Hello, today I want to tell you about my holiday on second and third day. Fyi, on 2nd and 3rd day, I’m stay in Jeju Island,

How to get to Jeju Island? from Gimpo airport I need an hour fly away to Jeju by Asiana Airlines again (you can fly to Jeju Island by Jeju air with cheapest price too). Gimpo is International Airport but I don’t think it’s good or awesome airport by looks, maybe like old Juanda airport (the airport so crowded, small and I feel uncomfortable here, maybe because this airport just for local flight only). Gimpo airport same as Jeju airport.



The weather in Jeju is warmer than Seoul (19-21 Celsius) and the wind more stronger, probably because this Island is surrounded by beaches, Before I talk too much about Jeju, let me tell you first my schedule in 2nd and 3rd day – on 2nd day : I was visited Yongduam Head Rock and dinner at one of traditional Korean restaurant with Jeju special fish and dwaeji pork. On 3rd day, I was visited Seongsan sunrise peak and Seongup folk village (Teddy Bear Museum, Trick eye, Ice gallery, Nanta show and Mysterious road that I will tell you in the next story).

Second day…..

After landed in Jeju Int. airport, I was visiting Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) at 5 PM. In there you would saw the rock look like a Dragon Head near the beach.


I’m not interested with the view, I think Indonesia have a lot of rock like this and more beautiful #sorry. After I took some photos, I came back to the small market where any seller sold the grilled squid, orange and any street food (fyi, the Jeju orange is very famous and you will saw any orange tree along the way in Jeju).

Jeju Orange
Fish Cake




The price of Jeju orange is around₩ 10000 – 15000/pack, Grilled Squid price ₩ 5000 (small) -₩10000 (large) — It’s RECOMMENDED street food in Jeju and also very tasty, and the Fish cake price₩ 2500 -₩ 3000/pcs.

6 PM, after enjoying the delicious grilled squid, I’m going to the traditional korean restaurant which sell special fish from Jeju Island and sliced pork boiled (I forgot the name of this food — tell me if you know it).


I’m so full…. I guaranteed if you come to Korea, you will forgot all about diet things.

and the second day is finish. 🙂


Third day……

First stop today is Seongsan sunrise peak, an hour drive from Sajang-1 gil road to get there. Seongsan sunrise peak is the famous destination with a beautiful hill, any tourist come here to see the sunrise . Price for the entry ticket is ₩ 2000 (very cheap).

Tips :

  • The wind here is very very strong ! Please don’t use any hat.
  • Use coat/mantel and glove (the temperature here around 10-11 celsius) — Use earmuff too, because the strong wind and the cold temperature will made your ears and head hurt.
  • Have a breakfast first, if you want to hiking.
  • The souvenir price here is very expensive (better buy in Seoul)
  • The seller here mostly Chinese people, so some of theme can’t speak English well.



The view is very beautiful *lovelove*. Cold wind make me hungry again, so I decided to turn and buy some street food. The price of this food around₩ 3000 – 5000 and btw, in there you can try the famous Jeju corn ice cream too (if you don’t feel super cold anw).


If you want to explore this place, don’t forget to visit a temple beside this food court. You can pray or take some photos here and beside this temple you can see the most beautiful view, yeah.. you can see the beach from there (feel like a real Jeju Island).


Next stop is Seongup folk village….

This is the very first village in Jeju and still original. Do you remember De Jang Geum korean drama? Yap. This drama use this place for filming. When you visit this place, the local guide will tell you all about this village like the tradition, the function of the tools, the livestock, the medicine and many more. In there, you will try the real honey from Halla mountain and pills from horse bone.


Look at those picture, the village’s look so amazing right?

Before lunch, I’m going to the homemade orange chocolate factory first. Psst.. don’t forget to buy orange chocolate if you visit to Jeju. The price of this chocolate is₩ 10000 and if you buy 5 or more you can get 1 box of chocolate (34 pcs inside) for free. Besides the orange, there’s a cactus, kiwi, raspberry and blueberry chocolate too.

The famous Jeju Chocolate

After buying any chocolate, I am going to the a Korean restaurant which sell duck meat with amazing taste. Just 15 minutes away from this factory.


The duck BBQ is very delicious (spicy but tasteful) and the meat is very very soft like tenderloin beef (not like a duck meat in Indonesia). Btw, you should eat this duck meat with the lettuce and any side dish or rice (hmm…. like Korean people). I guaranteed you can’t found this amazing dish in Indonesia.

And… this is my 2nd and 3rd day story. Please stay tune for the next destination peeps.

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Thank you for reading, xoxo


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