Say Goodbye to Acne and Purging with TRISIA Acne+ Series

Say Goodbye to Acne and Purging with TRISIA Acne+ Series

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Ohya as you know, 2 days ago I just go back from my short holiday in Bali. The weather in Bali is really different with Surabaya. The wind is really dry, the humidity is very high and rainy day is very rare there (rain just drop for 30 minutes – 1 hours and stop). This type of weather makes me sweat very much and cause the appearance of acne. But, Thanks God, My acnes is gone in a couple day. This is my secret :


3 weeks ago, I got one packageacne series skin care from TRISIA cosmetic. This is the one of best local cosmetic in Indonesia that already exist since 1999. The best product that I know from TRISIA is Soy Bean whitening series, all my friends is really want to try this series so much. But, because of purging and acnes on over of my face, so I decided to choose the acne+ series and hoping it can solve my facial skin problems.

Let’s we take a look at this TRISIA acne+ series !

TRISIA Acne+ Facial Foam

This is the facial foam with Go-Sam Sophora extract and Salicylic acid that help to resolve the growth of acne bacteria. TRISIA acne+ facial foam is suitable for oily, sensitive and acne skin. If you have a dry facial skin, please don’t use this facial foam because that will make your skin more dry. Fyi guys, since 2010 I use the facial wash from my Dermatologist. I was very scared to change my facial wash to another brand. I really scared if the new brand will make my facial skin gain more acnes or another bad things, so that’s why I keep to usethatfacial wash for 7 years. TRISIA acne+ facial foam is the very first brand that I try and totally suitable with my facial skin.

TRISIA Acne+ Facial Foam


TRISIA acne+ facial foam helps to remove the dirt and excess oil on the skin. So, your facial skin is looks fresher and healthier. This facial foam can help you to lift the dead skin cells in your facial skin. Don’t worry about the ingredients, TRISIA is always use the natural material in every products and of course their products is paraben free guys.

Ingredients of TRISIA Acne + Facial Foam

Product Info


Net/Netto : 50 g

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 34.000

Where to buy :TRISIA WEBSITE

Two things that I love from this facial foam is theirclear liquid and the smell. The clear liquid make me underestimate about the foam for the first time, but I totally wrong.The foam is pretty much and the smell is really fresh. Honestly, I hate a facial wash that haven’t much foams. I feel like my facial skin still dirty even after I wash my face. You don’t need to put much liquid on your hand, just put a little liquid and pour with the water, rubbing as much as you can and then the foams will be comes up easily.

Facial foam with clear liquid
The foams ★

I was use this facial foam for 3 weeks, the result is really amazing.This facial foam can keep my face from oil up to 3 hours without makeup. Other than that, this facial foam helps me so much to prevent my acne inflammation and eliminate the purging. Honestly, after I change my night cream to night serum, I was struggle with facial purging up to 1 month. I really hopeless that time, I think I must stop my night serum and try to choose the another night cream brand. But, Thanks God ! after I used this facial foam for 1 week, the purging over of my face is totally gone. Now, my facial skin back to normal and I can use the night serum happily. So, what do you think guys? Do you wanna try? I really RECOMMEND this facial foam so much.


I like the packaging ! Mixing of soft blue and whitemade this facial foam looks more elegant and really cute. The slim shape make this facial foam is easy to bring anywhere. You don’t need to put this facial foam in large pouch, just put in everywhere that you can easily take it.The package is very sturdy and not easily to broke when we drop for many times.

TRISIA Acne+ Anti Acne Gel

TRISIA anti acne gel is the CORE of this series ! Why?

When your acne is very very stubborn and hard to heal, you need the little soft green angel. This anti acne gel will helps you to resolve the acne bacteria because it contains extracts of sophora like the facial foam. Since 2010, I’ve change the acne medication twice, first I was use acne gel from my Dermatologist and then I change to Erha acne gel until now. Ohya, I’ve tried the Etude House clean up pink powder spot, but didn’t work perfectly and takes a long healing period for the stubborn acne. So, when I receive this item, one thing that comes to my mind : how’s good this acne gel?

TRISIA Anti Acne Gel ★


In every drops of this clear liquid gel is contain with Sophora extract. So, it will helps you to resolve the acne bacteria and lift your dead skin cell, so the acnes can heal faster. You just need to tap the anti acne gel in every acnes on your face and let it dry. If you have stubborn acnes, just take it twice a day, after you wash your face in the morning and before you going to bed.

Ingredients of TRISIA anti acne gel ★

Product Info


Net/Netto : 15 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 32.500

Where to buy :TRISIA WEBSITE

As your information, my facial skin is oily and very easy for the acnes to appear. When I was in junior high school, all over of my face is full of acnes and it’s very disgusting ! That time, I must to stop eat chocolate, stop to eat oily and fatty food, and stop to drink milk. I still remember, I used the clean and clear acne gel but didn’t work. It makes me really frustrated until my mom bring me to Dermatologist and all my nightmare is gone. So, because of this experience, I really selective to use any skin care, when I suitable with one brand I will use it continuously.

After I come back from my holiday in Bali, troop of acnes hit me. The acnes is really hurt and very stubborn. In the other hand, this is the right time to try TRISIA anti acne gel. The first day I use this acne gel, the pain in my acnes is gone. In the second day, the acnes looks dry and ready to enter into a healing and peeling phase.

Acnes in my forehead

Honestly, TRISIA anti acne gel quality is same with Erha acne gel. This acne gel need 2-3 days to perfectly heal. If you need a very faster acne gel, maybe this will not suitable for you. But, it’s not bad guys ! with the same quality you can buy this acne gel in cheaper price. Overall, I like this acne gel and I can wear it alternately with Erha acne gel and I RECOMMEND this acne gel enough for you.So, what do you think?Why not to buy the acne gel with high quality with the cheaper price.


The small tube made this acne gel is very light and easy to bring everywhere. I like the soft green color of this tube, because make this acne gel tube looks so cute and create a natural impression. The packaging isvery sturdy and not easily to broke when we dropped for many times.

TRISIA Acne+ Loose Powder

This is the very best TRISIA acne series item according to my judgment. I super like this loose powder so much ! When I was struggle to looking for the best loose powder that suitable with my facial skin and make up, TRISIA comes to bring the wind of heaven. Lately, I got so many loose powder product from middle-high end brand. The quality is really good and makes my make up looks stunning. But sadly, twice I used those loose powder, my facial skin is purging and the acne appears one by one.That time, I was hopeless and decided to wear a loose powder that suits with me right now, though can’t make my make up looks good. So, how good is the wind of heaven from TRISIA?

TRISIA Acne+ Loose Powder ★


Okay, I can make the conclusion ! All TRISIA Acne+ series is contain with the Sophora extract that give you the highest result for the acne problems. This loose powder will help you to inhibits the growth of bacteria that causing acne. Suitable for oily facial skin type, because can control the oil production. Three function of this loose powder is absorb sebum can help you to absorbing oil on your face, the UV protection can protect your face from sunlight and this loose powder contained with vitamin E too. I admit this loose powder as the best loose powder in this year.

TRISIA Acne+ Loose Powder Ingredients ★

Product Info


Net/Netto : 15 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 59.950

Where to buy :TRISIA WEBSITE

Before I tried this loose powder, I used Erha loose powder which is special for acne skin type. I used this loose powder for more than four years, because my facial skin always purging when I use non-acne loose powder. Sadly, this powder can’t fit with my foundation, so when I apply this loose powder my make up looks ashy and can’t long lasting.First time I tried TRISIA loose powder, I really speechless because this is the first acne loose powder with high end quality and I don’t need to setting my make up with sebum compact powder in the end again.

I always apply the loose powder in my forehead, cheeks, and jawline ★

You just need to put a little bit amount of TRISIA loose powder ineach side that you want and tap slowly until the loose powder blending with your foundation. Easy right? This loose powder is very pigmented and easy to blend. The color of mine is Almond Beige, I think this is the neutral color and suitable in any skin tone. If you didn’t like with this color, don’t worry ! you can choose the another 3 shades Golden Melon, Natural Mango and Peach Tea.

Overall, I really fall in love with TRISIA loose powder shade Almond Beige. If you have oily, sensitive, and acne facial skin type, I RECOMMEND this loose powder for you. Only with IDR 60k you can got the high quality of loose powder that makes your make up looks stunning and keep your facial skin healthy. So, form now I will say good bye to my purging and I don’t need to be sad anymore.


TRISIA loose powder packaging is not good as the quality. I think the packaging is not cute or elegant like 2 item above. The packaging is very ordinary and making people less interest with this product. But guys, don’t under estimate ! maybe the ordinary package make this high quality loose powder can be sold in affordable price. I think the gold stainless as the cover with the clear glass can make this loose powder looks classier and equal to the quality.

Finish looks using the TRISIA Loose Powder ★

Yey ! That’s all guys

Finally, this review is up, because many of my friends are waiting and curious about this products.

So, I want to say thank you to TRISIA Cosmetic and Surabaya Beauty Blogger. Thanks to let me try those pretty babies, See you in the next featuring

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

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