Event Report : Beauty Capturing with Viva Cosmetic

Event Report : Beauty Capturing with Viva Cosmetic

Hello guys !

Lately, Surabaya is very cold,this weather makes me lazy to move and especially to wake up early. But, last Saturday I have to get up at 6 AM. What the…. I just thought this is a weekend and I have to give up my time to wake up early (I hope this won’t happen again).

Last Saturday, I was invited to attending the most early morning event “Capturing Beauty” by Viva Cosmetic in their factory. As you know, from west Surabaya to Viva Cosmetic factory in Panjang Jiwo is very far away from my house and takes an hour driving to arrive.I really hope the event will be quite interesting and exciting because I have to stay in there until 3 pm. So, let’s we prove it !

Yup, the theme of the day was pastel color, so I decided to choose the soft pink color because my whole collection was a lot of soft pink clothes and the most important thing is that I don’t have much time to pick out any clothes. I just thankful because the whole events that day use pink pastel color, so I don’t need to worry again.

Honestly,when I get the invitation I didn’t really understand what was going to do that day.I just think that I would attend a seminar with a lot of agenda like this….

Look at the invitation ! I must stay 7 hours straight in there with all Surabaya Beauty Blogger members.I just hope the event can be passed with excitement.

That day, I was late to come because some reasons. After fill out the attendance list, I bring the table card and door prize card toward to my seat. The table decoration is very pretty, pink pastel color everywhere and complete with the stationery, paper and mineral water.

Pink pastel color is everywhere ♡
Name and Prize Card ♡

Overall, I really like with the decoration around me, looks very neat and provides all the necessities. Even more, viva cosmetic also provide us with sweet treat for us who haven’t had breakfast time because of the event that held too early. I want to say thank you to preparing this well.

FYI, they always fill up the food that has run out ツ

The first session is Get Closer with Viva Cosmetic was opened by Deni Wibisono as a Marketing Director of Viva Cosmetic. He told us a lot about the journey of viva cosmetic from the past until today. He also told us about the various sophisticated technologies that already used by viva cosmetics now. But, sorry not sorry I was very disturbed and uncomfortable during this session. The recording crews and stuff is blocking all beauty blogger views who’s seat in the middle area. We have struggling to view and taking some pictures. Don’t get us wrong if we become uninterested to listen, although the speaker already trying to bring this session more fun.

Mr. Deni Wibisono as a Marketing Director of Viva Cosmetic ツ

As we know, Viva cosmetic has been very famous since our grandparents still young right? Before any cosmetic products appear like today, Viva has become the first pioneer of cosmetic products that suit with the tropical climate in Indonesia. At the 55th anniversary, Viva cosmetic want to grow more and can serving all of Indonesian women well.

The famous Viva product is Eyebrows pencil, a little orange pencil that bring a miracle to every woman. I think every woman in Indonesia definitely know and already use this eyebrows pencil, including my Mom. Other than that, Viva also providing another beauty product like facial skin care, body care, hair care and make up (eyebrows, lipstick, powder, etc).

Viva Beauty Product ♡

During 55 years of work, Viva has achieve many awards in all aspects. Ms. Anna as a Head of Promotion Division explain to us about the awards that have been earned until now.

Ms Anna as a Head of Promotion Division ツ

The reward that earned repeatedly, make viva cosmetics growing better and better again. They improve the quality of products, adding the new variants of make up products, and always making a new breakthrough in all aspects. As we expected, the little orange eyebrow pencil won many awards even the international award.

The one of reward that Viva Cosmetic earned until today ♡

Next month, viva cosmetic will be launch their new automatic eyebrow guys. So, you don’t have to bother again sharping your little orange eyebrow pencil. If you hard to find the Viva cosmetic product directly, you can buy viva product by online on their website. They will give you a free delivery for everyone who buy above the IDR 100k and they also offering you with any bundling packages. Don’t think too much, check their website now !

The next session is Factory Visit, but I’m really sorry I can’t show you how the process of viva cosmetics production because they said it’s very privacy. Sadly, I just can show you their amazing factory from their slides.

The employee always wearing the complete safety and health equipment ♡
Inside of the Viva Cosmetic factory ♡

Honestly, this is the very first time I visiting in the cosmetic factory and I’am really amaze with everything inside. The factory is very clean, neat, and full of advanced technology. The employee must be wearing the safety and healthy equipment before work. So, no wonder if you see all employee inside the factory looks very neat and clean too.

Viva cosmetic are manufactured through a very tight control process. After one step of producing process, the QC will check the quality of the products. So, all Viva cosmetic products that has arrive in your hand has been through a long quality check process. If you receiving bad quality of their product, don’t hesitate to complain. They are always saving their sample products for 6 years (for one code production) to check the quality if there is a complaint about product malfunction.

The battle make up ♡

Before we move to the beauty class, five pairs of beauty blogger do the make up battle.They must choose 3 viva products and do the special make up to their partners in 15 minutes. This game is really fun, and more fun than 2 session before I guess. After 15 minutes, they should give a theme to each make up looks that they have done.Congratulation to the winners ! Thank you to made this session a little bit more fun than before.

Viva crews pick 3 of 5 the creative make up team as the winners ♡

The third session of this event is Beauty Class. Sadly, I can’t be joining because my facial skin still purging after I changing the night cream product. For this session I can give applause to the viva crews because they have prepared the equipments for the beauty class completely even before we go back to the auditorium.

On my table that day full of beauty class kit like one set make up palette, one set make up kit, brush kit, cape and some products sample.I think that viva cosmetic really provides all our beauty class equipment properly. They alsoarranging all the equipment neatly on the table.

Beauty Class Kit ♡

Before we start the beauty class, the speaker invites us to recognize the various skin types and problems that often occur.So, we can choose the right facial skin care that suitable with our skin type. After that, the speaker ask us to remove our make up and do the facial skin cleansing step properly. Viva cosmetic crews advise us to clean our make up with toner as the first step, milk cleanser as the second step and use the clean mask as the last step. Don’t forget to give our facial skin a massage in every steps.They said this face cleansing step can’t be missed, so what do you think?

The clean facial skin will help the make up to stick perfectly on your face guys. Other than that, the clean facial skin willkeeps us from the accumulated of dirt that causes acne. If you have dry facial skin type, don’t forget to use the moisturizer and serum before you put the make up on your face.

While I waiting this session, sometimes I try some viva cosmetic product that available on my table. I really interest with the eyeshadow palette, so I try to swatch some colors on my hand and my eyes too. This eyeshadow is not so pigmented, so you need to swatch 3-4 times for the bright color like silver or another nude color. But, I was not so disappointed when the crew let me try Viva Shimmering Loose Powder.

Viva Shimmering loose powder ♡

I’m really like this loose powder, the shimmer is really amazing !♡ I’m so sorry if the swatch picture can’t show the shimmer clearly, but I’m guarantee this loose powder is really good. The shade is suitable for any skin tone, super light, and suitable for any night party events. I recommended this loose powder for you guys

Although, I’m not joining in the beauty class I’m still trying all viva products and touch up my make up. But, I really feel disturbed when someone came into my seat and rebukes me with a face that is not friendly at all because I did not join the beauty class. I try to explain to her the reason slowly, but she still look mad at me. Seriously, my mood turning down because I’m inviting here not to join a beauty class. Sadly, the well-organized event means nothing when you doesn’t have a manner to understanding your invited guest. Sorry not sorry, I hope the Viva cosmetic crews accept my criticism.

@Mochtret from Studio Adventure ♡

After the beauty class session, we have a lunch time and attend the last session with @moctret. This is the important part of this event that I’ve been waiting from the beginning. Moch. Rizky as a founder of Studio Adventure Surabaya, sharing a lot of tips photography with us. As a beauty blogger, taking some beauty picture is our expertise, but we don’t really know how to take a amazing selfie picture.

That day, Moch. Rizky pick 3 beauty blogger to try take a good selfie picture. Some tips that I really remember is our shoulders should be upright, pick our good angle,choose the part of your face that you want to highlight, and you’re ready to take a selfie. If you have a ring light it will be even better.

I really enjoy this session because I got so much tips about photography. Moch. Rizky also sharing to us about how to take amazing cosmetic product picture using the things around us. If you doesn’t have any good surface, you can print the marble texture or you can using any colors paper as the surface. Don’t worry about the camera, with your phone camera you can also take a amazing picture. Photography is not about the expensive stuff, but about your creativity.

Sharing about Beauty Blogger 101 ♡

Being a beauty blogger means you definitely know about how to be a good beauty blogger. Ten tips to be a good beauty blogger from Moch. Rizky is informative, especially in the photography part. But, the things that I remember until today is “be your self”. Don’t worry if another beauty blogger has a different way of writing, you have to show your real characteristic.

The event runs over 7 hours that means we must to go back late. Seriously, I really tired that day and this is the very first time i’m joining an event with the longest duration of time. After the prize and best make up announcement, the event is completely finished (Thanks God !). I want to say thank you to Viva Cosmetic and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for having me. See you on the next event

Thank you for the goodie bag too Viva cosmetic ! I will give the product review on the next post guys. So, Stay tune

Viva Cosmetic Goodie Bag ♡

So, it was the complete story of the event. And last word from me, Have a great day guys..

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me onIG : @tephietephorAsk.fm : @tephtephie.

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