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Do you know about Winter Sonata drama? Yap. The most romantic drama ever.. and today I will visit Nami Island. This island was formed as a result of construction of Cheongpyeong Dam and the island shape like a half moon with the beautiful lake around.

My flight from Jeju at 8.25 AM, so in early morning I must arrived in Jeju Int airport. The airport in the morning not so crowded, I only seen a few people who will make a business trip to Seoul or Busan. Fyi, I’m going back to Seoul by the Asiana Airlines again.

img_8948 img_8924

The weather today is very clearly so I can see the view of South Korea from the air. Look.. the South Korea full of the high building.

From Gimpo airport to the Nami Island need 2.5 – 3 hours drive to get there. So, if you bored you can playing music, watch the movie or playing game along the way.

At 12 PM, I was arrived in parking area in front of the Nami Island, but before I cross over to the Nami Island, I have a lunch first. Today menu is Chicken BBQ yey.. BBQ again.

img_8947 img_8946

This restaurant is near the bus parking area, you just going up in a house near the souvenir stall. The price for this menu is ‎₩12000 and you’re also get one bowl of rice, free refill kimchi, seaweed soup and lettuce. The kimchi here is very delicious. *thumbsup*

After lunch, I walk to the boat counter and queue for the boat.

How to get to the Nami Island?

To get there, you have to board by the boat just for 5 minutes and along the way you can see the Nami Island from the far and the beautiful view around. The entry ticket to the Nami Island just ‎₩10000 (adult).

Nami Island
Nami Island Ferry Boat

Just 5 minutes, I was arrived on Nami Island. This Island is very very full of people and crowded enough. It’s because, the autumn season is the high season in South Korea.

The weather there is hot enough (the sunlight is so strong), even though the wind is cold, but no problem the beautiful view in there make me forget about it


The leaves starting to change the colour from green to yellow, red and orange. You can feel autumn breeze there. The best time to see all the leave has change to the orange colour is in the end of October and early November (probably, you can feel the snow rain too in mid of November).

Love Letter
Nami Snowman

Near the entrance you will see the letter of love. People around the world write a love word or just write his/her name and their couple there. I don’t know how to get this card 🙁

Along the way you will see the chestnut tree everywhere and the snowman from around the world (it’s so cute), you can found the Indonesian snowman too.

To get to the famous photo spot, you should walk for 10-15 minutes from the entrance and maybe you should come here in the morning if you want to take the best picture (not in crowded time/full of people).

img_8950 img_8966

In there full of the local citizen and the tourist, so please be patient if you want to take a picture on the same place.

One hour in Nami Island is never enough ! you must spend one day to visit there. So, you can explore all the place.

Don’t worry if you get lost, because you will get the map of this Island before and if you get tired, you can rent a bike here (‎₩7000/hrs).

img_8970 img_8934

img_8954 img_8953

Don’t forget to take some picture in the famous photo spot *lovelove* (although the queue is long enough).

Walking around, make me hungry again 🙁 So, I decide to take a rest in the cafe which sell Hotteok and Ice cream. The Nami Island Hotteok is VERY RECOMMENDED ! Even though the queue is long enough but it’s worth with the taste.

Hotteok is the Korean pancake filled with brown sugar, cinnamons, honey and chopped peanuts.


The worker here can’t take a rest for a little bit, because they’re always making a new Hotteok dough and never stop for frying. The price for one piece of Hotteok is ₩1000 (please buy 5 or more, one is never enough). Fyi, the Hotteok here is cheaper than in myeongdong.

In front of this cafe has available the ice cream counter and the taste of this ice cream is very very delicious (recommended : vanila/chocolate flavour). The price for one scoop ice cream just ₩3000/4000 (I’m forgot the fixed price).

Vanilla Ice Cream

After one hour in there, my travel guide tell me to go back near the entrance Along the way, I capture every single place which is caught by my eyes. I think if you visit there in Winter season, you’ll feel like in a real Winter Sonata drama (Pst.. bring your couple too).

img_8977 img_8979

You’ll see any love shape or other shape from the chestnut leaves everywhere (it’s look so cute *love*) and some people or couple take some cute photo here. Do you wanna try? 🙂

Autumn Leave

Okay peeps, this is my story in Nami Island. Please stay tune for the next story in Mt. Seorak (Seorak Mountain).

I will tell you all about this amazing mountain soon.

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