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This is my 5th day in Korea. Hm.. and today I would visited 2 famous places in Seoul, for the first one is Everland theme park and Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower). I bet you already knew about the lock wall here. That’s why I must to visit this place and try to lock my heart here #eh. Haha

The weather in Mt. Seorak today is around 8-10 degree celsius, even though the sun already visible. Good morning from there..



Look at the mountain range ! Wow.. this is the amazing view in the morning. Really really thank you to our God for all of this.

At 8.00, we’re already going to the Everland amusement park and from Mt. Seorak need 3 hours drive to get there. I know, this time will be a very very bored, but you can sleep or watching a movie along the way.

After 1.5 hours, we’re stop in the rest area first for buying any snack or just going to the toilet. The rest area here is very big and any stall selling the street food like corn dog, chestnut, hotteok, rice cracker, western food, etc. Btw, you can buy the fashion stuff here too, like jacket, skirt, clothes, t-shirt, etc.

If you don’t want to buy something, you can take some picture here. Don’t imagine the rest area here same as in Indonesia. Because this rest area will give you more than that. Look at the view below…

img_9130 img_9161

img_9131 img_9129


This place doesn’t look like a rest area right? I would agree that this place is called a heaven of the food with beautiful view.

Btw, in there I had to try the traditional snack in Korea, yap.. rice cracker. who doesn’t know with that snack?


The taste of this rice cracker is plain, no salt/sugar. I don’t know how much for one pack of this rice cracker, because someone give me for free.

2 hours later, I was arrived in parking lot for bus in Everland and in there is crowded enough. Any school student visit this amusement park (from playgroup until high school maybe), so today this theme park full of the student 🙂

img_9128 img_9106

Omg ! Look at those children…. they’re look so cute like Daehan, Minguk and Manse Haha

img_9126 img_9127

Before you entering this amusement park, you’ll get one map. So, don’t worry if you lost or confuse where you must going. The price for one day ticket in Everland is ₩ 52000 (more cheaper than Disneyland HK). With this price you can enter the T-express wooden roller coaster, Everland zoo and 60 others attraction (please read the map). In there has 28 restaurant which selling any different food from Korean, Italian, even the Western food too.

img_9124 img_9104

img_9103 img_9120

Halloween theme everywhere !! and I’m very grateful could visit here when this amusement park has special event. 😉

Honestly, I want to try all attraction but my time only 2 hours here. So, I decide to visit the four seasons garden. To get there you have two choices, first you can walk or you can ride the cable car (Pst.. the queue for this cable car is very long, need more than 30 minutes to wait).

img_9105 img_9149

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-09-10-pmSo, my choice is try to ride the cable car (even though I’m scared enough). From the top, you can see all of this amusement park, especially you can see the Halloween parade and the biggest wooden roller coaster ever. If you want to ride this roller coaster, you must wait for more than 1 hour.

Fyi, this cable car will stop in the souvenir gallery. So, after ride this cable car you can visit this gallery for buying any hat, cute headbands, jacket, sunglasses, key chain, coat, etc. If you don’t ride this cable car, don’t worry.. along the way you can visit any souvenir stall.

img_9109 img_9107

Because this amusement park has special Halloween themes, so.. all the souvenir mostly related with the Halloween stuff.

From the cable car counter, you need to walk around 15 minutes to the four seasons garden.

img_9121 img_9122

img_9119 img_9160

The flowers here look so fresh and beautiful, this is the second garden which I love after Singapore’s Garden by The bay. Halloween decoration is everywhere and all of this is amazing. I hope the garden like this will available in Indonesia (I hope… I hope). Beside the flower and the decoration here, I’m very interesting with the children here. Why those children is so cute…….

img_9123 img_9125

And the special view is….. there’s so much military student here *Oppa Joon-ki friends* (No one is handsome).

img_9108 img_9150

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-2-07-49-pmI think, they’re had so much fun here with their friends or girlfriend.

This garden is very big, so I suggest you to buy two day ticket and try all of the attraction here. I guaranteed you’ll had so much fun here, like in the Disneyland.

img_9118 img_9117

img_9135 img_9136

In the last photo which I take, I think this is the place for filming the Korean drama Oh My Venus, when So Ji-Sub propose Shin Min-A (I’m sorry if I’m wrong). 🙂

At 2.30 PM, I decide to have lunch at the one of fast food restaurant here (KFC). I think, this is the only place where has the short queue.


The KFC there doesn’t sell any rice, so you can change the rice with the french fries. The price for the package which I choose is ₩ 6900 and you get 2 chicken, 1 french fries, 1 big cola. The chicken here has fried with Kobe flour so can’t crispy like in Indonesia or Singapore. Fyi, no chili sauce here, if you can’t eat with the tomato sauce you can buy the chili sauce for ₩ 800/1200 (I forgot the fixed price).

After lunch, I visit the line and everland store there.

img_9151 img_9152

The price of line stuff here is expensive enough, but I suggest you to buy here. Because in there has any promo or discount and I’already compare the price with the Line Store in Myeongdong. In everland store, you can buy any souvenir with the great price, I think the souvenir price here not expensive like in Disneyland HK and if you want to buy any mantel or coat, please buy here more than in Dongdaemun Market. The price cheaper and the quality is better than there.

img_9153 img_9154

After shopping, I decide to going back to our bus and continue the trip to Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower).

To get there, you need 1 hour drive from Everland.

img_9133 img_9134

if you want to going up from this shuttle bus, you have to walk (very very hard and tired). If you doesn’t ride the bus, you can use the cable car from the other side. The best view in there is afternoon, so you can saw the sunset and Seoul city from the top. In there, has available the Teddy Bear museum and observatory area.

img_9111 img_9110

If you visit this Seoul tower, don’t forget to buy love lock in there. The price for one love lock is₩ 8000 and ₩ 12000 for 2 love lock. You can buy the love lock in the gallery under this tower and you’ll get free pen.

img_9112 img_9114

After you put this love lock on the wall, you can throw away the key in the key box near the wall (the red box like a letter box). I hope someday I could going back to this place with my boyfriend.. uhm.. maybe my husband? (I hope so) 😉

From Seoul tower, the next destination is Dongdaemun market. I’m sorry I don’t have the picture in there, but I can explain if the Dongdaemun market like Myeongdong but full of clothing stuffs and in there has a shopping centre like ITC in Indonesia. For quality I give score 8.5/10 but for the price 6/10 (very expensive). If you can’t bargain, you’ll get the expensive price (less promo/sale here).Note : please bargain with make sense price.

Okay peeps..

This is my story of my 5th day in Korea (especially Seoul). Please stay tune for the next day story.

If you have any question or suggestion. Please kindly contact me on IG : @Tephieteph or ASK.FM : @Tephtephie. Don’t forget to subscribe too…

Thank you for reading, xoxo


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