Our Infinity Anniversary (Reveal a little secret)

Our Infinity Anniversary (Reveal a little secret)

Maybe, it’s too late for me to share this story for you…

(My 8th anniversary on January and today is 17th of April)

But, I think it’s never too late to share something about our 8th anniversary celebration with you. Why? Because everyday is a new chapter, new lesson and new story. So, I’m not just share about my celebration but I will reveal a little secret about our relationship lately.

8 years together has passed, I never imagine before if I will have a super long relationship like this. Like usual, we was celebrate our 8th anniversary in Platinum Grill. Why this place again? because I want to created a special story in one place. Maybe this place will be the part of our wedding reception? Who knows ! Psttt… in there, one year ago, he kneeled down to me and said “will you marry me?”.Well, I never share or write about it for now, I’m so sorry. Maybe I will share itwhen everything becomes clear.

Back to our 8th anniversary…

Our anniversary celebration this year more special, becausethis event almost can not be done because of some reason. But, Thank you for my boyfriend to made this anniversary dinner still held perfectly.

8th anniversary dinner set menu

Different with last year anniversary dinner, I told him to made the set menu shortbecause I didn’t want to be too full this time. So, he’s arrange this menu together with Platinum Grill staff. Honestly, their staff a little bit confused to suggest a set menu to us, because all of their signature set menu we already tried. So, Classic Beef Wellington will be their special dish for us this year.

First entree, we got specialAmuse Bouche with 8 letter like this :

Amuse Boucheconsist ofsome fresh vegetable and fruit cuts. Seriously, I like this entree so much, because it can changed my mood instantly. I feel more fresh, happy, and ready to eat the next dish after I eat the various kinds of fresh flavors. Next dish isMushroom soup! He know me so well, I like some foodwhich is mushroom-based. This mushroom soup is very special, comes like a hot coffee latte with whip cream.

Mushroom soup

Don’t ask me about the taste, Platinum Grill never failed to give us the delicious dish since the first time we came here. Yap, maybe you don’t see any special table decoration or a fresh flower bucket. There’s any miss communication between my boyfriend and PG staff, so the special table dinner can’t be done. I hope next year, we got the special table dinner again like previous events.

The main course is here !

Classic Beef Wellingtonbecome a king of dish that night. Christian told me, this is a Platinum Grill special dish so we can eat almost 600gr of juicy beef steak. What makes this menu special? The beef steak rolled up with crunchy pastry outside and the staff will cut it with a “samurai” (LOL). No, they will cut it with a long knife in front of us.

Classic Beef Wellington (before cut)
The staff cut it into slices

Look at the red meat ! I can’t resist it again…. I feel like my boyfriendspoil me to eat the beef steak as much as I can. Thank you so much !

Well, literally classic beef wellington is different with any grilled steak. This dishconsisting of three layers and flavors, first layer is savory flavor from the crunchy pastry outside. The pastry just crunchy in the outside but look not cooked well inside (see on 3rd photo above). The second layer isherbs and spices, seriously I can explain one by one about the taste of second layer. I just can said the second layer full of any herbs and spices, but don’t worry the taste still delicious. Third layer is medium rare beef (I’m forget about the grade of this beef, Sorry). Different with any grilled steak that grilled directly, this beef wellington a little bit plain. So, you need to put some salt or paper and pour the steak sauce for perfect taste.

What do you think? Are you interest to try?

To complete our anniversary dinner, Christian is already prepared a original shake from Japan for us to enjoy together. This time was my first time to try a shake, the taste is like a whisky. I’m a vodka lover, so I didn’t like the taste of Japanese shake (LOL). Don’t ask me about thealcohol content, because I can’t found it in the middle ofpile of Japanese writing.

Last dish is sweet symphonyas a dessert. This time I got 2 cute things, first is one cup coffee latte with out photo inside and second, I got special letter from Christian. This time he’s make this sweet letter by his self. I just can’t imagine how tired the PG kitchen staff to write a long text like this. Seriously, it’s too long and create it with hand writing.

Sweet coffee latte
Sweet letter

Other than that, I got aBerry Pudding, Caramel Pudding, and Strawberry Ice Cream.This is a really sweet symphony ! because all sweet dessert in one long plate. In another plate, we got 2 strawberry chocolate as Petite fours dessert. Honestly, I just eat the chocolate outside (LOL), I’m not a strawberry fans guys.

Sweet Symphony
Petite Fours

On our 8th years anniversary dinner, maybe you’ll judged is nothing special inside. Some of my instagram follower ask me “where’s the iphone 8?”No, I’m never said I will got Iphone again this year, in fact I must to wait 3 months to got my anniversary gift. Why? Yap, we’re on transition life. Christian moved to Jakarta for good. He’s got his new job there and we have to faced long distance relationship. I got a chance to meet him once a month. Is that a problem? Ofc not.

I’ve been through the LDR twice, before I have a relationship with Christian. The problem is Christian adaptation and sometimes until today he’s always cranky for a little things. We faced any arguments, miss communications, and a lot of fight session almost everyday. To keep this relationship is going well, I must to hide my egos and feelings. I can’t mad when I really mad, I can’t cry when I want to cry hard, and I can’t tell my problem when I want to share it. Is that hard? Yes ! Really hard.

LDR doesn’t need a commitment and trust only, but understanding each other feelings is important thing too. You’ll feel totally lonely when no one can’t talk with you and no one can understand your true feelings. Other than that, we’ve a problem which to be solved before we decide to get married. Don’t ask me, when I will held a wedding reception, I will ask for your prayer for sure. We must to solved this problem first and I hope God will always help us and give us a lot of his blessing.

I didn’t need to see him everyday, I’m totally fine with this situation. I never have trust issued or something, I always let him do whatever that makes him happy in there. I’m really grateful if I heard he’s very happy today with his work situation or with his co-worker. I want a calm mind and peace life to faced this LDR and it’s really hard for me to build a peace. So, I always have insomnia issue lately (I never have this is issue before). Don’t ask me why I always post sad quotes sometimes on my IG Story and hide some photos on my IG. Please understand me, I just want to show my feeling when I didn’t have a place to show

I hope our LDR can going well until we’re married soon and I hope our problem can solved as soon as possible before we decide to get married. We want to open the new chapter after married and makes all our mistakes before as lessons. I hope God always bless Christian and makes him more patient with every situation. Let him maturer than before and take all as a life lesson. Whoever you are, who read this blog post, I ask for your sincere prayer for us. Thank you

Anniversary Gift

Last but not least, I wanna to say THANK YOU to Christian for my anniversary gift. I really like it ! Thank you for let me choose the gift freely and thank you for showering me with anything that I craving before. Hope you always successful in everywhere you worked and lived. Remember that I always love you even tho we’re not living together.

That’s all !

Thank you to whoever you are that spend you time to read our relationship story. Maybe you can take it as your information or lessons.

Have a great day all

Let’s be friend guys ! and feel free to contact me onIG : @tephietephorAsk.fm : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,


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