Lucky 7th Years Anniversary

Lucky 7th Years Anniversary


Hello Hello Peeps….

Longtime no see you all 🙂 Miss you…

On January 7th, 2017, I was celebrate our lucky 7th anniversary. Maybe, it’s nothing special anymore, because we were repeat this moment more than 6 times. (Fyi, our anniversary is on January 1st but we never celebrate on the same date every year).

So.. let me tell you about the special event this year…

Okay guys, as usual my boyfriend arrange anniversary dinner at the same place for the 4th times. Why is it the same place? let me give you short review. The name of this place is Platinum Grill (you can search in google using Platinum Grill Surabaya), At the first time we try to have a special dinner here, we instantly fell in love with this fine dining restaurant. The taste of food is very awesome (10/10), the services is very very responsive and polite (9.5/10), the place, decoration, atmosphere is very romantic and quiet (10/10).

And this is our table decoration for this year (lucky 7th anniversary)….


I don’t know why, I very like this table decoration, It is very simple and full of pastel colour. 🙂

Anniversary isn’t special without a surprise right? and my boyfriend place one hand flower and one iPhone 7 on my seat. Firstly, I was very shock and never expect this before, but I thought curiously “why he’s give the present in the first?”. Never mind, it’s ok….

Before I tell you about the dinner menu, I want you to look at our detail table decoration……

IMG_0091 IMG_0104

IMG_0098 IMG_0103

This restaurant never fail make me said “wow it’s so cute and awesome”. Thank you for the loyal service

and this is the special decoration…


Our lucky 7 number made from the fresh fruit (strawberry, pomegranate, grape, kiwi, and orange) nyummmm..

Next, let us check the special set dinner menu from this restaurant


Every person will get this card menu and the crew of this restaurant will repeat again the menu before they serve to us. The first one is the Amuse Bouche…


This dish made from any ingredients like fruit, vegetable (fresh/saute), and biscuit. The taste is very nice and light (9/10).

Move on to the next menu is 7 sins..

First time I think this is the special dish *again* with 7 variants. But I’m totally wrong… the 7 sins menu is…


Note : Please read this menu Happy 7th anniversary *Haha*

I’m so speechless…. why? because the box of iPhone 7 which I touch previously is eventually empty (no phone inside). My boyfriend tell me, if this menu is very special and he set up this menu together with the manager of this restaurant and he succeed to fooling me *argh*. Thank you and Thank you again for this beautiful dish.


For the the appetizer we get 2 variants menu, the first one is Crab Salad and the second one is Pumpkin soup.

IMG_0096 IMG_0100

The crab is very juicy and soft, suppa like it (10/10) and the Pumpkin soup is delicious too (8/10).

Before we eat the main course menu, we get an entree, the name of this dish is Wild Alaskan Salmon Carpaccio.


Honestly, I don’t like fish but every fish dish which serve in here especially the slice of Salmon never make me stop to eat. The Salmon is very juicy, soft and not fishy (10/10). *2 thumbs up to the chef*. I want to eat this again God….

And as usual we always get 2 main course dish, and for the first one is Chillean Seabass and the second is Purebred Wagyu Rib Eye Marbling Grade 6.

IMG_0106 IMG_0108

Chillean Seabass is d’best, the fish is very very soft, tasteful and not fishy *again* (10/10). The Purebred Wagyu rib eye as usual always stole my heart *Hahaha*, the meat is very juicy, soft, tasteful, and easy to eat *ofc* (10/10). Do you want to buy me this dish again?

We’re also enjoy this dinner with one bottle of wine too. Omg, what the perfect anniversary dinner tonight.

IMG_0101 IMG_0097

Thank you for arrange this suppa perfect anniversary dinner tonight My Beby… *loph*


For the dessert we get Hazelnut Mousse and Four Petite *as usual*

IMG_0109 IMG_0110

The prettiest dessert which I always get when we’re dinner here and Thank you again for the letters of love

Yeah.. This is our Lucky 7th anniversary dinner. I love the decoration, I love the concept, I love the food, I love the present and I love this moment. Thank you for arrange this perfect dinner just for me and Thank you for every single moment which we created until today.

IMG_0093 IMG_0107

IMG_0094 IMG_0111

That’s all peeps, if you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or @tephtephie.

If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…


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