Review : Pixy Lip Cream 6 New Shades (Nude Color)

Review : Pixy Lip Cream 6 New Shades (Nude Color)

Good morning people !

Start your day with big smile and your favourite lip cream. Ups.. why do I suddenly discuss about lip cream in the morning. Alright, today I accidentally woke up very early because I can’t wait to share a review with you guys about Pixy lip cream. As you know, Pixy cosmetic proudly present their 6 new shades lip cream about 3 weeks ago. This product like breeze in the daytime for all nude lip cream lovers.

Pixy Lip Cream with 6 new Shades ❥

I feel really lucky because I can get the pixy lip cream with 6 new shades at once. One thing that I really like about this product is the packaging ! As you can see, they pack 6 pieces of lip cream in a cute pink pastel box. Okay, maybe I’m too much about the packaging, but honestly I really like something that are neatly packaged in one box with pastel colors. I feel very helpful with this packaging model, because I can save it easily and just pull it down I can easily choose the color of lip cream that I want to use.

Cute pink pastel packaging ❥
The great 6 new nudes colour ❥

Product Info

Pixy Lip Cream 6 nude shades

Net/Netto : 4 g

Brand Origin : Indonesia (Japan Licensed)

Price : 45.000 – 50.000

Where to buy :Pixy Online Shopor Local cosmetic store

The lip cream packaging is also very cute with color differentiation at the bottom of the packaging. This is will make you easier to differentiate each color of lip cream even you mix it in one place. The tube is very slight with black pink color, so very easy to carry everywhereツ. Don’t be afraid if this lip cream will spill, because the lid is very tight and the lip cream doesn’t contain much oil.

In this newest series of lip cream, Pixy cosmetic brings 3 main colors, Pink, Brown, and Orange. Based on these 3 colors, Pixy cosmetic develops it into 6 gorgeous shades. Honestly, I don’t like the shade of lip cream that is too dark, because this shade will make my face look more fierce. I know that if the real character of my face is not friendly at all, so I don’t want to clarify it. Thanks to pixy cosmetic has answered my needs, now I can try to use the lip cream with soft nudes shades without worry ツ.

Lips swatch ❥

Rather than increasingly curious with the pixy lip cream new colour, let’s we try the 6 new nudes shade !

07 Vintage Rose

08 Delicate Pink

09 Glam Coral

10 Sweet Choco

11 Gaudy Orange

12 Mild Peach

Overall, I really fall in love with this nudes lip cream ! all shades of this lip cream looks so perfectly on my lips. Honestly, this is my very first time to try the lip cream. The character of my lips is very dry, so I thought lip cream would make my lips look cracky. My judgement is totally wrong ! Pixy cosmetic proves that by using their lip cream doesn’t cause my lips look cracky and patchy even after 3-4 hours of use.

Pixy lip cream is very pigmented, I just need swatch it twice and I totally get the true colour (Fyi, I have a pale lips colour ツ). The formula that contained inside, makes you feel so light when use it, and of course this lip cream is super long lasting and waterproof too. This lip cream will easily disappear when you eat something oily and hard to eat. I can guarantee if this lip cream will not make any marks on all the cutlery.

The lip cream is very easy to dry, this is will help you to scratch some layer without looks clumpy. Honestly, I didn’t like with the smell, I thought the lip cream will be smelled like vanilla but I didn’t find it, but it’s okay. So far, this is the first affordable lip cream that I love ! I love the colour, I love the texture, I love the formula and I will use this lip cream anytime.

So, what the colours do you like?

I like the vintage rose, delicate pink, glam coral and mild orange for sure. Those colours makes me look still calm, fresh and of course my face look more friendly than before❥

Thank you Pixy cosmetic to let me try the new 6 shades of lip cream nudes coloursツ

So, that’s all, I hope you enjoy with my review guys.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

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