Get ready with Savvy Mineral by Young Living

Get ready with Savvy Mineral by Young Living

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Lately, Young Living name is very famous in mothers lives and maybe influencer life too? Because, I saw any influencers are promoting this brand in their Instagram account. In fact, I never know about this brand before I came to their event. Young Living is a brand from Singapore which concern with health. Their product is made from 100% natural ingredients and manufactured in USA.

Well, Young Living is very famous with their 11 (eleven) multifunction essential oil. Honestly, first time I know about this essential oil, I think it just a aroma therapy oil. But, I’m wrong ! Their essential oil has a lot of type and function which can help you to reduce any problem like cough, stress, wound, and many more (depends on the varian). I can’t told you about their essential oil in details, so as a solution you can directly read about their essential oil on young living website.

The other thing that I never know before, actually Young Living has a cosmetic products. They name it Savvy Mineral by Young Living. Like their essential oil, young living create a out of the box cosmetic products. So, I will give you the reviews of two Savvy Mineral products.

Savvy Mineral Lipstick and Eyeshadow Colour

Young living proudly present the Savvy mineral to you beauty enthusiast, who want to get a worry free cosmetic products. Why is that? Because Savvy Mineral is made from mineral contain which is toxin, paraben and preservative free. They claim it will be suitable for sensitive skin, but for me as a person who have mineral allergic it will triggering a breakout. Praise to God ! I got two of decoration make up, so I didn’t need to worry right?

The thing that make it unique is… any of their products are powder. They create a foundation and eyeshadow in powder form. It’s really out of the box and make me speechless. How come a powder foundation can give a good covering and flawless finish. The answer is – if you use powder foundation after use their serum, the powder will stick perfectly on your skin. But, for me it will be look perfect if you have a flawless facial skin (no acnes, breakout, redness, etc). I suggest, the powder foundation will be perfect if you use it as a setting powder, because the smoothen effect will give you a flawless make up finish.

Savvy Mineral Eyeshadow Colour

A powder eyeshadow color which contain with a lot of natural mineral ingredients and contains a lot of benefit. Savvy mineral eyeshadow color offers rich shades with high payoff and build-able color, easy to blend, long lasting and all day wear, enhances natural beauty, ideal for sensitive skin, made from 100% mineral ingredients, and formulated without talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances.Moreover, all savvy mineral product is not not tested on animal and vegan friendly.

Eyeshadow mineral that I got is #405 (without name on the box). Omg ! It’s hard for me to explain to you about the name of this eyeshadow color and this information doesn’t match at all with their info in Savvy mineral website. So sad 🙁

Eyeshadow Color #405

Well, I’m already try this eyeshadow and not that bad. This eyeshadow is pigmented, the shimmer is pretty good, the powder is soft, easy to apply, easy to blend, easy to stick on eyelid, and last up to 3hrs+++. Since, this eyeshadow comes with powder form, so the biggest problem is fall out and easy to faded if you have a oily eyelids. So, you need to applied eyeshadow base dan tap tap (tapping the brush) before you applied it.

Actually, this eyeshadow is so good, perfect match between a good pigmentation and shimmer. But, eyeshadow with the powder form makes me uninterested, beside it will be wasteful, easy to fall out and the price is really expensive. I’m so sorry if I’m too honest !

Pigmentation test

Look at that ! the shimmer looks so good. But, I’m so sorry I can’t choose the color and blend perfectly. So, the color that comes up just brown. I must to learn about mixing and blending harder. Overall, I rate this eyeshadow color 3.5/5. I like this eyeshadow finish, look so glittery, but powder form is not the right choice for such a great composition like this.

Another, strong criticism – to young living or savvy mineral team please give the clear information on the box or packaging. I really confused when I read on their blog and I found those eyeshadow has a pretty name with special code. But, it can’t be found on the box or packaging. I don’t know the right name for this eyeshadow (#405), I think it should be Envy with code #22857. Look at the photo above, this eyeshadow has a code #22270 and this code is can’t be found in their website. Actually, I already check it on young living international website, because Indonesian website is really raw. You can’t get a good and complete information there.

Savvy Mineral Eyeshadow Color #405

Net/Netto : 0,8 g

Brand Origin : Singapore

Price : 280.000 – 300.000

Where to buy : Young living Indonesian agent


Seriously, I can’t stop to give a strong criticism to young living. The price is really expensive for 0,8 g eyeshadow, but the packaging is like a cheap cosmetic products. The box super ordinary and doesn’t look eye catching and the packaging is very far from elegant. Okay, I know you sell a quality of product not a packaging, but I bet some of your customers will thought that they are wasting a money. A lot of local brand from Indonesia can create a good product with awesome packaging, why young living can’t do that? If you speak about the cost, I know young living always use the best ingredients with super high cost (like a young living agent said), but at least create your packaging more eye catching and elegant.

Look at that ! the four big hole on the inside, force us to keep it very very safety and don’t ever to flip it. Because the filling will comes out and accumulate in the upper cavity. So, when you open it, the powder will flying away and say goodbye to you. Like a flying money in the phone emoji. Other than that, the powder eyeshadow like that, it’s really hard to measure the powder out. I’m sorry young living, but you must to upgrading your packaging to match your price. Moreover, it’s just a make up decoration, is not like your essential oil which has a lot of benefit for our healthy.

Savvy Mineral Lipstick Color

A lipstick color that formulated to bring out every woman woman’s unique and natural beauty. Again, savvy mineral lipstick color made from 100% natural ingredients, no paraben and another harmful ingredients. Savvy mineral claim, if their lipstick color will give you a natural-looking shades to enhance lip color, medium coverage, adds shine and color, glides on smoothly, creamy texture, moisturizes lips and improves the appearance of lip fullness. Well, different with the another savvy mineral product, this lipstick color doesn’t contain any mineral ingredients. Savvy mineral lipstick color made from a castor seed oil, sweet almond, and candelilla.

Savvy Mineral Lipstick Color #605

First time I look at this lipstick color, I really impress with the metallic effect. That’s why I think this lipstick it would be great when I wear it. But, the color is not pigmented at all. Even tho, the color is look like a dark pink, but after I applied the color doesn’t came out at all. I need to swatch it 3-4 times, what ? Yap, the result 100% same with their claim –natural looking shades, for me it’s just look like a lipgloss but not too glossy. Texture of this lipstick color is creamy enough, good moisturizer, shinny and smooth finish with metallic effect, natural look and last up to 3hrs++ (depends on what you eat).

The things that makes me disappointed about this lipstick color is pigmentation. Since, I need to swatch it 3-4 times, so this lipstick is not pigmented at all. I need to use a base color (the strong one) and I coating with this lipstick color to get the metallic effect. In other side, this lipstick still unique and give the different effect, but I can’t used it in easy way.

Swatch result

The metallic effect is pretty good

Again, I rate it 3.5/5 – I din’t find any things that make this lipstick special, except the metallic effect. If I applied it without base lipstick in strong color, my face look so pale and look like a sick people. So, I can’t used it as a everyday lipstick choices. The same mistake that made by young living is incompatibility information on their official website and the box. I think mine isOn a Whim with code #21293D, but in the box I just get information about 2 codes #605 and #22291.

A big brand like young living shouldn’t have made a mistake like this. A new customer of savvy mineral will be confused if they can found any clear information in the box. Another problem will comes up, when some people ask me “what’s the number?” “what’s the color name?” and I can’t give the valid information instead of I will refer them to the young living agent in Surabaya, right?

Savvy Mineral Lipstick color#605

Net/Netto : 4,8 g

Brand Origin : Singapore

Price :346.000

Where to buy : Young living Indonesian agent


Nothing different with the eyeshadow color, this lipstick color packaging not eye-catching at all. Still like a cheap cosmetic product with the cheap material anddoesn’t indicate that this is made in USA. I won’t to talk a lot about lipstick packaging, overall there’s no different to my previous comment. The one thing that I like about the look is just a lipstick color. Look more elegant than the packaging. Seriously, I hope young living re-packaging their product start from the box ’till the packaging too.

Final Thought

Overall, I give savvy mineral products with rate 3.5/5, based on their product and packaging. Honestly, savvy mineral product is not that bad, but the out of the box idea made some of lack. For me, the eyeshadow color is pretty good than the lipstick color. It would be nice and awesome if they made it in compact form and the packaging look simple but elegant. I believe beauty enthusiast want a best product with simple elegant look and young living is already create good quality product. But, young living can’t make their product more worth it than a local brand with cheaper price.

I don’t know, I must to recommend their product for you or not. I give it back to you, if you are interested feel free to try and buy. If you not interested at all it’s okay, I know the price is really expensive and doesn’t match with the thing that you get. I think all savvy mineral product is suitable for advance not a beginner, even tho some of their products is multifunction, but not all people understand how to used it well.

Okay, I didn’t mean to give a bad comment or a rant speech, but I hope you living can take it as a constructive criticism. So, in the future young living or savvy mineral team can be better and a create more affordable and eye-catching products.

I think my review is enough, if you want to get more information about young living products (their essential oil or savvy mineral). You can directly contact to their again in Indonesia, I will give you the information about it bellow. If you want to get the complete information about savvy mineral, you can directly to young living official website. There’s a lot of information about their essential oil, savvy mineral, their production ’till the ingredients too.

Thank you to Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Young Living for inviting me to your mini event and give me a chance to tried some of your beauty collection.

Young Living Indonesian Agent :

Yuki: +62877-7180-8009

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoy and take it as useful.

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

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