much transfer. Is it transfer? Yap, I can’t lie it’s transfer but the color can stand out without touch up (less eat) for more than 6 hours +++, I already prove it. The dry time of this lip cream is too long, take time around 15-20 minutes maybe. So, please prepare your time or use it less is better.

If you still curious and want to try them directly, don’t worry guys ! you can come to Centro at Galaxy Mall to get the special color. Actually, Centro Department Store is also available in Ciputra World, but I can’t make sure if PAC store/counter is available here.

PAC Satin Lip Cream

Net/Netto : 3 g

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 110.000

Where to buy : PAC Online websiteor on Centro


PAC satin lip cream create in a simple, slim and elegant way. The doff clear tube, allows us to see the original color of this lip cream. Even tho, you place the 7 color in one place, you can easily see the different. More over, the lip cream tube super light and easy to bring it any where. There’s no much word printing, make it simple and elegant. Other than that, the thing that I like from this lip cream is applicator. PAC provide us a soft applicator with lip shape, which make us easily to applied, swatch and flattened. Good Job PAC !

The applicator

Final Thought

Overall, PAC is never failed to make me fall in love, over and over again. They always create a high quality cosmetic product in affordable price. PAC satin lip cream is a new product from PAC, that offering you 7 color choices. There’s available the nude, shimmer/metallic and true color. So, PAC give you a complete package. You can use it everyday and never be bored with the satin finish lip cream. Well, before we talk a lot about thepros and consfrom this lip cream let we rate it first. I rate 4/5 for the whole PAC satin lip cream. I like the color that they create, the packaging, the formula, and the candy smell of this lip cream.More over, I will rate one by one, based on their claim :

Pigmentation 5/5, Moisturizer 5/5, Waterproof effect 3.5/5, Long lasting 4/5, Weightless effect 3.5/5.

I admit this lip color has a good pigmentation, has 7 color choices, longlasting, good moisturizer andno patchy when you flatten it. The formulas was good, but it not comes to waterproof and weightless effect. I still feel this not too light, maybe because the texture is thick enough. When you use this lip cream, I suggest you not forget to drink, whatever it is you must drink to prevent your lips is drier. Lip balm use before applied this lip cream is good, but will affect in the amount of transfer effect. Don’t forget to scrubbing you lips first, to get the best satin matte finish.

Well, I RECOMMEND this lip cream for you and please buy the 7 colors to coloring your day. You can change the color everyday and create the best creation of you. Maybe you have an idea to make this lip cream for ombre lips color, don’t forget to tagging me @tephieteph (on instagram), I want to repost it.

Yeah ! That’s all guys,

I want to say Thank you to PAC (@pac_mt) and Surabaya Beauty blogger for let me try the 7 pretty color. I’m super happy can this awesome satin finish lip cream and I will use it everyday, really. See you on next collaboration !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,


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