March Favorite Fragrance

March Favorite Fragrance

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I’m greeting you in the middle of heavy rain tonight. Hope all of you in a good condition and mood right now. Alright, today is a special day, so I give you a special content too. Previously, I always talk to much about make up, beauty tips and skin care, today I wanna give you a little bit clue about the fragrance that I like in this month !

Several days ago, I got a couple of body mist from Surabaya Beauty Blogger 4th Soiree. Honestly, I don’t even remember, when I lastly use the local body mist product. Maybe when I’m in Senior high school or around 2007 (look so old, right?). That day, Emina cosmetic gives us a couple of their body mist and I got the Ocean Mist and Pixie Dust.

Emina Body Mist

I give you an intermezzo first, before we talk to much about which one the body mist that I love the most. Emina is the one of local brand from Indonesia which are in the same company as Make over, and Wardah. So, now we know if Emina also have the same quality as the two another famous brand.

Back to the body mist, Did you know if Emina body mist has 4 variants? Yap ! Emina body mist are consist of Pixie Dust (light orange), Ocean Mist(Light blue), Rain Forest (light green), and Indian Summer (light pink). Which scent that you loves the most?

Pixie Dust (light orange)– Mix with orange and vanilla bean fragance, Pixie Dust will give you a sweet and a little bit a fruit scent.

Ocean Mist(Light blue)– Mix with apple and grapefruit fragrance, Ocean Mist will give you super fresh scent sensation.

Rain Forest(lightgreen)Mix with any scent of the fruits, Rain Forest will bring you to the in the middle of tropical forest.

Indian Summer(light pink)Mixing of a little bit sweet and a little bit green scent, that bring your imagination flying to warm Indian Summer sensation

4 Variant of Emina Body Mist

Product Info

Emina Body Mist

Net/Netto :80 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 40.000 – 50.000

Where to buy : Emina store, Emina Website, and online shopping site.

So, after you have an imagine about the 4 fragrance of Emina Body Mist. Now, let we get started to talk too much about Pixie Dust and Ocean Mist. Psst… I already used those body mist more than 3 weeks.

Pixie Dust

Wrapped in haze of orange and vanilla bean, Pixie Dust guaranteed to give you a magical sweet scent all over your body. I wanna to give the highlight on the “sweet scent” words. Yes, Pixie Dust has a sweet scent, but sorry the sweet in this variant is too strong for me. I like the sweet calm scent rather than an strong sweet scent. I don’t give a bad comment for this variant, I just give my opinion based on my interest.

Emina Pixie Dust

Even tho, the scent is too strong for me, but I still like the scent transformation from Pixie Dust. I usually spray the body mist on my wrist, nape, and my underarms. After an hour, the scent of orange is began to disappear and the sweet vanilla scent is dominating. I told you this because when you spray for the first time, the orange scent is more dominating than the sweet vanilla bean. Ohya, basically I don’t like the orange scent/perfume or something that related with orange scent. I will get a little bit dizziness in the first inhale. I know, maybe sound so freaky because I like to drinks orange/lemon but I don’t like the scent. Sometimes the taste of my nose and tongue is really different (LOL!).

Pixie dust is suitable for you who don’t have a lot of outdoor activity like a writer, pianist, or model. The sweet scent will bring you into the calm mood and mind. So, you can concentrate well and do everything perfectly.

Ocean Mist

Moving on to the second body mist that I already tried, Ocean Mist. Yash ! Like the name Ocean, you’ll imagine how fresh the air around the ocean and bring your mind more relax. Well, actually the air of the ocean more fishy right? (LOL!).Ocean Mist is hint of apple and grapefruit, a breezy scent of Ocean Mist will definitely fresh your day and mood up !

Emina Ocean Mist

In the first spray, I smell the apple scent but in a short time the smell changed to the Indonesian fruit “Garbis”. I don’t know, you knowing a Garbis or not, because Garbis is one family with watermelon and melon. After 10 minutes, the apple scent will dominating. I can’t smell the grapefruit scent here, maybe my nose not sensitive enough? So, I can’t differentiate the apple and grapefruit scent.

The one thing that show up on my mind, in the first time is “wow ! this fragrance is so fresh!”. Next, I smell it again, again and again. Seriously, the Ocean Mist makes my mind super fresh and I always take a deep breath again and again. If you curious with the scent, come to Emina store and try it. I bet you’ll have the same opinion like me.

So, Ocean mist is suitable for you who have a lot of outdoor activity like sport, working in the outdoor, or do the sport activity. Ocean Mist will help you to bring you fresh mind, changing your bad mood and don’t forget to drink the cold water to fresh your body inside (LOL!).


Comes with super colorfull packaging make Emina body mist looks so eye catching. The thin and slim package make this body mist is easy to you put in everywhere. Emina cosmetic use the light mica as the cap and light plastic for the body, so this is the light body mist packaging I ever known.


Final Thought

Okay guys, after I give you a review about Pixie Dust and Ocean Mist from Emina Cosmetic. So, which one is better from two different fragrance? Are you #PixieDust or #OceanMist Team? Please comment below.

Overall, I really like with body mist from Emina Cosmetic. The price is really affordable for a body mist that can last up to 4hrs (better, after 2.5-3hrs please spray it again). Even tho, your skin exposed to the water, the smell will not diasappear.

So, with 50k and you’ll get the high quality body mist. Really worth it ! Then, lets we talk about the scents. Sorry not sorry, I think the body mist scent variants is nothing special. You could find the same scent as Emina cosmetic body mist in another brand. Maybe, Emina need to made another series of body mist with special scent formula.

Well, I give rate 4/5 for this body mist. I RECOMMEND this body mist for you guys. Especially for teenager.

So, thats all guys !

I hope you enjoy it and for you who’s still curious with the fragrance that I like… Im the #OceanMist TEAM ! Yeah.

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