Simple Elegant Look for Christmas Eve and Holiday (with Mini Review ANY Cosmetic)

Simple Elegant Look for Christmas Eve and Holiday (with Mini Review ANY Cosmetic)

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas guys !

In the middle of my Christmas holiday, I spent a little time to share some make up tips. As you know, I got 2 pretty babies from Absolute New York cosmetic on Surabaya Beauty Blogger soiree I. So, today I wanna to show you, how to make simple elegant look for Christmas eve and Holiday with ANY cosmetic products.

Holiday season becomes the busiest time for me. One week ago, I just got back from my holiday in bali and today I’m already in Salatiga. Times flies very very fast ! Sometimes I need more than 25 hours a day to finish all my job assignment, attend the events and prepare my trip well. But sadly, I just have 24 hours/day to finish all of it. So,I have to rack my brain to make everything that I do completely perfect, including with my looks too. Thanks to Absolute New York cosmetic which allowed me to try their amazing products.

Matte Stick Lipstick x Eye Artise ☆

First, let’s we talk about simple elegant looks for Christmas eve

Christmas eve is identical with white, green and red color as the theme.What if we don’t have any make up stuff? Don’t worry guys ! you just need base make up, eyeliner, blush on and matte stick lipstick NFA 25 – Dark Red from ANY cosmetic. The red matte lipstick is never fail to make your elegant looks on point, even you just use a lipstick.

On 3rd of December, I got special invitation from Surabaya Beauty Blogger to come to their 2nd Beauty Blogger Soiree. The theme of that day is elegant with touch of gold. Because christmas vibes is everywhere, so I decide to choose the red dress with gold high heels and clutch.

Simple elegant look

Honestly, I’m not the make up expert person because I’m still learning until today. So, I need something which is simple, easy to use and give maximum results. That time, I remembered if I have dark red lipstick from ANY. I think this is the important thing that will make my looks perfect that day. ANY matte stick lipstick is easy to use, because I can apply the lipstick while I’m driving (please ! don’t imitate what I do guys). WALAAA ! this is the result…

Detail the make up look ☆

So, what do you think guys? My make up is really simple ! I just use do my eyebrow, eyeliner, blush on, put some eyeshadow and use ANY Matte Stick Lipstick in NFA-25 Dark Red. My lipstick color is really on point and makes my simple make up look more glamorous and stunning. Short story of that day, my electricity in my house was off for 6 hours, so I do the make up on sweaty face and I can’t do my hair well. I think my looks that day will totally failed, but I’m totally wrong ! Some of my friend gimme good compliment about my appearance, such as a cold wind in the middle of sahara.


This is a matte lipstick with super rich color for an incredible finish. The texture of this lipstick is creamy with highly moisturizer, so you will feel comfortable while using it.Since this matte lipstick doesn’t glide across lips as easily as some other lipsticks, I would recommend putting a layer of chapstick on your lips before applying the lipstick. Other than that, you can put the lip balm first before you applied this lipstick.

Product Info


Net/Netto : 4 g

Brand Origin : USA

Price : 70.000 – 80.000

Where to buy : ANY Studio or Website

The one thing that I like from this lipstick is the color makes your lips look POP and your teeth look more really white. Other than that, I think this lipstick make my facial skin look more white than before. This is the first red lipstick that I have. Before I try this lipstick, I never buy or wear red lipstick because it can make my face look more fierce. I love the nude color for daily use, because it can make my look more calm and sweet (though my personality is not like that. LOL).After I use this matte lipstick, I can say if this is my first red matte lipstick that I love.

ANY Matte Stick Lipstick Texture ☆
ANY Matte Stick Lipstick Hand Swatch ☆

Look at the swatch ! ANY matte stick lipstick super pigmented, highly moisturizer, matte finish, and the color intensity is really good. But sadly, this matte stick is not transfer free, you can solve this problem by putting some layer to avoid the loss of lipstick color after eating or drinking. Fyi, ANY matte stick lipstick are available in 21 shade, start from the bright color link violet, red, pink, orange to the quirky color like black, dark blue, dark violet, etc. If you are a lipstick lover or collector, you definitely want to have the all colors. The cute and light packaging make this lipstick is easy to bring anywhere. ANY is also equip the packaging with color indicator at the bottom that can help you to differentiate your lipstick.

Overall, I really like this ANY matte stick lipstick and I highly RECOMMEND this pretty lipstick for you. Please please ! try the NFA-25 Dark Red and I guarantee, you will fall in love at the first sight.

So, after we talk a lot about ANY matte stick lipstick, now let’s we move on to the simple elegant holiday look

Holiday is the right time for us to enjoy our free time and takes a lot of photos as memories. Sometimes when we’re on holidays, we don’t have much time to make up well but we want to still look beautiful and fresh on the photo. How could it be?

The answer is Glitter ! Yash, Glitter can make your face more brighter, fresh and the make up still look on point. Today, I recommend ANY Eye Artiste single shadowas the eyes decoration. The glitter and shimmer of this eyeshadow is awesome. Just one swatch or tap, you’ll get the color intensity, glittery and shimmery that you want.

Finish look use ANY Eye Artiste Single Pallete

That day I choose the sugar plum shade,because I never have this color before and I want to make some experiment with this color. As you know, plum color is like red wine or red apple sometimes, so actually this eyeshadow is suitable for night event . Because of that, I want to break the rules and used this eyeshadow color as holiday eye decoration.

To make a fresh eye decoration like in the photo, I just put a little bit sugar plum eyeshadow on my eyelid. Just tap-ing from the middle of eyelid to the front, and tap a little bit eyeshadow under your eye too (tap-ing from the back to the front). I’m not an expert person in mix and match the color of eyeshadow, so I just usebold shade from nude beach eyeshadow palette as the base of eyeshadow and used sugar plum shade for the rest.

ANY Eye Artiste – Sugar Plum

What do you think about my eye make up guys? Any correction?

I really like with the finish ! my eye make up look calm, fresh (because of the glitter and shimmer) and pop-up.First time, I think the finish of this eyeshadow is really dark and bold, but in fact the finish look is so warmth with red wine shadow. The glitter and shimmer of this eyeshadow look so pretty awesome even in the photo. Fyi,this look can last up to 8 hours or more and I didn’t need to touch up my eye make up again until night.


This collection of single shadows feature in 18 warmth hues of essential and the high neutrals color. Each shadow is equipped with a superior formula that delivers the incredible color, coverage, and long-lasting wear. That is will help you to create an endless array of eye looks. If you familiar with the ANY eye artiste palette, this shadow is some favorite color that you can have without having to buy one series of artiste palette.


Product Info


Net/Netto : 2,25 g

Brand Origin : USA

Price : 70.000 – 80.000

Where to buy : ANY Studio orWebsite

Like I said before, I really RECOMMEND this single shadow for you. The texture of this shadow is shimmer, so it hasa subtle sheen with just the right amount of sparkle to make your eyes look great. You can mix them with all textured shadows for a definite wow factor look.Especially for the night time when there is less light and wearing more eyeshadow for a stronger look is totally appropriate without looking over done. This single shadow is highly pigmented,less of fall out, the glitter and shimmeris pretty awesome,easy to blend, and long-lasting.

ANY Eye Artiste Single Shadow texture
Hand Swatch

Some tips that I can share to applied ANY single shadow isNatural –Use nude, skin-tone shadows in hues slightly lighter and darker than your skin tone to highlight and define the eyes.Smoky –Layer on and blend out your favorite darker hues to create instant dimension and an alluring, sultry depth to eyes.Vibrant-Add a wash of vivid color to the eye lid to add a pop of fun. Mix and match your favorite hues to create sheer or intense color.

ANY eye artiste single shadow are available in matte and shimmer texture. So, you can freely choose the single shadow that according to your needs. I suggest you to come directly in their studio, so you can try those single shadow first before you buy.

Yash, that’s all guys. I hope you enjoy it !

I want to say thank you toAbsolute New York CosmeticandSurabaya Beauty Bloggerfor the amazing goodie bag. Thanks to let me try those pretty babies, See you in the next featuring

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review, feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie

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