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Pure Laser Clinic Fix my Skin Problem

Happy Morning guys !

I hope you have a great day today, got a lot of blessing and please enjoy every moments today. Alright, some of you already know if I do the facial skin treatment in Pure Laser Clinic. I turn into an excitement because I struggle with my redness, pimples and dull skin. When I go out with my bare face, I’m not confident at all even tho without any pimples on my face. My redness and uneven skin tone makes me sad during this time.

I’m so happy when I find Pure Laser Clinic ! This is the one of beauty clinic that concern in pores, pimples, and pigmentation problems. Well, let met tell you first about this clinic okay? Pure Laser Clinic is the one of aesthetic clinic from Singapore and open their first branch in Indonesia since 2013. Don’t worry about the standard and quality, Pure Laser Clinic used best equipments and under supervision from expert dermatologist Singapore. So, Pure Laser Clinic 100% used Singapore standard.

Enjoying my afternoon treatment

Honesty, this is my very first time to tried laser treatment, that’s why I’m very excited. Well, before I get the treatment, I must do the consultation first with Doctor on duty that day. Fyi, forthe consultation you don’t have to pay, totally free.

So after the consultation, Dr. Vivi told me if I have a lot of problem with my skin especially the redness, super dry skin, uneven skin tone, and pimples (just a little bit). Basic type of my skin is oily, but I used the acnes treatment series everyday for 8 years. So, just my T-Zone will look oily and another skin side look super dry. To fixed the problem I get one package of treatment like this :6x photo laser, 6x photo shower, 2x Rejuvenation Serum, 2x Masker, and special offering 1x underarm brightening.I have a long treatment to do and I will finished it in 4 times of visited. Let’s follow my treatment experience here guys !

First visit

I do my first visit on February, 28th 2018. That day, I do the consultation with the Doctor, sign the agreement before treatment and do1x photo laser, photo shower, rejuvenation serum and masker. I admit the crews is very friendly and super patient to told me the terms and condition before I do the treatment. While I waited for my turn to do the treatment, the crews always asked me for hot drink that I can enjoy. I feel very well served here.

Just 15 of waited, the one of nurse calling my name andlet me in to the treatment room. Inside of Pure Laser Clinic treatment room, there’s available 4-5 rooms that separated by curtains. AfterI lay down, the nurse put the blanket up, help me to wear the cap + laser protector and etc. The first step is cleaned my facial skin before photo laser and shower treatment.

The nurse cleansing my face

After that, Dr. Vivi came and told me about photo laser and shower, included with side effect and benefit before the treatment.Photo laser and shower or Laser and Light therapy (LLT) has a function forcleansing our facial skin, minimize oil the glands, reduce the oil production and clogging pores, reduce the pigmentation andstimulate collagen production.

First time I tried this treatment, I feel a little bit shock when the laser exposed to my skin. I feel like stung by the super low voltage and feel warm (and hot sometimes) at the same time. It’s okay guys !This treatment is not that hurt. After 5-10 minutes of photo laser, next treatment is photo shower. Dr. Vivi adding the cotton on my eyes and closed with eye protection. So far, I like the photo shower treatment, it’s feel like you exposed by very bright and warm sun lighting for 2 second in every side.

Photo Laser Treatment

Next treatment is Rejuvenation Serum or RSI. Even tho, this treatment used an equipment but the nurse will do it not the doctor again. So, this is the second treatment that I like the most, because I feel my skin more moist, fresh, and cold after photo laser and shower.In this treatment, the nurse dripping the rejuvenation serum little by little and rubbed with special equipment that made from the steal.

In other side, I was grasping a stick that connected with the equipment. When I grasping it I feel like “cekit cekit”what’s the good word for describing that? Hm.. maybe be like something that sting in your hand. The nurse told me, I grasp those stickto help the absorption of serum. This treatment is last for 15 minutes and ended with masker treatment.

RSI Treatment
The stick

Masker treatment was last for 20 minutes of waiting. Same with the serum, I used the rejuvenation masker too. If you curious about rejuvenation function, now let me tell you guys. Rejuvenation serum and masker is good for reducing pigmentation, so any fleck on your face can gone or faded and your face skin looks more brighter than before. Last touch, the nurse cleansed my face again and put the sun block. TARAAA… I just need 30-40 minutes for a long of facial treatment that day. So fast !

Side effect that I got just pinkest dot in some area on my face and will be gone after 30 minutes. Other that that, my face feels more moist and my pores looks shrinks. I touch my face a whole day guys ! Just in the first time of treatment I’m already feel the different.

Second visit

I came again at Pure Laser Clinic on March, 7th 2018. I thinkthis is a longtimefrom the first treatment. So, I decided to do the rest treatment everyday. That day I do the same treatment like before1x photo laser, photo shower, Rejuvenation serum (RSI), masker and (plus) underarm brightening.The process 100% same with my first treatment before, I didn’t feels any side effect expect the pink dots (like before) and in the second visit I feels my poresalready looks more vague. That’s makes me really happy, because I hate my pores in T-Zone area.

Let’s we talk too much about underarm brightening. It’s different with the treatment before, for this treatment I must to move to thepuro clinictreatment room. Honestly, the room is more good, private and I can call it “luxury”? Yap ! I love the room treatment.

Puro Clinic room treatment

After I change my clothes, the nurse come and cleansing my underarms area. I feela little bit shy, because I never do the underarms treatment before. Seriously, don’t be scared with this treatment, the nurse have good skill to do it. You just need to relax and enjoy the treatment.

Cleansing underarm area

The next treatment isHair Removal Laser, this treatment is done by Dr. Vivi again. Hair removal laser is a treatment for removing any hair in underarm (for this case), the hot laser can cause damage in the hair follicle to inhibit further hair growth. When the laser exposed to my underarms skin, I feel likesplashed by hot oil and sometimes it feels super hot. When I told the Doctor if it’s very hot, she’s stop it and the nurse came with ice cube, then put the ice on my underarms. Well, the hair removal laser going like that and Thanks God I can resist the pain.

So, after I do the Hair removal laser, next the treatment isUnderarms Brightening Laser. This treatment makes me feel calm and more comfort because just like a photo laser guys. It’s okay. In the of treatment, Dr. Vivi told me if my underarms problem is dark skin in underarms lines. If I do the underarms brightening laser regularly, this problem can be fixed.

Third visit

I visit Pure Laser Clinic again for the 3rd times on March, 8th 2018. That day, I do2x photo laser and shower.In the third visit I feels itchy in forehead area after the first photo laser and shower treatment. I think the itchy was appear because of long shoot laser in one area. I told the doctor about it in the second treatment of that day, and she’s gave meanti-irritation creamafter the treatment and avoid the itchy area from laser shoot. Don’t worry, it just a little side effect like pink dots and will gone as soon as possible. Ohya guys, from the first to second treatment you need to wait min. 1 hours.

Fourth Visit

I do the last visit on March, 9th 2018. Same like the previous day, that day I do2x photo laser and shower.Before I do the treatment, I told the doctor if I still feel itchy in my forehead. Same as before, after the first treatment, nurse gave meanti-irritation creamagain and so on in the second treatment. In the last treatment, Dr. Vivi gave me amedical prescription to fixed my dull and dry skin problem.

Final Thought

Well, I’m already finished my 1 package treatment from Pure Laser Clinic. I feel happy with the result of course ! My skin more bright and uneven skin tone is slowly fading. My skin more moist, so the make up that I put on my face looks more smooth and perfectly. Oya, one secret that I wanna to share with you. After you do the laser treatment like photo laser or shower, you can directly put make up after that ! I’m already do it twice. Trust me, the make up will stick perfectly on your face.

Other than that, my small pimples are gone, my facial skin look more smooth and the pores are shrinks. Happy skin happy me right? So, if you need the perfect result for pores, pimples and pigmentation problems, please do the treatment 3-4 times a week. Don’t worry about the price, they always have best deal every month. You can get the affordable price for one package. I think this treatment series is really worth it, super easy, fast and less side effect.This is my result :

Before the treatment
After the treatment

Look at the different ! My facial skin is totally different just with one package of treatment guys. I never lie with the result, My mom said the same things with me. I should do this treatment again next time for maintain the good result.

The another treatment that I do is underarms brightening. So, 2 weeks after the treatment, my underarms hair growth super slowly (just in once treatment). Before I do this treatment, I must to shaved once a week. To get the best result, you need do thehair removal laserfor 8 times (your hair will not to growth again) and 4 times in a month forunderarms brightening laser

Last but not least, the result and side effectthat each person feel will different, depends on their skin type, skin problem, the pain tolerance and etc. I just share with you with honest about what I feel and the result of those treatment on me. So, please ask clearly to the Doctor about your skin problem and the treatment that suitable with you.

So, what do you think guys? are you interest to try? If yes, you can visit in their clinic at Tunjungan Plaza 6, 4th floor (Please check the direction on last page).

Pure Laser Clinic

Is not too hard to find this clinic and you can do the treatment every time you came here. You just need 15-40 minutes for treatment and after that you can continue your shopping time. Please freely to ask about their package and promo to their receptionist or feel free to ask free doctor consultation before you choose the best package for your skin problem. After you deal with the package, you’ll get the patient medical record like that :

Patient Medical Record Card

Medical Prescription

Well, that’s all guys !

Big thanks to Pure Laser Clinic that already fixed my skin problem perfectly.

I hope you enjoy it and can take it as useful information. I already put my treatment story on my Instagram story highlight, Freely to ask me a lot of about the treatment too onIG : : @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,



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