Lacoco En Nature Skin Care

Lacoco En Nature Skin Care

Holiday is over !

The time to back to work and pampering our facial skin again, after a long holiday.

But wait, what’s the correlation between holiday and pampering facial skin? Nah, when you’re on vacation, your make up is always on. I also do the same thing. I put make up on 4 A.M and remove it around 10/11 P.M. Can you imagine it? Your make up close the pores for 12 hours ++ and it willtrigger the appearance of pimples and any blackheads. So, this is the right time torestore your healthy skin.

To take care your facial skin isnot enough just by washing and cleansing your facial skin only. You need to treat you skin right down to the deepest layers. Lately, I tried Lacoco en nature to fixed my skin problems, like acnes and blackheads.

LACOCO Skin Care

If you still strange with this brand, let me tell you first about Lacoco En Nature. Well, Lacoco en nature is new comer in Indonesia skin care brand and they made their product with natural ingredients like flowers and fruits extract. That’s why, most of their product is suitable for all skin type, especially sensitive skin like me. Pssttt.. The thing that I love the most from their product is the fragrance. Why? Keep reading !

Lacoco Aloe Vera Soothing Mist

Aloe vera is on the rise lately, so Lacoco try to create a skin care product based on aloe vera extract. Different from another brand, which create a aloe vera soothing gel, Lacoco tried to offering you a soothing mist. Yap ! this is a aloe vera soothing mist with a lot of function, such as a toner, make up base, cleanser, and make up remover.Wow ! all in one, right?

Moreover, Lacoco soothing mist is complete with BHA which can cleansing our skin and lifting the dead skin. So, our skin can look brighter and smoother than before. Other than that, aloe vera extract very useful for to keep our skin moist and as anti inflammation agent to calm our skin.I’m already prove it, btw !

Lacoco Aloe Vera Soothing Mist

Usually, I use this soothing mist as a toner, make up base and cleanser. So, before I put the sun block, I spray it first once or twice and wait it until dry. Sadly, the spray hole is too big, so the liquid is out too much and give you the wet sensation. But, don’t worry, this soothing mist is quickly to dry. Well, after I spray it, my skin feel so moist and any skin care and make up is easily absorbed on my facial skin. My foundation is easy to blend and my make up decoration can stick perfectly on my face. Other than that, my make up look so smooth and can last up to 2 hours++ without any sebum comes out. Omg, I’m speechless. The local product is growing so fast !

Aloe Vera Soothing Mist Liquid

In the photo above, I really use Lacoco aloe vera soothing mist before I put any make up on my face. You can see my make up look so perfect right?

Lacoco aloe vera soothing mist is not sticky at all, the liquid is 100% like a water. If you want to use it as a cleanser, you just spray it in the cotton and wipes it all over your face. First time to try this soothing mist as a cleanser, I’m very underestimate ! Like seriously, this soothing mist can cleansing my face? Until I tried it…


Can you see the yellow stain in the cotton? Wow… I just wipe it on my cheek only, and I can saw the yellow stain is real. Again, I’m to fast to underestimate something and I will believe it until I really prove it. Oya, if you want to get the fresh toner or fresh water spray sensation, put this soothing mist on refrigerator and feel the cool sensation. I bet you’ll like it !

Moreover, I love the fragrance so much, the mixing of extract camelia and magnolia flower giving you a fresh fragrance. I can said, this local product is really smart to choose the fragrance, the smell is really light, calm and elegant. I need the skin care with the fragrance like this. To Lacoco Aloe Vera Soothing Mist, I give rate 5/5 ! I really like it and 100% I recommend this aloe vera soothing mist for you. It’s very safety for sensitive and oily skin too.

Lacoco Aloe Vera Soothing Mist

Net/Netto : 100 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 230.000

Where to buy : Lacoco Instagram


The another thing that makes me really speechless is packaging. Well, outer packaging is normal like anothe skin care, but… the product packaging is really pretty ! For this aloe vera soothing mist, they use a clear plastic with soft brown/gold color and simple design. Yap ! Simple but I really like it, the packaging look super elegant. Other than that, the shape is really slim and super light, don’t take any space on your make up pouch and easy to bring it everywhere. The spray tip,makes it easy for lazy people like me to apply it all over my face.

Lacoco Amazonian Charcoal Glow Mask

When I was on holiday, my make up is always on duty. So, I need to wear make up – up to 12hrs++/day. Honestly, I didn’t feel comfortable with that, I always afraid it will triggered any skin problem like acnes (the biggest monster that I afraid) and blackheads. Then, when I back to the hotel,I immediately clean my face (I always make sure the cotton back to white color again) and put any night skin care to give my facial skin a rest. Oya, I didn’t forget to immediately take any blackheads on my face every night. Seriously, I’m too afraid any acnes comes up because of that.

After, I come back to home, I take a time to pampering my face with Amazonia charcoal glow mask. Pstt… this mask is also made from an active charchoal and original Jeju clay. I really excited to tried it for the first time.

Amazonia Charcoal Glow Mask

Amazonian charcoal glow mask is formulated with charcoal, Jeju clay, and cactus (natural ingredients right?). So, this mask can effectively cleansing the pores and facial skin from any dust, blackhead, andabsorb the excess oil without making skin dry. Get the glow, clean and smooth sensation after you use this masker. I already prove it too !

This masker has a cooling sensation and you can feel it, after you applied it on your face of course. I like the cooling sensation, but this mask give too much. That time, I think my skin is burning, because the cooling sensation is too strong. But, after I applied it over my face, I just knew it’s a cooling sensation. Omg !

The texture of this masker is creamy, easily to applied it to our face and not too sticky. I like to apply this mask with my fingers than any mask brush, because it’s faster, easy to flatten, and we can feel amount the mask that we need (not too much or less). After you applied it, wait 10-15 until the mask is strong and wash it. Oya, this mask is complete with scrub, so when you wash you face, you can rub it and it will help you to lifting any dead skin and blackheads. I really like it (except the cooling sensation).

Before the mask perfectly dry
After 15 minutes of waiting (you can zoom it to look the blackheads is come out)
After !

Yay ! My face look clean, glow, moist and super smooth. The good new is… this mask is 100% safety for sensitive skin ! I didn’t feel any side effect after use this charcoal mask until today. I will use it regularly, especially before I have an event. Use this mask before you put any make up, will help your foundation absorb and blend perfectly. Other than that, charcoal mask will help you to controlling any sebum.I recommend to use this mask twice a week or once a week if you didn’t have any outdoor activity everyday.

How is it? Want to try?

I give rate 4/5 for this amazonian charcoal glow mask. Why just 4? You tell us if you like it ! Well, I like this mask and I love the benefits so so much. But, I really hate the cooling sensation, it’s too strong. The cooling sensation will faded 15 minuter after the cleansing process. Omg ! it makes my heartbeat beating so fast, I just afraid this mask is not suitable with me and my skin is really burn. But, THANKS GOD ! This mask is so LIT…….


Lacoco Amazonian Charcoal Glow Mask

Net/Netto : 50 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 225.000

Where to buy :Lacoco Instagram


Talk about the packaging, once more I give Lacoco 4 thumbs up ! I love the maroon or bronze color (?) of this packaging. Look so elegant and simple. Where’s their found the product designer. Omg ! The packaging is really light with slim shape and easy to bring it everywhere. Comes with flip tip, make the mask inside not easily spilled. Other than that, the elastic tube make us easy to set the amount of mask that we need. The tipis very tight so it is not easy to open and spill.

Lacoco Intensive Treatment Eye Serum

A long holiday, a long lack of sleep and please welcome to panda eyes, right? Yeah. I was sleep on 2 AM like everyday and wake up on 8 AM for breakfast. The tired face and eyes, I can’t hide it anymore so I need a eye serum which can help me to fix this problem. But, I was use this eye serum for one week before I go on vacation. I hope my honest review can help you to choose the best eye serum.

Intensive treatment eye serum from lacoco is a serum to help reduce the fine lines and reduce the aging sign around your eyes skin. Complete with active peptide ingredients it will help to remove fine line and prevent the wrinkles.Enriched with extra aloe to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin to get a supple skin, and keep the skin moist around the eyes.

Lacoco Intensive Treatment Eye Serum

The apple fruit extract inside of it, make this eye serum has a very good fragrance. It’s very calm and elegant. Again, I’m fall in love with the fragrance. Moreover, texture of this eye serum is a clear gel but not too sticky at all. After you swatch it on your skin, the gel texture will change like a water. So, you just feel like a water stick on your skin. Any eye serum is really sticky and sometimes make us uncomfortable with that. But, don’t worry this eye serum doesn’t have texture like that, you just need wait a little bit longer to make it dry perfectly.

The Eye Serum Gel
After I rub it

You can see that? The gel is really clear, just like a water !

Oya, to get the maximal result you need to use this eye serum twice a day. You can use this eye serum too before you put any make up on your face. Really efficient right? you can use it anytime. Well, for this eye serum I give rate 3/5. I’m so sorry ! but I can’t see any differentiation before and after use this eye serum. Maybe I need to use it any longer? I will try next time.

I know this eye serum didn’t give us any claim about the brightening effect, that’s why my panda eyes still on point. But, after I use this eye serum, I didn’t feel my eyes skin tighten (when I use my anti aging eye serum that I usually use, I can feel that effect). My eyes still look so tired and I can’t use it any longer and back to my eye serum to fix my problem.

Take a little amount of eye serum
And applied it

LacocoIntensive Treatment Eye Serum

Net/Netto : 15 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 180.000

Where to buy :Lacoco Instagram


The best packaging winner I give to Lacoco intensive treatement eye serum. Yay ! The packaging is so cute, super duper pretty, super elegant and simple. You didn’t need to open the tip or rotate something to make the gel is out. The pump tip on this eye serum tip, make us easily to take the gel. Other than that, the very small tip will help us to set the amount of gel that came out (not too much or less). Super slim, small and light packaging, make it easy to bring anywhere and not easy to broken too. Good Job Lacoco !

I love the packaging

Final Thought

Overall, I like 3 product of Lacoco that was sent to me. Even tho, the eye serum which I put my hopes is high on it, sadly didn’t work at all to me. But, it’s okay ! I REALLY RECOMMEND to you Lacoco Aloe Vera Soothing Mist and Amazonian Charcoal Glow Mask. Those products totally works to me and I will use it regularly. Honestly, I really amaze with new local brand nowadays, the create a product is really good and always use the natural ingredients. So, paraben free and safety for pregnant woman. Other than that,Lacoco made all their products is suitable for all skin type and I already prove it !

The other thing that I amaze too, Lacoco has another skin care and also has feminine products, likeCosvie Woman Hygiene Treatment Essence,Watermelon Glow Mask, Ultimate Golden Swallow Facial Foam, Bust Fit Concentrate Serum Daily UV Counter and Hydrating Divine Essence.Too much awesome products with prettiest packaging too. Omg ! I’m speechless. The local brand can made their package is really eye catching and not losing with overseas products.

But, Lacoco has a lot of reseller. It make the user is confused. Until today, I found a lot of lacoco Instagram account follow and like on my Instagram account. They claim they sell original Lacoco products too. I can recommend you to buy the Lacoco product from their official Instagram account Talk about the price, I think Lacoco is a little bit pricey for the local brand skin care. So, I think not everyone can buy it easily, the middle high will be the right market for this products.

Yash ! Good Job Lacoco !

Thank you for let me try the products, I really like it and Thank you to ClozetteID to give me a chance to try those awesome products !

See you on next project !

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoy and take it as useful.

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie

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