Officially Launch, New Products from Clinelle

Officially Launch, New Products from Clinelle

Back to routine again !

After I skip to Jakarta for a mid year holiday and 4 hours ago I’m arriving safely in Surabaya. So tired, but it’s okay, today I want to give you some review about new products from Clinelle. In fact, this productis not too new either. Clinelle officially introduce their Thermal Spring Water and Hot Body Shaper creamwhen I joined on their store opening at Galaxy Mall Surabaya a few month ago.

Honestly, I’m so exciting when I got a package from Clinelle. This time, I got Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water and Hot Body Shaper Cream. The items that I didn’t have before and I really want to have it. Finally I got it !

If you didn’t know about this product, let me give you a short introduce first.Clinelle is the one of Malaysia beauty brand products since 2004 (so it’s been 14 years). Honestly, first time I think Clinelle made in Swiss, but after I read the history, Clinelle made in Malaysia. But, they always formulated and manufactured their product using the latest advancements in skincare from laboratories worldwide, such asFrance, USA & Korea. So, don’t be surprised if some of Clinelle product are manufactured in Korea, guys.

Ready to read my reviews? Here we go !

Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water

A soothing Virgin Spring Water originated from Switzerlands that gives instant hydration to the skin. Complete with exceptionally high restorative properties, sulfur compound to soothe and repair damaged skin. So, this thermal spring water is high in sulfur which canrelieve a sensitive skin conditions withsulfur mineral restorative ability. High in zink which canrestore the skin’s ability to increase cell growth and improve the epidermis. Other than that, TSW is high in selenium which canstrengthen the skin’s defence to against the dangers of pollution and prevent the signs of aging.

Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water

There’s 3 benefit from pure swiss TSW, first as a REPAIRso the sulfur contain can repair skin & speed up restorative effect. Second as aREFINE -the Thermal Spring Water can hydrates skin instantly. Last as a RESHIELD,the Selenium contain can shield skin from free radical damage. Well, clinelle create TSW from 100% natural ingredients, which is rich in 20 generating rare minerals and pure virgin water. More over, TSW is also created with ideal pH balance. So, don’t be surprise if TSW has 25 amazing efficacies for Top to Toe. Are you curious?

First, TSW for face is good for lifting and firming, refines pores, controls oil, relieves blemishes, tones, hydrates, decongest, protects skin, facial mask treatment, sets makeup, after razor burn and after dermatological treatment. Second, TSW for hand and body is good for soften skin, after, hair removal, strengthen weak nails, after sunburn, etc. Third, TSW for hair and scalps is good for prevents dandruff, after exercise, during travel, prevents split ends, etc.

Nowadays, thermal water has a double function as a setting spray too. First time I read about it, I super excited and can’t wait to used it. Until 2 days later I tried TSW as a setting spray to proving their claim about TSW function as a setting spray and controlling oil. The result, TSW can’t be a setting spray as well, I’m so sorry to said it but it’s real. After 3-4 hours, my make up look dark (not glowing at all) and my oil in T-Zone still lookdisgusting. It’s really different when I use the real setting spray from the one of beauty brand. If you use a real setting spray, you’ll got the flawless, glowing, smooth, and pop-up make up.

Today, I discussed with my friend about it (she’s beauty blogger too), she said thermal water result not good. So, she recommend me to use the real setting spray than a thermal water. Other than that, TSW can’t controlling my oil production at all. I think this thermal water is suitable for hydrating skin, protects skin, relieves blemish, after razor, sunburn and dermatological treatment (which give you a burn and sore sensation).

Particle of TSW very small

Even tho, TSW can’t work well and 2 ability, doesn’t mean this thermal water is bad. No ! No at all. Someday ago, I shaved my armpit and spray TSW after that. The result was good ! My armpit skin feel so smooth, no sore sensation and no redness. More over, TSW can hydrating my skin too, I spray it before I use a moisturizer cream.

The particle of water that came out from it super soft and small. So, don’t worry ! TSW is light on the skin, quick to dry, super fresh and the smell is so good. Mine is the big one (300ml), if you need it to everyday used, I can recommend you to buy the small size (50ml) and you can bring it anywhere. But remember it, TSW is a product with aerosol, so you need to keep it in cool weather and don’t bring it inside the airplane cabin or luggage.

I give rate 4/5 for pure swiss TSW. I can said, this thermal water has a lot of efficacies, so the benefits don’t focus on just one thing andthis causes the 20 function of TSW can’t maximal. So, I suggest Clinelle to create another beauty product that focus as a setting spray with a lot of positive effect on make up rather than a lot of efficacies. I believe Clinelle can create another amazing beauty product, because I’m the one of their loyal use (especially their skin care).




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