Perfect Beauty with CLARISKIN

Perfect Beauty with CLARISKIN

Be beautiful become the important thing.

Why like that?

Let we start talk about this hot topic nowadays.


As we know, people nowadays need the highest level of beauty. They’re racing each other to do aesthetic treatment like laser, peeling, facial, using one set cream for face, and many more. The higher you pay, higher result you’ll get.

But, the problem is..

You must do the same things over and over again, like twice a month or more.. So expensive and takes much time.

In the middle of my confused..

On July 26th, 2017 I got the chance to attend the best beauty event from Clariskin with theme of Reveal your Timeless Beauty. Beauty talk show with Dr. Ivan from Clariskin answer all my confusion.

Three beauty perfect by Dr. Ivan is..

  1. Perfect Shape– having symmetrical face shape with golden ration beauty face, no firm skin, beautiful eyes expression (no anger face and no tired face), perfect nose (slim and sharp nose), the small jaw bone with the high cheeks bone, and no lost line from jaw bon to the chin.
  2. Perfect Texture– no wrinkles, the face skin more supple and chewy, small pores, and without scars.
  3. Perfect Tone– the skin tone more bright and evenly, no spots, no vitiligo, and no PIH (Post Inflammation Hyper pigmentation).

Clariskin offering you all to give you the beauty timeless. They will give you whatever you need, not whatever you want, be a princess forever with the best beauty treatment.

How they do it?

Do you know filler and thread implantation “tanam benang”? Yassshhh ! Dr. Ivan from Clariskin is an expert on this, so you don’t need big plastic surgery again. For example, you can lengthen the chin or nose just with filler and you can get the small chin just with thread implantation, no side effect, less pain, and the result is more natural.

So, are you interesting? Just contact them on Instagram


The another agenda on this event is 4 session fashion show from the talented designers Fonny Tunggal and Nancy Warren. The first one is Fonny Tunggal…

Fonny Tunggal have a simple and elegant design, that’s match for the beauty woman that doesn’t like a glamour style. The second one is fashion show from Nancy Warren…

Different from Fonny Tunggal, Nancy Warren have an elegant and glamour design, that’s match for attending to party, wedding, or another events. I like Nancy Warren design because all the gown are simple but very elegant and still glamour. I hope I have a chance to wear her gown someday.

The make up for all models supported by Melati Tengker Make Up Artist, all models look so gorgeous. Good Job Melati !

This event is never bored, why? they always have a prize for their guest like voucher discount from Fonny Tunggal, prize for the best dress of the day, special thanks to the all sponsorship like this…

And do you know what the grand prize? Yapppppp… The grand prize is voucher beauty treatment from Clariskin which is worth 10 mio. OMG ! Everyone wants to get that grand prize.. and the winner is…..

Chelshea Flo from Surabaya Beauty Blogger… OMG ! She’s so lucky… I’m happy for you sista !

This event is so amazing, they can answers all my confusion about beauty, they have a best fashion show, they have a prize for everyone that attend this event, never ever bored to join in this event. I feel honorable to attend this event, special thank’s to the event organizer and Four Point Hotel for the lunch treat before the event…

The big thanks going to Surabaya Beauty Blogger for having me in this amazing event… We always create some adorable memories together…

Thank’s to the all sponsorship for the goodie bag… I got the beauty voucher worth 1 mio and special cookies from Mena cookies (this one is very recommended ! Really !)… Thank youuuuu…


And last word from me, Enjoy your time today guys.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me onIG : @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,


If you curious, where the Clariskin place? Please look at the direction in below…

Jl. Sulawesi no 52 Surabaya


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