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Probably, Jeju just a small Island, but for me Jeju is the small Island with a lot of destination. Continue the story before, today I invite you to visit Teddy bear safari museum, Trick eye museum, Ice gallery, Nanta show, and Mysterious road. So, lets get started.

Teddy bear safari museum is an hour away from the duck BBQ restaurant. The entry ticket for this museum is ₩ 10000 (adult).


Safari theme just in the 1st floor and in the 2nd floor you will see any theme like fairy tale, daily life, band, cafe, family, teddy bear history, and many more. I bet you don’t want to go home after seeing the cute teddy bear there 😉



You would found so much fun there 😉 Don’t forget to take any picture peeps.


Teddy Bear Safari Factory
Circus Show


Look at the Teddy Bear small factory, look so amazing ! Now I know why the Teddy Bear here is so expensive, the worker made those cute teddy Bear with their hand. So much effort in one cute Teddy Bear 🙂

In the end of this museum, you should be visit the Teddy Bear cafe (you can take some photos with the Teddy Bear there) and gallery. In there you should buy one Teddy Bear as souvenir. The price for one Teddy Bear is ₩ 15000 (Small) – ₩ 80000 (Large). In this gallery also sell key chain, warmth clothes, hat, umbrella, and many more.

Teddy Bear Safari Museum

Hope you enjoy your holiday in this Teddy Bear Safari Museum. Next destination is Mysterious road.

Mysterious road there is the same as in Kelud mountain in Kediri. So, when you turn off your car engine, even though the road is going up, your car would have kept going. It’s because, this area has an earth magnet and made your car still going on. This place near the Teddy Bear Safari museum (just 10-15 minutes).

Mysterious Road Jeju

It only takes 5 minutes to try this road. So, the next destination is Trick eye museum and Ice Gallery, maybe 30-45 minutes drive from the Mysterious road. The direct entry ticket to Trick eye museum and Ice gallery was just ₩ 12000 (you can freely entry to the two place).



Play your imagine here and don’t forget to follow the instruction before take a picture. Btw, look at the photo above ! my mom loves take any photos in Trick eye museum, and we have tried the Trick eye museum in Jakarta, Surabaya and Singapore too 😉

After take any photos from there, we’re moving to the Ice Gallery Museum. In there, you will try the weather when Winter in Korea (the temperature around -5 degree Celsius). Don’t worry, the Ahjussi at front will give you a blanket before you entry.



I’m sorry I can’t take best photo here, because the place is very dark. Btw, when you visit this Ice gallery don’t forget to try the giant slide, even the queue is very long and the temperature is very very cold. 😉 Feel like Christmas is coming *lovelove*

The famous banana milk
Korean Student

In weekdays, you will meet the Korean student visit this place for field trip. If you want try the famous Korean banana milk, you should try here. The price for one bottle of this milk is₩ 2500 or you can buy in mini market like GS25/SevenEleven just for₩ 1300 and you can try any flavour like Melon, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Plain too. In supermarket, you can buy this milk for₩ 5000/pack (4 bottle), but mostly they’re just sell banana flavour only.

The next destination is Nanta show… this is the famous show in Jeju, but now you can visit this show in Seoul too.

Nanta Show Ticket

I can’t take or record the show, because it’s forbidden here. In this show you will enjoy the chefs cooking, playing the cooking tools, singing, dancing and ofc make you laugh so hard too. The ticket for the an hour cooking show just ₩ 50000 (S), ₩ 40000 (A), and ₩ 70000 (Premium).

Tired of laugh hard, now is the dinner time….

Tonight I tried the famous Korean dish.. Samgyetang *loveeyes*


Whole boiled chicken with the rice and ginseng (2 yo) inside. YUMMY ! The taste is very delicious and warmth in the body. You can try to eat the soup with noodles too. OMG I LOVE IT ! (Pst… don’t forget to try the rice wine too) 🙂

Last night in Jeju, I decide to walking around the hotel for shopping. Fyi, my hotel is in Sajang-1 gil road near with the shopping centre. In there, you will find starbucks coffee, salon, branded boutique and any cosmetic store like, Innisfree, Etude House, Aritaum, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Skin79, Banila.co, etc and the price is same as in their website (Pst… you will get any discount, promo and bonus too).

Anw, The store will be closed at 10PM.

Jeju at Night
Korean Cosmetic


I bought so many cosmetics here, because the price is 200x more cheaper than in Indonesia. TRUST ME !

In there, you will find any Korean Traditional restaurant and…..

Special Giant Crab Jeju

The one of the seafood restaurant here, sell the fresh giant crab. WOW ! I don’t know how much the price for one giant crab there, I bet it’s very expensive af. Haha… Btw, Jeju is famous with the fresh seafood, so.. don’t forget to try it.

Finally, this is my last night in Jeju 🙁 Honestly, I loves this Island so so much.

Stay tune for the next story peeps. *spreadlove*

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