SKEYNDOR Pure Vitamin C Intense Recovery Factor

SKEYNDOR Pure Vitamin C Intense Recovery Factor

Have you heard about SKEYNDOR Pure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factor? Yap ! Maybe you still strange about the brand and I think you didn’t know too much about their products. So, today let me tell you about this brand first. Actually, Skeyndor is the one Italy skin care brand, that a quit famous in Italy. Even tho, this is my very first time try their skin care, I feel amaze after take a look at their international website. In fact, they have a lot of skin care products with any special purpose. But, just some of their products that marketed in Indonesia. The one of the products isPure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factor.

At this time, ClozetteID give me a chance to try Skeyndor Pure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factor. Am I lucky? Yes, of course ! This is a vitamin C serum that change my mindset in a second. Why? Because all this time, my skin can’t receive any skin care which based on pure vitamin C. I always feel burning, soaring, or itchy after try any skin care with pure vitamin C. Even I try it on my hand skin, but still my skin can’t accept it. That’s why I always avoid the kind of skin care like that.

SKEYNDOR Pure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factor


This is a vitamin C serum, that’s good for anti-aging. Yap ! Skeyndor claim that theirPure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factorcan help you to prevent or fading any aging sign, like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and many more.More over, this is a anti-radical serum which can help you to soften your skin, increase the collagen production, brightening our skin, and reducing oxidation effects.Pure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factoris a shock treatment that revitalises the skin in just a few days, returning its lost radiance, and firmness. Made with 6% pure Vitamin C and natural moisturizing agent/betaine, it can be moisturises the skin leaving it radiant, recovering youthful appearance and brilliance in just a few session.

Lately, I was concern about any aging skin. I think my life style is not healthy enough. Almost everyday, I slept at 1-2 AM and woke up at 8 AM. Not enough sleep, make my panda eyes show up. Moreover, I found my eyes dan face skin too dry and there’s some fine lines that appeared. Omg ! I can’t accept this fact, I need to stop before it’s too late. After I got this serum, I was commit to used it everyday and today is exactly 14th day I used this serum.

Texture of this serum is quite liquid, so easy to absorb in our skin without leaving any sticky feeling. I suggest you to keep this serum in refrigerator or inroom temperature that quite cold to get fresh sensation. Don’t try to open the bottle before you using it, please keep the serum sterile to get the maximum effects.

What’s good?SkeyndorPure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factorsuitable for all skin type, included sensitive skin like me. If you have a very thin skin or easy to get a redness, you didn’t need to worry. The vitamin C content inside it, wouldn’t harm your skin anyway. Well, to prevent any bad side effects to your skin, please try this serum first in neck skin and leave for maximum one hour.If you didn’t feel any burning, soaring, or itchy feeling, this serum is suitable for you. This serum can help you to calming your acne, fading some acne scars, brightening skin, makes your skin more elastic, supple and healthy.

Products Proving

Some days ago, I got an acne with bump and red color. So, I decide to smear this serum into my acne bump and in one night the bump totally gone. In fact, this serum enriched with fresh kiwi cells which contain the highest count of highly-absorbable vitamin C and A pro-vitamin. That’s why this serum can calming our acnes and make facial skin look naturally healthier than before. Well, since this serum doesn’t contain any whitening ingredients. We need to wait around 5-8 days to makes the acnes scars is gone. In that photo (above), I already use the serum for 5 days and you can take a look at the differences.

Another special ingredients that contain in this serum is Nikkol VC-IP with new vitamin C concentrated formula. This is a new generation of an exceptionally efficient anti free radical creams to delay ageing process of the skin. Well, I’m not sure enough, but I think this ingredients that contain in a vitamin c powder in the cap of the serum bottle. I RATE this serum 5/5 ! Yes, I like this serum very much and I recommend it to you. I know this serum is quite expensive for 12ml x 3 bottle, but look at the benefits, I think it’s worth it to try. Especially for you who’s still find the way to fading any fine lines/wrinkles.

SkeyndorPure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factor

Net/Netto : 12ml x 3

Brand Origin : Italy

Price : 605.000

Where to buy :E-Commerce shopping site or Skeyndor Indonesia Website

How to use

Skeyndor suggest you to use this serum just once in the night. Why? Because in the night, my skin and others organ in rest mode with less harmful effects from environment. So, this serum can work perfectly in the night. Don’t forget to pour the powder in bottle cap into the serum. If you not sure about the place, you just shake the bottle cap. To open the hole, you just need to press it. After the hole is open, as fast as possible pour in into the bottle before the powder become a caramel or something like that. Well, after you pouring it, don’t forget to shake it before you put the pipet inside.

How to use

Actually, this is the smart ideas from Skeyndor team to separate the serum and vitamin c powder. After I read some of article, some of vitamin c contain can’t be long lasting or the serum will be defective, if they mix the ingredients in the beginning. That’s why, after mixing the powder and serum, you just have 14 days tospend this serum.


The packaging is so cute, with the tiny doff glass orange bottle and one free pipet, this serum bottle is easy to bring it any where. More over, we still can look at the serum inside. So, we exactly know when the serum will running out. The bottle is very light and not easy to broken when we accidentally drop it from the high place. The design is eye-catching enough and candescribing the product that being carried inside.


Well, that’s all guys my review about Skeyndor Pure Vitamin C Intensive Recovery Factor.I hope my review can help you to find the right skin care for anti-aging. Don’t forget to visit their instagram for any new info or promotion and visit Skeyndor website to learn about their products. Last, Thank you so much ClozetteID and Skeyndor Indonesia, to give me a chance to tried this serum.

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