Marcks Venus Anti Aging and Body Serum (New Product Spoiler !)

Marcks Venus Anti Aging and Body Serum (New Product Spoiler !)


(This post will contain a good product spoiler ! If you are not strong enough, please call DILAN ASAP ! LOL )

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So, some time ago I got a invitation from Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Marcks’ Venus cosmetic to join in Beauty Gathering with Blogger. On this event, we share a lot of information about beauty and a lot of products that safe for our skin. That day, besides I got so much information from the Dermatologist, speaker (Stefani Gabriela) and representatives of Marcks’ Venus, I also feel falling in love. What? Seriously?

Yap ! That day, Marcks’ Venus cosmetic let us trying their new product. Psttt…this product will be out really soon. I think you’ll need it so much.

Marcks’ Venus Anti Aging and Body Serum

Marcks’ Venus introduce us an anti-aging and body serum ! What the different with any body lotion? Wait.. don’t take it wrong guys. Marcks’ Venus Anti-Aging and Body Serum is very special, because it contains Collagen and Red Algae which is good for our skin. Especially, for us who always have the dense activity and always under the sun light.


Macks’ Venus anti-aging and body serum has been created with special natural formulas which can absorb perfectly in the skin and not sticky. Moreover, this body serum contain UV Protection that protectour skin from a bad effects of sun light. So, Marck’s Venus anti-aging and body serum is not just a body lotion which can makes our skin bright and smooth, but help to protect our skin and restore a lot of collagen in our skin. Collagen in our skin will faded slowly because of age and sun exposure. That’s why we need a skin product which can boost our collagen asap.

Soft Pink Gel Texture

I want to share with you, why I fall in love with this product. Some years ago, I got a chronic dry skin disorder and I’ve been went to a lot of dermatologist to fix it but still failed. My skin (especially foot skin) super dry, itchy and appear any wound because I scratched it. Other than that, I take the doctor medicine too (not good to my body too). After 3 months, I change my body lotion to natural body butter and BAMMM ! My problem is totally fine, my skin look moist and good again.

Since then, I always used a body butter with natural ingredients for my skin. So, when I tried Marcks’ Venus anti-aging and body serum I think this product is another choice for my lotion.Soft pink gel texture from this body serum is really different with another body lotion. After you touch or rub this gel, you’ll feel this gel is contain a lot of water. The gel is not so thick and feels very light, after I applied it on my skin I just feel like a water stick wetting my skin but super moist and absorb well.

After I rub it
Final Result

Marcks’ Venus Anti-aging and Body Serum

Net/Netto : 100 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 25.000 – 30.000

Where to buy : Kimia farma, supermarket or Venus online store

(But now, this product is not out yet, please be patient)

So, their claim about a body serum which can absorb perfectly in the skin and not sticky is PROVEN !You’ll not feel sticky at all after you applied it. Your skin feel more moist and smoother than before. A combination of Collagen and Red Algae as an anti-aging and antioxidant, will help your skin health, soft and firm. Moreover, I really like with the smell of this body serum ! Super duper fresh and calming my mind !I can’t to describe the smell well, but I can said the smell is very calm, soft and mix of floral x fruit fragrance.

I love the smell of this body serum !


Talk about the packaging I don’t think this body serum have a special shape. Just like another body lotion, Marcks’ Venus anti-aging and body serum comes with a medium tube pack and made from an elastic plastic, so not easily broken. Slim shape and light pack, made this body serum is easy to bring it anywhere. The pretty red color with good product design made this body serum is eye-catching and elegant enough. The things that I like from the packaging is aluminium foil seal in every tip. Every products from Marcks’ like body serum, body milk or another liquid product like this will sealing well with aluminium foil to avoid the bad contamination. So, Marcks’ always make sure their product in good condition when received by the consumers.

The tip of body serum tube

Final Thought

I give Rate 5/5 to Marcks’ anti-aging and body serum ! It suitable for normal to dry skin and maybe to someone who have a same problem with me (a chronic dry skin disorder). I used this body serum regularly every morning and afternoon after take a bath ofc. I didn’t like to use a body butter/lotion/serum before sleep. So, I RECOMMEND this body serum for you, because it contains a lot of natural and good formulas. Which can make your skin smooth, moist, soft, and firm. I’m already prove it ! The thing that important for me, this body serum is not sticky at all. So, you don’t have to worry if this body serum willmake dust stuck to the skin. The fresh and calm fragrance will help you to relieve the stress after study or work and boost your mood.

If you avoid a paraben ingredients, I didn’t recommend this body serum ! Marcks’ Venus anti-aging and body serum contains a Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben and Butylparaben. I know the paraben inside of body serum is just a ingredients topreserves the product and in small quantities. A lot of theory told if paraben contain in a product is safe, but I want to open up everything to my reader. So, they can decide this product is suitable with their need or not.

Well, that’s all my spoiler for you guys. Are you interested to try?

But, wait… this product is not come yet. Please be patient.

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Thank you to Marcks’ Venus cosmetic and Surabaya Beauty Blogger to having me

Okay guys, I hope you enjoy it and take it as useful information.

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