Shinzui Ume Beauty Blogger Gathering

Shinzui Ume Beauty Blogger Gathering

Hello guys !

Good Morning everyone… today is a special day, because my life more complete with something that refresh my day. Are you curious? Please read my story until the end baby !

Januari 20, 2018 I got special invitation from Shinzui Ume at One Pose Cafe. I feel so honorable can be join as the one of beauty blogger in soft launching Shinzui Ume Body Mist. Before we talk a lot about Shinzui Ume Body mist, let you know about Shinzui Ume. Yash! Shinzui Ume is the part of Shinzui which targeted for teenager (15-25 y.o). Don’t worry ! Shinzui Ume not that stiff, everyone can try their product. If you loves something sweet, fun, stylish, and colorfull you can try their product as well.

So, today you already know the different of Shinzui and Shinzui Ume. Let we back to the event.

This event is very special, because best beauty blogger from Surabaya came here and enjoy the event. First time, I arrive in One pose cafe, I was welcomed by the users who use Japanese-style clothes (I can feel the Japanese ambience here). When I entered to the cafe, I feel like in the fairy world. The theme of this cafe is really awesome and super match with the dress code that day White-Pink pastel.

The Venue Cute Overload ❥

What do you think? The place is really cute right? Shinzui Ume teams pick the right place and most of the beauty blogger really happy because they can take a lot of photos everywhere. Honestly, this ismy second event that started very early in the morning. Yes, I’m very sleepy, but I enjoy it ! The ambience of this event makes me feel more cheerful and I can be together with my close friends here.

The ambience of Shinzui Ume body mist soft launching ❥
Ms. Tyas from Shinzui Ume ❥
Shinzui Ume Stage ❥
The funniest MC of the day ❥

Even though, the event is a little bit late but it was fine, because the MC is really funny and makes this event more alive, cheerful, and enjoy. The first agenda is speak from Ms. Tyas as the Brand Manager.

Shinzui Ume Body Mist ❥

She’s talk a lot about the Shinzui Ume body mist and the variants. The unique of Shinzui Ume body mist isthe packaging is look like a japanese doll, so you can made save the packaging as the decoration. Other than that, Shinzui Ume body mist comes with 4 variant fragrance that carries fresh and sweet feeling. So, let me told you about the fragrance one by one :


Iseya come with the tag line Express your style “Ekspresikan Gayamu” is a typical of sweet and traditional girl who loves art craft. The fragrance for Iseya is come from natural floral and sweet fruit. The smell is really calm and sweet guys,I’m sure, once you try this fragrance, you will feel more calm andwanting to constantly inhale the fragrance. Mixing ofcitrus, bergamot, cassis, jasmine,and vanilla, made me fall in love for the first time with this fragrance.


Ayumi is a sweet and fresh fragrance that suitable for stylish and sporty girl, like someone who loves cheerleading. Different from Iseya, the smell of this fragrance a little bit strong andand tend to give a fresh sensation than sweet and calm. Mixing ofplum,wild berries, and white lily make this fragrance have the tag lineshow your beauty “Pancarkan Cantikmu”.You can imagine the cheerleaders when in a show, they’re alwaysattract your attention with their beauty. Psttt… this is the second fragrance that I like.


Hatsune is a fragrance that identically with a girl who love studying. The fresh scent of this fragrance make Hatsune is liked by the most of beauty blogger of that day. The tag line of Hatsune is show your creativity “Tunjukkan Kreativitasmu“, this tag line is really suitable with a girl who’s loves studying, make an experience, find something new and create something new. Mixing ofpineapple, peach, peach, apricot, rose,and orchid, make Hatsune tend to fruity smell than flowery.


The violet one Keike has a tag line show your charm “Pancarkan Pesonamu”.This fragrance is an elegant and flowery girl who loves ballet. Woah ! so calm and girly, right? The mixing oflavender, wood, geranium, peony, and rose flower, make Keiko 100% has flowery scent. Honestly, the smell of Keiko is look like a baby powder. If you a baby stuff lover, I recommend Keiko for you baby.

Yap ! that’s all the 4 variant of Shinzui Ume body mist. The smell of this body mist is 100%describes the teenager world’s excitement. But, it’s okay if you try this body mist even thought you’re not teenager again, because some of my friends told me if they’re already used the one of Shinzui Ume body mist variant and she’s loves the Ayumi fragrance (psssttt.. my friend is already 25 +++ ).


Shinzui Ume body mist all variant ❥

Product Info

Shinzui Ume Body Mist

Net/Netto : 100 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 20.000 – 30.000

Where to buy :Minimarket, Supermarket, Buka lapak or Tokopedia

The smell is pretty awesome ❥

So far, I really like the Iseya fragrance, because I love something that sweet and calm. Fyi, Iseya is already complete my day for more than a week, why not if I recommend Iseya for you? Let’s try and tell me your experiences.

The event that day went successfully and full of excitement, because we’re as the the beauty blogger have a chance to chit chat and sharing with the one of famous influencer in Surabaya. Yap ! Stefani Gabriela as a guest that day. She’s really pretty, smart, humble and very calm. Once again, Shinzui Ume choose the right guest star !

Stefani Gabriela ❥

That day, Stefani share some her experience as the influencer to us as the beauty blogger. She’s sharing a lot about photography, attitude as the influencer, motivation, and her journey until today. I don’t know why, but I like the way she’s speak, slow, full of smile, can explaining well and many more. Maybe someday you must to meet her by yourself.

Another session is DIY (Do It Yourself) with creation of mini clutch for Shinzui Ume body mist that we got that day. Fyi, the materials to making a clutch is 1pcs plastic, nail, some small nails, some of accessories, scissor, and paper glue.

DIY Clutch Making ❥

Seriously, to make one clutch you didn’t need a long time, you justfold the plastic according to the pattern andattach a few smallnail to connect. But, you need like 25 minutes straight to show you creativity tomake your clutch beautiful with theaccessories. I’m not the creative person, so don’t expect me to made a pretty clutch.

Basic clutch ❥
My creation ❥

So guys, I really enjoy the event that held by Shinzui Ume. I got a lot of knowledge and skill, other than that Shinzui Ume entertaining us with acoustic band and delicious food too. The service from One pose cafe made use fell enjoy, the waiters is very responsible and humble. The 5 hours of event passed quickly and I wanna to say congratulation for some of us who luckily to choosing as the winner of best dress, best clutch and best instagram post. Pssst.. Shinzui give them onewhite gold necklace guys, so envy.

Acoustic Band ❥

That’s all guys ! Now you already know what the things that complete my day lately. Yap ! Shinzui Ume body mist Iseya

I wanna to say thank you to Shinzui Ume for having me as your guest. I had so much fun that day ! Good Job Shinzui. I’m still waiting for your new secret variant. Let me know first please !

If you wanna to know about the products of Shinzui Ume and the update please kindly follow their Instagram and Facebook fan page. Thank you !

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,


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