Review : VOV Mineral Perfection and Mineral Illuminated

Review : VOV Mineral Perfection and Mineral Illuminated

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I’m really sorry for the delay of some of make up reviews that I’ve promised before. I was in a very hectic day and not in very good health condition in the last 3 weeks. Today, I will try my best to give you the amazing Korean make up review that I got from VOV. So, Let’s we get start

VOV mineral series has been launch since March this year and consist of Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion, Mineral Illuminated Shimmer Blusher and Mineral Illuminated Eye Palette. VOV is the one of Korean beauty product that has been famous since 1998. At the time, VOV user is a famous make-up artist, so can we call this is a high end make up product?

We can’t deceive that American make-up products are dominating the world nowadays. But don’t worry, VOV has the same quality and result as American make-up products with affordable price. Honestly, I’m not familiar with this brand, but when I try this product, I’m really speechless with the result. Are you curious? Let we discuss about this product now !

Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion

This is a foundation with mineral base material that has high cover power but still looks light. The formula can nourishes your skin & give a glowing effect up to 24 hours. The first time I saw this product, I immediately fall in love, because a combination of gold and soft pink colors on the packaging looks very beautiful.

I fell in love for the second time when I’m trying this product ! This cushion has a shade that fits the skin of Indonesian women, very light, not sticky when I apply this cushion on my face, I don’t need to use any powder anymore, Matte finish, after 3 hours using my face looks Natural Matte (with a little glow on my face), this cushion has medium high coverage, has highly SPF 50+/PA+++, the sponge is very soft and this cushion is suitable for all skin type including oily and sensitive skin type.

Product Info

VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion

Net/Netto : 15g

Brand Origin : Korea

Price :

Where to buy : Department Store (SOGO, METRO, Etc)

As I know, this cushion can last up to 6 hours of wearing without any touch up and I’m already prove it. After 6 hours, your face still looks natural matte without oxidation. For your information, the container from this Mineral cushion is equipped with metal slabs, which is keep bacteria-free applicators. Very hygienic because the container system is covered by airtight, you can used sufficiently just by pressing the centre container cushion.

Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion
The swatch result ☆

This cushion has two shade, No. 21 (Light) and No. 23 (Natural). The light shade (No.21) is perfect for people who have white skin (like Korean people) and Natural shade is perfect for people who haven’t so white skin (light brown or yellow complexion). Honestly, this is the first cushion that I really love because it doesn’t make my face more oily and keep my make up still looks natural matte.

Some tips that I can share with you is use the primer first before you apply this cushion for super oily skin type. Be aware for people who is very sensitive with mineral contain, it can trigger some skin problems (redness, acne, etc). Overall I give score 8.5/10 for this cushion, I’m highly recommend this cushion for you all

Mineral Illuminated Shimmer and Blusher

This is the Multi-Blusher bronze color with dramatically gradation and a light mineral formula for high-pigmented, easily blended and helping to makes the glowing skin. A combination of color gradation of 20 types of color powder, which is easy to wear and suitable for makeup with cheek layering, highlighting and shading techniques.

Mineral Illuminated Shimmer and Blusher ❥

VOV Mineral Illuminated shimmer and blusher has an elegant rose gold glass packaging, which is you can use as a mirror. Honestly, I really love with the mixed color of gold and pink, because this colors makes the perfect luminous effects. This shimmer and blusher is very pigmented especially for people who have white skin. If your facial skin is not so white, you just swatch 2-3 times to get the perfect luminous effects.

Product Info

VOV Mineral Illuminated Shimmer and Blusher

Net/Netto : 10 g

Brand Origin : Korea

Price : 340.000

Where to buy : Department Store (SOGO, METRO, Etc)

The texture of this shimmer and blusher is powdery enough and equipped with a soft brush-kit. The brush-kit is very helpful when we apply it on the face, because shape of the brush-kit that follows the contour of our cheeks. This shimmer and blusher super glittery, so we can use it as a highlighter too.

The swatch result ☆

VOV Mineral Illuminated shimmer and blusher is available in two shade #01 Blending Coral (Pink and Gold) and #02 Blending Rose (Orange and Gold). If you want the best result of shimmer and blusher, I recommend you to choose #01 Blending Coral. If you like something peachy, #02 will be perfect.This shimmer and blusher can last up to 4 hours or less than that if you have super oily skin. So, you need to touch up again after 3 or 4 hours.

Some tipsI can share with you is you need to swatch twice for perfect pink blusher, and need to swatch 3 times for the perfect shimmer result. I think if you have a white skin, you just need a fewer swatches. Overall I give score 7.5/10 for this shimmer and blusher. I recommend enough this shimmer and blusher especially the #01 Blending Coral.

If you curious with the result when this kind of product is applying on my face, this is the result….

The VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion makes my facial skin looks matte, smooth and brightening. But sadly, during the day the shimmer or blusher can’t seem to glow. So, I’m not recommend to use the shimmer and blusher during the day.

The VOV Mineral Illuminated shimmer and blusher look so perfect on my check during the night. Seriously, I’m not using the ring light to makes the shimmer and blusher looks perfectly on my face. So, I recommend you to use this shimmer and blusher during the night and there is enough lighting.

Alright, that’s all guys. What do you think about VOV Mineral product? Are you wanna try?

I want to say thank you to ClozetteID and VOV who has given me a chance to try their new Mineral products.

I hope you enjoy with my review guys.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

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