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Saturday night is too mainstream if we’re going to a fancy restaurant, fabulous lounge or nice pub. This Saturday, I decide to hunting an extraordinary night food in Tretes with my friends. I bet Surabaya citizen is familiar with this place. Tretes is located at the slope mountain of Arjuno and Welirang,to reach this place you just drive away from Surabaya for an hour through the highway (no traffic jam).

I suggest you to visit this place at night and don’t forget to use warm clothes. The temperature here around 25-27 celsius.

The first food that I buy isMEATBALLS(Pst I love this food so so so much) 🙂 I visited the one of meatball stall in front of the mini market, because I was interested with the small meatball and the vegetable.


In there, all the seller selling in the stall or we usually call “kaki lima/emper” and some of them selling their wares with go along the stall. Look at the fresh banana, she’s selling all of them just for IDR 50000 (wow). Back to the meatball story…


Wow… the meatball looks so delicious. One portion of this meatball just IDR 15000 and the Ice tea just IDR 5000. For this meatball I give score : 8/10 for the taste, 8/10 for the beverage,7/10for the place and 8/10 for the service.

Finish with this meatball I still hungry, so I looking for the “sate putih/asin” or white salty satay (chicken) in Pak Tawi stall (in front of the Tretes market entrance). Why this satay called “sate putih/asin”, it’s because the satay has burnt with salt and margarine (no peanut sauce). Btw, I also order innards satay too (the black brown one).


One portion for the white salty satay just IDR 15000/10pcs, innards satay IDR 15000/10pcs, the lamb satay IDR 30000/10pcs, the mineral water IDR 3000. In there, also sell any beverage like ice tea/orange, lamb curry and any other satay too. For this satay I give score : 9/10 for the taste, 7/10 for the place and 9/10 for the service.

For the next, I looking for the big sausage grill. The place of this stand is beside the mini market.

img_8728 img_8729

This sausage has any flavour like, original, cheese, and black paper (btw, you can get free topping too, like mayonnaise, chilli/tomato sauce, cheese, etc). The price of this sausage grill is IDR 10000 (small) – 15000 (large). For this street food I give score : 7/10 for the taste and 7/10 for the service.

After finished 3 kind of food, my friends still hungry, so they looking for rabbit satay and angsle (javanese traditional warm beverage). The location for this stall is beside the meatball stall, btw.

Rabbit Satay

The composition of the Angsle is peanut, bread, pearl jelly, and warmth coconut milk. Price for this angsle just IDR 10000 and the rabbit satay IDR 18000. For this food I give score : 7/10 for the taste, 7/10 for the place, 6/10 for the service

The last street food that I buy is roasted corn. Yuhuuuuu. The location of this stall is near the PLN office (sorry if i’m wrong).

img_8734This roasted corn have any flavour too, like salty, spicy, and sweet (Pst.. you can mix it). One pieces of this roasted corn just IDR 7000 and you can request to be shaved, so you can eat easily. 😉

Yeah. this is my anti-mainstream Saturday night. See you in the next review peeps.


Thank you for reading, xoxo

The location of this night market is in front of the Surya Hotel Tretes. (Get the direction below).

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