[EVENT REPORT] – Re-Launching Event with Natur at Surabaya

[EVENT REPORT] – Re-Launching Event with Natur at Surabaya

Again, I feel honorable because I got special invitation from Natur Hair Care and Surabaya Beauty Blogger. Honestly, some month ago I have a collaboration with Natur hair care too. I got one package of their new aloe vera series and I love their new hair tonic. So, when I came to this event,I just realize that this product was just launch today. Omg ! Maybe I’m the one of person which tried their hair tonic first.

In fact, this event held in some city like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and many more. I already know about the activity that will be do that day. “Back to nature” that’s the slogan of Natur hair care. That’s why, in this event Natur invite us to join in TERRARIUM WORKSHOP.

Honestly, there’s nothing special agenda, that I can share with you all. So, the event was opened by MC and brand representativeexplain the history of this product. We’re just chit chat about the experience use Natur product before, sharing about the brand knowledge and many more. Then, the brand representative open the drape, as a symbol Natur Aloe Vera Hair tonic is officially launch ! Well, before I talk a lot about the event. I want to introduce you to Natur Aloe Vera Hair Tonic :


Aloe vera was famous with the formula to make our hair thick, strong, healthy and growing our baby hair. This product is suitable for you who have problems with hair fall or thin hair. I can guarantee, this hair tonic is safety for your head skin, because Natur hair care no added any alcohol inside it. Natur 100% use natural ingredients and create a hair tonicwhich has a fresh aroma. I know, some of you will that it smell like a herbal medicine, like the previous product. But, no guys, Natur hair care is grow up and create their product more friendly with us without leaving the quality of products.

Natur Aloe Vera Hair Tonic

Natur Aloe Vera Hair Tonic

Net/Netto : 90ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 32.000

Where to buy :Supermarket or any e-commerce

How to use

I usually use this hair tonic after washing my hair. Yap ! I don’t use this hair tonic twice a day (just not my habit). So, after I wash my hair, I spray this hair tonic and wait until dry. Please spray the hair tonicto the ends of the hair, sothat it can be absorb perfectly. Don’t forget to give a massage guys. Theliquid will not cause a feeling of stickiness, pain or itching on the scalp. So, don’t worry guys, your scalpwill not be oily.


In fact, natur try to follow the trend right now. They create a hair tonic spray packagingas efficient and safety as possible. The spray tip is good enough, not too big or to small. So, the liquid which came out can reach most of our scalp part. The bottle is slim enough, so easy to place or bring it any where and complete with spray tip lock.

Back to the event…

TERRARIUM is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. Yah, the thing like that is famous lately. I’m not into the art things, so this is my very first time to do it. Well, to make a terrarium is not hard, but I think the maintenance will be hard as hell. I always forgot to watering the plants.

Workshop with @thegardenaya

First step, we need to choose the 3 plants of cactus,which will be inserted into the bowl glass. This step is tricky, because we need to choose the best plants, not only beautiful or unique but we need to measuring the size too. Well, because of it, I need to change the plants twice *meh*. Second step, we need to arrange the soil and small stone to look good. Third step, we need to insert the plants. Omg ! 3 plants in one bowl, I think this is the hard part. We need to arrange the soilso that the roots are not visible.

Plants choices
The tools

Curious with my own TERRARIUM? I think my own is not bad at all and my photo was really good. But, I’m not lucky to get the prize. I don’t know, I always unlucky if it come to prize, giveaway or something. That’s why I won’t to join any competition, because I’m always unlucky *LOL*.

Well, my TERRARIUM age just a couple hour maybe, because after that my bowl glasses is drop and broken like my heart #eh. But yes, My heart is broken when I saw my creation is wrecked. I can’t display it at my house and my struggle is become a heart broken. But, it’s okay, at least I know how to make it.

Okay, that’s all about the Nature Re-Launch event. I already use the hair tonic for a couple month (from my last champaign with Natur) and you need to try it too. I RATE 5/5 for their hair tonic. Last, Thank you so much Natur Hair care and Surabaya Beauty Blogger.

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