PIXY Event : Express your Truly Asian Beauty

PIXY Event : Express your Truly Asian Beauty

Happy Tuesday, guys !

How is your day? I hope you have a great day today. In the middle of the hectic day, I want to share with you all about the event that I’m joining last Saturday. On September 9th I have a chance to join in the Pixy Express Your Truly Asian Beauty event. To be honest, this is the sweetest event I’ve ever been joining !

Yes, my dress is also pink pastel ! ❥

Why? Because pink pastel color everywhere ! I love the decoration, I love the table setting, I love the flower arrange, I love all of those things here. Really !

This event was held as one of the series of launching event of their latest lip cream product, and Surabaya be the last visited city. We as beauty blogger was invited to hold a gathering and try their new shades of lip cream. Pixy cosmetic also invited Mikha Tambayong as a Brand Ambassador, Miharu Julie as Beauty Blogger and Rizky Febian to enliven this event.

This event is super understanding of what women’s need. They provide the complete make up and tools in every table, they provide the super wonderful goodie bags (they know what I likeツ), and they also provide the dresser with a lot off neon lamp.

Really ! I need more event like this. They provide everything super perfectly.

As you know, PIXY is the one of famous local brand in Indonesia. I know about this product since I was child and until now I’m still using their best makeup remover. Sadly, this product is very difficult to get, even in the local market (please pixy expand the distribution ツ ).

Dian Utami as a representative of pixy cosmetic opening this event. She hopes that we as a beauty bloggers can be a good partner in the advancement of local beauty products.

The first guest star that appear is Miharu JulieShe’s the one of famous beauty blogger and cosplayer in Indonesia. I’m so honorable can meet with her personally, she’s so pretty and look like an anime in real life. On this occasion, Miharu sharing all about her experience as a beauty blogger and social media influencer. Her tips and suggestion are really helpful and constructive.

The second guess star is Robby Yamaguchi as a make up artist with the main star Mikha Tambayong. Robby Yamaguchi do the make up demo in front of all invites and Mikha Tambayong as a brand ambassador Pixy Cosmetic sharing some tips to us and sometimes she’s asking to Robby how to do the make up properly.

That day, Robby Yamaguchi shared to us the tutorial how to do the beauty and simple make up for less than 45 minutes and the result is really amazing ! The model looks so beautiful with a detailed eyes accent.

After we saw the make up demo, now is our turn to do the make up challenge. To do this make up challenge, we as beauty blogger must adjust our make up with pixy lip cream new color. After that, we must post our result on instagram and the judges will pick one post as a winner.

(left) 10 sweet choco, 12 Mild Peach (centre), 07 Vintage Rose (right)

Sadly, we’re not the one of the winner, but no problem I still have fun to do this challenge. We were only given 15 minutes to do the make up until posting our photo on instagram. I want to say congratulation to Oline (winner of best dress too), Mindy and Nessya as the winner of this challenge and congratulation to Vika as the winner of the best live report.

If you curious with the goodie bags that pixy cosmetic give to us, this is the appearance…

I got so much pixy cosmetic products and of course I got the 6 new shades of pixy lip cream. I’m really happy, because I can try the new shade pixy lip cream at once. I will share the review in the next post.

Thank you pixy cosmetic to having me, see you on the next events.


So, it was the complete story of the event. And last word from me, Have a great day guys..

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or Ask.fm : @tephtephie.

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