House2house Apps, Make Your Beauty Life Easier

House2house Apps, Make Your Beauty Life Easier

Hey peeps,

Beauty is a must for every woman. Look charming, gorgeous, dazzling, and awesome are woman needs.

Don’t worry, now you can be a princess everyday with one click on house2house beauty application.

What is house2house? How to use? How to download? What’s the benefits?

Okay, I will explain to you….

House2house is an application that provide all beauty services. What’s the example?

In house2house, you can search your favourite MUA (Make Up Artist) detail with level experience MUA, review, contact person, and price. Just it? No. You can send the MUA your booked date, sharing about your need before dealing and you can find the MUA near you ! (like online taxi application).

Sadly… you didn’t need a MUA right now. You need other beauty treatment, but lazy to go out or didn’t have much time.

Don’t worry girls, in house2 house you can find any beauty services like manicure, pedicure, creambath, hair styling, smoothing, and many more. Just one click on house2house apps, they will come to your house.

In house2house, you can get the latest info about beauty trends and tips. See? Your beauty need in one hand !

How to download?

You just type house2house on google play or play store, choose the black icon like above and download or just click this link download, please do registration by email (please check the spam box) or by facebook. For apple user, please be patient, this application will be on app store soon.

How about the price and pay?

In house2house you can search the MUA or Salon from the cheapest price to highest price (depends on MUA/Salon level and experience). You can freely sort the MUA/Salon that match/fit with your budget in this apps.

Don’t worry, the price which is shown in this apps is same with if you contact the MUA/Salon directly. The special benefit about the price in house2house is… you can get the seasonal discount and the price are included the transportation fee (same city).

For the paying, you can use the credit card or use the credit (top up balance credit on this app – you just transfer at house2house bank account). Easy right?

Yesterday, I’m very honored can attending in soft launching house2house at Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya.

Different with another soft launching event, yesterday I got so much knowledge about beauty make up from Imel Vilentcia MUA and Jennifer (Hair Stylist).

Imel Vilentcia, give us demo and tips how to make an amazing eyes make up and Bella Amanda from Surabaya Beauty Blogger as a Model. Some tips that Imel share is use the brush to apply the eyeshadow for best blending and result, use 2 layer of fake eyelashes for party event (make sure the fake eyelashes fit with your eyes), and use the grey contact lens if you want your eyes look sharp.

See… after the make up demo, Bella’s eyes look so gorgeous. Do you wanna too? Just open house2house, search Imel Vilentcia and place your date. Psttt… you can search for Malvava too.

Next agenda is speaking from Mr Hermanto (as CEO of house2house) and Mr Deddy Purwanto. They’re tell us clearly about house2house and the benefits. So, from their explanation, FIX.. this apps is VERY RECOMMENDED !

Why house2house? Why this apps recommended?

Easy, just download on play store, registration, search your favourite MUA or another beauty treatment needs, and make appointment. This apps has been used by 300 user and there’s more than 20 MUA already join.

Have a lot of beauty service, in one apps you can search any beauty treatment like smoothing, creambath, manicure, pedicure, hair styling and nail art soon.

Real time nearby option, like online taxi apps, now you can search the MUA/Salon near you and calling them anytime.

Appointment assistance, you can place your date first and sharing with your favourite MUA before dealing.

Fixed Price and Great Deal, in this apps you can freely see the price of each MUA/Salon, get the seasonal discount and you can pay with credit card (you can arrange the instalment) or credit balance.. Get special discount IDR 50000from 1 – 31 May 2017, type house2house on discount column.

Have newest and fashion trend news, just scrolling and tapping in one apps you can get the latest info about beauty, trends and some beauty tips.

Are you a MUA? Have a special skill in beauty service? Wanna join?

Just send your portfolio to house2house Indonesia on email :

Thank you house2house (@house2houseindonesia), woman blitz (@womanblitz), and Surabaya beauty blogger (@surabayabeautyblogger) for having me. I had so much fun and experience yesterday.

And last word from me, have a nice day peeps, don’t forget to download house2house apps (on play store).

Made your beauty life easier than before.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,



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