Get Ready with ZIA Skin Care

Get Ready with ZIA Skin Care

WeyHo guys !

In the middle of hectic days, I want to share something special with my pretty babies

A while ago, I got special beauty package from ZIA Skin Care on 2nd Surabaya Beauty Blogger Soiree. So, what I get from ZIA Skin care? Yash, I got 2 soft matte lipstick and 1 snow cream moisturizer.

I know, most of you must be unfamiliar with this brand, because ZIA skin care is classified as a brand new. Let me tell you about this brand first before we talking too much about the quality of their products. ZIA skin care is the one of local brand in Indonesia that appeared with skin care product for the first time. Lately, ZIA skin carewidening their wings by producing beauty products such as moisturizer, lipstick, and BB Cushion. Don’t worry about the safety and quality guys, ZIA skin care is already registered on BPOM and have HALAL certificate.

So, today I wanna give you the honest review about ZIA skin care product that I got before. Let we start guys !


ZIA Skin Care Products ☆

ZIA Snow Cream

This is the new product from ZIA skin care that will giving you an instant whitening effect in every appliance. The first time I got this item, I was quite confuse about the functionality of this product. In front of the packaging, I didn’t find any information about this product and on behind of this package I just found out the instruction for use. After I’m browsing in the internet and watch some of youtube video, now I know if ZIA snow cream is super special product !


Zia snow cream was made using the finest and natural ingredients like Bear Berry extract and Licorice extract that will give you a long-term brightening effect for your facial skin. This product is also equipped with anti-oxidant properties that will eliminate your dull skin, hydrate and moisture your skin. Previously, I said if ZIA snow cream is special product right? Yesh ! because you can use ZIA snow cream as primer base make up, CC cream, moisturizer and body lotion. Wow ! ZIA snow cream will keep your skin always stunning from head to toe guys.

ZIA Snow Cream ★

Product Info

ZIA Snow Cream

Net/Netto : 60 g

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 78.300

Where to buy : ZIA SHOP

This cream will give you the real “snow” effect even in the first application. So, when you apply this cream on your face, you will feel the mint or cold sensation. Some of my friends is really like with this sensation and said this cream made their facial skin is more white instantly, fresh and glowing. But sadly, the“snow”sensation is doesn’t give the good effect for my facial skin. When I apply this cream on my face, I felt the cold mix with burning sensation. I did not said if this cream is not good, but this cream is not suitable with my facial skin type maybe. I can said like that because most of my friends said this cream give them a lot of good effects.

The texture of ZIA snow cream is like a foam or such as a gel with a lot of water content. So, this cream will not leave a sticky feeling in your skin. Overall, this cream is RECOMMENDED ENOUGH! As a new brand, ZIA skin care is successfully make 3 in 1 cream with good quality and result. Since last week, I used this cream as my body lotion and the result is really good. My skin more moisture than before and not trigger my allergies show up.


There’s no something special in ZIA snow cream package. White tube and grey decoration made this cream look so ordinary. Small tube made this cream light so you can bring and put this item everywhere.

ZIA Soft Matte Lipstick

The little cute soft pink looks made this lipstick more attractive for me. ZIA skin care is never fail to attract my attention in decoration make up package like this lipstick and the BB Cream. But, I’m so sorry I can’t review the BB Cream, maybe next time I will buy it and make the review for you. Fyi, I’m not the matte lipstick lover, because I find the hard time when applying. My dry lips make the matte lipstick finish looks super dry and cracking sometime. So, I prefer the matte lip cream with medium to high moisturizer as the main choice as well.


Zia soft matte lipstick has a soft and creamy texture slightly sheen matte finish. The vitamin E that contained in this matte lipstick help you to keep your lips skin still healthy and moist. Other than that, the vitamin E will help you to boost the regeneration process, nourishes your skin cell so your lips will look fuller and smoother. So, today I want to review 2 color of ZIA soft matte lipstick in number #02 and #03. Here we go…..

Product Info

ZIA Soft Matte Lipstick

Net/Netto : 4 g

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 47.700

Where to buy :ZIA SHOP

First time I look this product, I think the texture of this lipstick is very very dry and I guess this matte lipstick will not suitable in me. Okay, the first impression are not always true. After I swatch this matte lipstick for the first time in my hand, the moisture of this lipstick look so stunning. Don’t worry for you who have dry lips, you still can try this lipstick comfortably. Fyi, ZIA soft matte lipstick are available in 8 colors with 3 primary base colors Red, Orange and Pink for their soft matte. Sadly, ZIA doesn’t have a specific name for each their soft matte color, so you can only call their color with the number. It’s doesn’t a big deal right? But sometimes we are easier to remember the lipstick shade with special name.

If you curious with the result of this soft matte lipstick, here we go….

ZIA Soft Matte Lipstick in #02

The soft pink color of ZIA soft matte lipstick in number #02, make this lipstick is suitable for daily use. I suggest to use this color not on one full lips, you just tapping a little bit on your lips for the flushed pink lips finish.

ZIA Soft Matte Lipstick #02
The swatch result

The result of this soft matte is not totally matte, you can still see the moisture contain is quite good in this soft matte. That’s why I said if this soft matte is suitable for all lips type. I think, this shade is not totally match with my skin type, so when I use this lipstick in a full lips my face look a little bit pale. This is the reason why I never buy the soft pink lipstick color.

Full lips swatch

ZIA Soft Matte Lipstick in #03

ZIA soft matte lipstick in number #03 comes up with fresh orange color. Honestly, I’m not an orange lover, so I’m not sure if this color will suit with me. The orange color of this soft matte is really fresh, if you an orange color lover, I bet you’ll fall in love with it. Same as with the soft pink color, this orange color is suitable for daily use. The soft color makes this lipstick is suitable for teenager and you can be worn this into the school without being noticeable.You should still look fresh everyday, right?

ZIA Soft Matte Lipstick #03
The swatch result

Special for orange color, you can use it in a full lips or just tapping in the inner lips. This is the first time I tried to use orange color lipstick and the result was so good. My face look more brighter and fresh, Really ! Do you wanna try?

Inner lips swatch
Full lips swatch

Overall, I prefer ZIA soft matte lipstick in number #03 rather than #02, because the color is more suitable with my skin type and makes my face looks brighter than before. More over, the orange lipstick make my super simple make up look pretty good than the pink color. So, what do you think? Do you agree with me?

Some critics that I can share with you is ZIA soft matte lipstick easily broken, so please use this lipstick carefully. Some of their lipstick look have some white spot, I know this is normal and not dangerous at all, but please fix this as soon as possible. Okay guys, I can said this ZIA soft matte lipstick is RECOMMENDED ENOUGH, you can buy this lipstick in their website with affordable price of course.

Yash, that’s all guys. I hope you enjoy it !

I want to say thank you to ZIA Skin Care and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for the amazing goodie bag. Thanks, to let me try those pretty babies, See you in the next featuring

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or : @tephtephie

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