The Holy Grail Skin Care of this month !

The Holy Grail Skin Care of this month !

May Holy Grail Skin care is HERE !

Well, honestly I’m not a skin care lovers because I had a sensitive skin type. So, I have to be super selective on each skin care brand that I use. A couple weeks ago, I’m so honorable can be join in a launching of skin care product in Surabaya. Yap, I know, this brand is not a new comer but a few times ago available in Surabaya. Today, I want to introduce you to a Holy Grail Skin care that I like this month, please welcome to Clinelle !

Clinelle Skin Care products

Clinelle is the one of Malaysia beauty brand products since 2004 (so it’s been 14 years). Honestly, first time I think Clinelle made in Swiss, but after I read the history, Clinelle made in Malaysia. But, they always formulated and manufactured their product using the latest advancements in skincare from laboratories worldwide, such as France, USA & Korea. So, don’t be surprised if some of Clinelle product are manufactured in Korea, guys.

Clinelle products that I got is a series of treatments, start from pre-cleansing until a whole day treatment. To make it easier for you to read, I will introduce the Clinelle products based on step by step of use. Let’s we start with Step 1 !

Step 1 – Pre Cleansing (Clinelle Deep Cleansing Water)

Clinelle deep cleansing water is a 5 in 1 multi-action water base cleanser. Why 5 in 1? Because it caneffectively removes dirt, oil and all traces of makeup from face, eye and lips zone.It can dissolves waterproof eye makeup without leaving any oily residue. Other than that, deep cleansing water is contain with a lot of good content that had 3 benefits like, Repair – removes dead skin layer to boost skin renewal leaving skin radiant, Refine -provides deep oil-free hydration for visibly soft and smooth skin and Reshield – help to defend the skin from daily free radical damage, restoring clear and calm skin.

(Front) Clinelle HydraCalm Cleansing Gel and (Behind) Clinelle Deep Cleansing Water

If most of micellar water feels like a waterwith more viscosity, deep cleansing water is more like a soap water. When you pouring it up on the cotton, you’ll never expected if it contain a soap. After you rub it on your face, the water will be change like a soap. The positive thing about it, maybe clinellewant to help you clean your face cleaner, faster and also lifting the dead skin. But, maybe for some people including me, itmakes me feel discomfort because of foam soap that appears.

Deep Cleansing Water liquid

Clinelle deep cleansing water need 4-5 times of wipes,if you want to get a perfect cleansing result. The condition that I said before if you use deep cleansing water when you on a thick make up. So, when I’m on a thick make up I will switch the step, I will use cleansing gel first and deep cleansing water then. I feel this step is perfect enough, because deep cleansing water can make the cleansing step more perfect. I know I always break the rules, but this step is totally suitable with me.

After I used deep cleanser water for almost 2 weeks, I giveRate 4/5! This deep cleanser water is suitable for sensitive skin like me. When Clinelle crews told me if there any side effects such as feeling sore when using this, I didn’t feel it at all. No acnes and purging are comes up too.

5 claims from Clinelle deep cleansing water that I already proven, first as effective and gentle make up remover (not that true), exfoliate – lift any dead skin and sebum (proven), Purify – promote impurities and toxin removal for healthy skin (proven), brighten (not yet seen), and Moisturize (proven).

Clinelle Deep Cleansing Water

Net/Netto : 180 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 159.000

Where to buy : Clinelle shopping online website

Step 2 – Cleanser (HydraCalm Cleansing Gel)

This is my holy grail cleansing this month ! AfterI was tired of searching and trying various cleansing gel products, finally I found it. Hydracalm cleansing gel is a gentle foamy sulfate-free cleanser that delicately cleanses impurities & excess sebum without over-stripping skins natural moisture. After using it, my skin feels so refreshed, soft & supple. Awesome benefits from this cleansing gel is lock skin moisture for 72 hrs, natural ingredients inside, hydrates every level of skin, and 3x hydracalm action.

Clinelle cleansing gel comes with a clear gel with thehigh level of thickness. Yap, this gel is super thick and no foam appears after we pouring it with water. But, don’t underestimate guys, even tho like that this cleansing gel 100% can remove our make up in one rinse (even you on a thick makeup). I feel so amazing, because this is what I need and now I’m already find you.

HydraCalm cleansing gel texture

The smell of this cleansing gel is like a lychee fruit, but not that same. I didn’t like the smell of this cleansing gel after I rub it. I can’t explain about the smell, but is not fresh at all (based on my judgement). On my face cleansing step, I often used this cleansing gel as my first step. Even when I was on a thick make up too. Do you want a proof? Look at this :

Using Clinelle cleansing gel

Do you believe if I rinse it only one time? Unfortunately, you must believe me, because I just rinse once and face totally clean. How’s I prove it? I already wipes my facial skin with deep cleansing water andno yellow stain is appeared. Again, I didn’t feel a sore on my facial skin after use it, so 100% safety for sensitive skin. Oya a few days ago, my forehead is really itch and dry and after I used Clinelle cleansing series my dry skin is gone.

3 claim from Clinelle about their hydracalm cleansing gel, deeply cleanses and reduces excesses sebum (proven), mild exfoliation for better absorption (proven) and calm sensitized skin caused by environmental aggression (proven). So, I give this cleansing gel Rate 5/5! IHIGHLY RECOMMEND this cleansing gel for you. Especially for you, who still searched the effective cleansing gel and have the sensitive skin like me.

ClinelleHydraCalm Cleansing Gel

Net/Netto : 100 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 99.000

Where to buy :Clinelle shopping online website

Step 3 – Toner/Lotion (Clinelle HydraCalm Lotion)

The 3rd step after your facial skin 100% clean is Clinelle HydraCalm Lotion. The texture of this lotion is like a thick liquid and the smell is like a lychee fruit (again) but not that good. If you want to get a fresh sensation of this lotion, please keep it on the refrigerator first. I think it will give you a fresh and cool sensation on the same time. Well, hydracalm lotion is a superbly light water that like hydrating lotion that helps to nourish, refine & plump up our skin.The hydrating power of this lotion refines the pores & improves the absorption of subsequent skincare products. This lotion make our skin smoother, hydrated & conditioned.


(Front) Clinelle HydraCalm Lotion and (Behind) Clinelle HydracCalm Serum

HydraCalm lotion texture

My judgement still same like two product before, this lotion is suitable for sensitive skin. I didn’t feel sore on my skin at all. After my facial skin is dry perfectly I pour this lotion in my hand and tap-tap on my facial skin evenly. Wait until the lotion is dry before you applied another step. Oya, remember this !A good and right cleansing step will help your make up stick perfectly on your face. Other than that, a right cleansing step will help your skin absorbing another skin care product perfectly. So, don’tunderestimate the facial cleansing stage !

For Hydracalm lotion, Clinelle have 4 claim if this lotion can nourish, refine and plum up the skin (proven), refine the pores (proves), improves the of subsequent another skin care product (proven), and deeply refresh & smoothen our skin (proven). I give Rate 4/5for this lotion, maybe if the liquid is super liquidity like water and the smell is fresh I will give rate 5/5.All their claim is proven ! Honestly I really can say good bye to some of my dry skin because of it.

ClinelleHydraCalm Lotion

Net/Netto : 150 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 199.000

Where to buy :Clinelle shopping online website

Step 4 – Eye care (Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum)

Clinelle Caviar gold is their new series of skin care that concern withthe problem of aging.Yes I know, I’m already enter the 25 club this year and I need some skin care like this to keep my facial skin still tight and can say good bye to fine lines. Caviar gold firming eye serum is a clear gel with gold grains which have a lot of function forfirms, lifts and lightens our eye area.It also provides instant hydration, while smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the sensation of puffiness, banish dark circles, improving elasticity and firmness. So, our skin around eye can refined and restored.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming eye serum
Caviar Gold Firming eye serum texture

3 special boost form Caviar gold firming eye serum is Repair -Caviar Extract that slows down aging process, Refines -Caviar Extract that slows down aging process and Reshield -PhytoGold Extract that whitens and promotes skin renewal for younger skin. The texture of this clear gel a little bit rough because of gold grains, but don’t worry when you rub it the clear gel and the gold grains will merges. If you want to get a perfect result, please apply it twice a day.You just need to pour it sufficiently and apply around eye area. Don’t forget to massage circularly toto maximize the absorption.

Clinelle claim, their firming eye serum will disguising the fine lines in 5 weeks. They also give us the ruler of fine lines too guys ! Because I haven’t use it for 5 weeks, so I can’t give you a real review. I will share what I feel after using this firming eye serum. Well, after I use this serum for almost 2 weeks, I feel my eye area more moist, tight, and the dark circle began to faded. I give Rate 4.5/5 for this firming eye serum, the rest of 0,5 I will adding if true it can make the fine lines is gone. LOL.

ClinelleCaviar Gold Firming Eye Serum

Net/Netto : 15 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 399.000

Where to buy :Clinelle shopping online website

Step 5 – Serum/Essence (Clinelle HydraCalm Serum)

Clinelle Hydracalm serum is an intensive serum that boosts skins hydration & locks in moisture for long lasting effects. Our skin feels more plumped, moisturized & silky-soft. The texture of this gel is super soft with pure white color. If you didn’t use the series of Clinelle like I wrote above, you can use this serum after cleansing your face.The gel of this serum is easy to absorbing on facial skin and give you a moist skin in a second. I should admit, if Clinelle product is really concern to create a mosture skin. So, don’t be shock if your skin always feel moist, evenwhen you’re not using the product.

HydraCalm Serum texture

I’m already tried this serum once, but so sad my facial skinreact immediately. I feel sore on my cheek area and I washed it then. So, I can’t give you a real review about this serum and proving their claim about this serum. Well, Clinelle have 4 claims about this product, first is instant boost of hydration, maintain optimum hydration in every layer of skin, natural soothing & anti-irritant, restore skin barrier to prevent moisture loss.

I give Rate 3/5 for HydraCalm serum, because I have very high expectation about this HydraCalm series. But, unfortunately HydraCalm serum make me feel disappointed. So, I can said HydraCalm serum is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Clinelle HydraCalm Serum

Net/Netto : 20 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 279.000

Where to buy :Clinelle shopping online website

Step 6 – Moisturizer (Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cream)

Clinele Caviar gold firming cream hold an important role to keep our facial skin still firming.The Cavair Gold firming moisturizing cream with an advanced formula that face moisturizes can deeply and restore elasticity. Helps elevate natural contours and protects the skin from accelerated aging. So, our skin will be firmed, nourished and protected.

Texture of this cream is soft with pure white color, but I can guaranted this cream is not sticky at all. After you rub it, the gel will absorb perfectly on your skin. As your information, caviar gold firming cream is formulated with Triple-Gold Super LIFTING & FIRMING Complex. Repair – Caviar Extract that slows down aging process, Refine -24K Nano Gold which reduces wrinkle and promotes V-contouring, Reshield -PhytoGold Extract that whitens and promotes skin renewal for younger skin

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cream
The cream texture

Honestly,I haven’t tried to use this cream on my face as a moisturizer for a long time, because I’m still use a moisturizer from another brand that special for sensitive skin. First time I applied it on my face, I didn’t feel any sore feeling. I just feel my skin more moist than before. In my view, if you have oily skin and use a series of skin care that boost moisture of our facial skin,will trigger the appearance of excess oil. Especially, if the product is not written to reduce sebum production.To get the maximal result, use the firming cream twice a day for dry and normal skin, and once a day for oily skin.

Caviar Gold firming cream has 4 claims that can firm & tighten skin, repair & revitalize skin, nourishes & moisturizes skin, and reduce the fine line & wrinkles. Overall, the caviar gold series always concern in fine lines and wrinkles problem, for you who still under 25th don’t worry ! you can use this series to prevent the aging problem. Keep you facial skin still like when you 17th guys. I give Rate 4.5/5 for this firming cream.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Serum

Net/Netto : 40 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 329.000

Where to buy :Clinelle shopping online website

Step 7 – Mask (Clinelle Whiten Up)

I choose Clinelle whiten up series because I have a problem with uneven skin. So, this time I want to try this mask to help my skin problem. Clinelle whiten up mask is a mask for miraculously lightens your complexion and synergies with powerful ingredients to refine and smoothen skin texture. With RX3 action, this mask has 3 benefits like Repair -Purple Rice Extract for fairer and firmer skin, Refine – Hydrolyzed Black Pearl for better skin cell regeneration, and Reshield -Daisy Flower Extract that prevents skin darkening.

The texture of fluid mask is a little bit sticky, but Thanks God ! this mask has a good smell. So, I can enjoy the smell too while I wait the time. Well, likethe rule of most masks use, after your skin is clean put this mask and wait 10-20 minutes. After that, pull off the mask and massage your facial skin withthe rest of the liquid mask. The one thing that I didn’t like from this mask is the mask sheet. The mask sheet is really big and thick enough, so is hard for me toputting it perfectly.

After I use this mask, I feel my facial skin more moist, bright, and fresh. To get the maximal result, you need to use it twice a week. I give Rate 4/5 to Clinelle white up mask, because I can feel the benefit as well and I didn’t feel sore or itchy. So, this mask is suitable for sensitive skin. I’m so sorry I can’t the perfect rate because of the sheet of this mask is not friendly enough for me and the price isn’t affordable enough.

Clinelle Whiten Up

Net/Netto : 25 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 45.000

Where to buy :Clinelle shopping online website

Final Thought

Yash ! I consider Clinelle as my Holy Grailskin care this month !

So, all of Clinelle products that I got isspecifically for sensitive skin guys. If you interest with Clinelle products and want to try, you can copy my series. But remember, every sensitive skin has a different levels. I can’t guaranteed the product that suitable with me, will going same with you. The thing that you can trust me, I have a high level of sensitiveness.

The good things from Clinelle is they have 6 No’s – No artificial fragrance, no artificial coloring, no comedogenic ingredients, no mineral oil (I’m sensitive on this ingredients btw), no SD-Alcohol and no lanonin. Most of their product is paraben free too, so I can said Clinelle is made from natural ingredient, even tho most of their product has a strange smell. Some product I smell like lychee fruit (but not that good) and some product I smell like citrus. But, it’s not a big problem to me, as long as this skin care can get me a good benefit.

6 from 7 product that I already tried and review today is suitable with my sensitive skin and I can feel the good benefit of those products. So, I HIGHLT RECOMMEND those products for you guys. For you, who always ask me where I can get those Clinelle product, you can visit directly to Guardian Galaxy mall or buy on their online shopping site.

Well, that’s all !

I hope you enjoy it, even tho my post is really really long. I hope you can take it as useful information.

Thank you to Clinelle for having me on your event and sending me those Holy Grail skin care to my house.

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me onIG : : @tephtephie

Thank you for reading,


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