First Time to Try ! Eyelashes extension

First Time to Try ! Eyelashes extension

Hey ho peeps,

This is my very very first sharing about beauty,

I don’t have much experience to review everything about beauty, but I will try. Here we go…

2 days ago.. for the first time I dare to my self to try eyelashes extension. Believe me, I’m not the real woman, I hate to stay in Salon for a long time.

Icy eyelashes or @icy_eyelashes (on IG), offering me to try eyelashes extension and I immediately agree.

Do eyelashes extension need time 2,5 – 3 hours straight and you must close your eyes during work. I think, 2,5-3hrs is a short time but… in the real… it’s so long long long time.

see.. see…

The owner is very very patient and careful during 2.5-3hrs to embed one by one fake eyelashes to my original eyelashes.

Before gluing the fake extension, the owner cleaning the eyes area from any make up and sticking eye plaster under your eyes.

At first, maybe you’ll feel sore in your eyes. This is the effect from glue which is smeared near the lash area. It’s okay, this is normal.

Fyi, the owner is very humble and friendly, she always ask about what you feels during the work to make sure you’re fine, and believe me, during the work you’ll never feels pain in your eyes.

And after 2.5 hours, the owner peel off the plaster and told you to open your eyes carefully and….. my eyes are sore.. the tears flowing profusely. I also feels some lashes still stick together. Omg…

But, don’t worry.. the owner will help you to fix it and…. TARAA…

I just finished the eyelashes extension after 2.5 hours baby….

Fyi, for 1x24hrs avoid the eyes from water or any moisturizer or cleansing that contain oil. Let the lashes stick perfectly. Don’t rub your eyes, pay attention with the sleep position which might damage your eyelashes.

This eyelashes extension will last for 3-4 weeks, depends on your treatment.

For this time I choose natural eyelashes extension. If you need the lashes longer, thicker and tapering, please ask the owner.. I suggest to ask to the owner first about your need, allergy, safety, comfort, and many more before you do the extension.

My eyes, look wide than before and I don’t need to touch up my eyes area again with any eyeliner or mascara.

Peeps, I want to give you some suggestion before you doing the lashes extension :

First, please make sure you don’t have any allergy with glue or something.

Second, please tell the owner to stick the lashes NOT in the eyelid but pile up on your original lashes.

Third, please make sure your choose the right and professional salon.

Fourth, after you doing the eyelashes extension and you feel the pain (not sore) near the eyes area PLEASE REMOVE IMMEDIATELY ! and use eye medicine that contains the antibiotic. If you just feels the sore, you can use the clear eyedrops.

Please make sure your eyes are safety !

Okay peeps,

If you want to try the eyelashes extension in the same place with me you can contact the owner on IG @Icy_eyelashes.

They have a home service for free and other special promo too.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time in there peeps.. hope you have sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,



If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…


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