Having Healthy and Fun Sport at GO BOUNCE !

Having Healthy and Fun Sport at GO BOUNCE !

The bigger and extreme Trampoline Park is NOW OPEN !

What is it? Where is it? Open for public now? How much?

Slowly, Slowly.. I will explain to you all about this park one by one.

Yesterday, I had so so so much fun ! I felt so honorable can attending on Grand Opening of Go Bounce Surabaya.

Go Bounce extreme trampoline park which is very famous in UK (United Kingdom), now open in West Surabaya.. Where is it? Uhm.. this park located in Plaza Graha Family (in front of Hokky Supermarket), it isn’t hard to find this place because you can see the big blue house near the supermarket.

Start from today, Go bounce open for public peeps and the operational hours is 10 AM – 10 PM everyday !

How the trampoline park looks like?

This trampoline park is big enough, inside the park you can found ninja warrior challenge, kids area, wall climbing, and many more. Are you curious? come and bring your friends too.

How? are you interested?

Facilities which you’ll get is locker, free wifi, music, sock, cafe inside the park (2nd floor) and many more.. Fyi, you must try the pasta menu in cafetaria, I heard the chef is from one of famous restaurant in Surabaya *nyum nyum*

Before you play and having fun with your friend, you can pay and do registration first in reception. Like in Go Bounce UK, you must sign a waiver first before entering the jump and parents must sign a waiver for their kids. Start from today until May 12, 2017 you can get special promo PAY 1 JUMP 2 or pay for 1 hour jump and you get 2 hour jump.

If you aplly a membership, you will automatically get 25% discount for entering.

Okay, I think my explanation is enough. Back to the event…

Before you register, you can take a photo in their photo booth.

See.. we’re wearing safety sock from Go Bounce ! *so cute* Fyi, Go Bounce is very concern with safety, so please read the safety rules before you play.

Next, the agenda is speaking and opening ceremony by the owners Mr Anugrah and Mr Andry.

With the host Abi Bayu and Lia Ristiyana, this event can be more hype, full of excitement and full of free voucher.. Look… my friend got 1 free jump voucher….

After opening ceremony, we started to try jump…………………

We get 1 hour play yesterday. Thank you for the chance….

After playing, we take a rest and try the special snack at snack bar in 2nd floor.

Nyum…. so delicious… and the snack here is always full… Hahaha XD

And in the last….

This Grand opening is wrapping with DJ PARTY ! Yey !

And all of guest can be free dance, play, jump, sing, and etc in trampoline park.

I had so so so much fun guys ! This is the real party I guess. I can jump, play, dance and laugh together with my friends. This event so awesome, with best host, best agenda, best lighting, best DJ, the event organizer crew is very friendly and warm greeting from the owners.

Thank you ko @Try_cen (Connect Works Creative Project), ce @Angeliasamodro, Mr Anugrah and Mr Andry for inviting me. Thank you @Clarestatok, @Windyclara18 and @Christadiputra for the fun yesterday. I hope Go Bounce Surabaya more successful and bring the happiness in every guest who comes there.

So, guys… you must try this ! I assure you’ll get so much fun and healthy activity too.

This is the promo from Go Bounce Surabaya.

The price and safety rules…..

And last word from me, Enjoy your time in there peeps.. hope you have sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or Ask.fm @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,


If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…

Loop 2nd Floor (In front Hokky Supermarket)

Komplek Plaza Graha Family, Jl. Mayjend Yono Suwoyo, Surabaya



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