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Do you know the famous Korean mountain? Do you ever hear about Mountain Seorak or Seoraksan National Park? Today, I want to tell you about this amazing mountain. The Seorak Mt. was designated as a natural monument preservation area. The national park attracts many local and international tourists all year round, but the main season for Seoraksan national park is autumn.


How to get there?

From Nami Island you need to drive about 3-3.5 hours and along the way you will see the long tunnel (you have to pass through any tunnels under the mountain). Like my experience before, my bus entrance the tunnel when the sun is still visible (the tunnel distance about 5km). But, when my bus came out from the tunnels the view has totally change become dark and full of fog, like in Avatar movie. 🙂

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I was arrived in this national park at 4.30 PM, ofc the temperature is very cold and no sunlight there.

From the entrance, I walk away to the bear statue, this statue has a story and Korean people believe this bear is their ancestor (our guide tell me that).



If you visit this national park in the afternoon, you’ll feel very calm, happy, and find the peace in your mind. You can forgot or heal your problem here, and you can pray in the temple if you want to find more peace. Honestly, I don’t want to going back to Surabaya, I want to stay here for a week.

Same as in Nami Island, the leaves here are starting change the colour from green to red, yellow, and orange.

After take some picture in this statue, next I want to going up to the top of this mountain by the cable car. The price for 2 ways trip just ₩10000 (adult) and one cable car can carry more than 10 person.

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Just take 5 minutes to going up to the top of Seorak Mt. (honestly I’m scared enough) and on the top, you’ll see the top of Seorak Mt. very very close. If you want to see more detail, you can use the telescope. Just put in₩ 500 (coin) to this telescope and you can used it.

img_9002 img_9001

img_8938Enough to see the amazing view from the top, now I’m starting walk to the Sinheungsa temple near this cable car counter (around 5 minutes walk). In there, you can saw the amazing Grand bronze Budha statue and praying too (if you don’t mind). Before you entry to this temple, in the left side you can stacking the stone. If you put the stone in the top and not fall, believe or not your wish or dream will come true. (I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo here).


From this temple you can saw the beautiful and amazing view from Mt. Seorak.


At 6.30 PM we’re going back to the hotel, but before check-in I have a dinner first in one of traditional Korean restaurant near the hotel.


The dinner menu is Grilled Mackerel with the side dish omelette, kimchi, apple salad, boiled spinach and seaweed soup. Fyi, I don’t like fish, so I can’t explain how’s the taste. The Mackerel here is big enough and full of meat. 😉

After dinner, we’re going to the hotel near the restaurant. I stay in Hanwa Resort for one night. Fyi, this resort is very very very large. This resort has supermarket, the Korean BBQ Restaurant, the spacious garden, the large parking lot and the waterpark. I RECOMMEND IT.



My room is very very big for 2 person. In this room, has 2 type of bedroom (conventional bedroom and Ondol style bedroom). If you wanna try to become a Korean people try the Ondol style. Don’t worry the floor is very warm. In there, has a living room and kitchen too. The room and the toilet is very very clean with automatic system. I give score 9/10 for this room from Hanwa Resort in Mt.Seorak.


In the kitchen, has a rice cooker, sink, plate, any glass, electric stove and the refrigerator.

Yap, I enjoy the night in Mt.Seorak, even the weather colder in the middle of the night (I don’t use the AC in there).

Okay peeps, this is my last story in the 4th day. Stay tune for the next story (2 days in Seoul).

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