Enjoy Staycation at Premier Place Hotels Juanda

Enjoy Staycation at Premier Place Hotels Juanda

Holla, guys ! Long time no write about traveling since a long time ago. Well, I think I should write content about traveling more often. So, I can show your a lot of beautiful things in Indonesia or some place in this world. Gimme some spirits, to push myself to the limit !

Okay, last weekend I have a chance to staycation in one of beautiful hotels near with T2 Juanda International Airport. Actually, this hotel located in Sidoarjo, just 30 minutes from West Surabaya by highway and 5 minutes from T2 Juanda. I think this hotel is very strategic for you, who have an early morning flight or transit. Yap ! Premier Place hotel Juanda, give me a staycation in their hotel on the last weekend and this hotel meet my standard. Let me tell you about it !

There’s no long queue in lobby hotel, check in process is really quick, I just give the staff my ID card and then I they give me an agreement paper. Seriously, I just waited for 5-7 minutes and then get a key room. I really amazed with their receptionist staff, they’re fluent in english since a lot of foreigner stay in this hotel. So, if you a foreigner and looking for a hotel near Surabaya airport, you didn’t need to worry.

Well, talk about the service, premier place hotel has a shuttle from hotel to T1 or T2 Juanda International Airport. Shuttle operation hours start from 6 AM to 8 PM. Other than that, premier place hotel has a shuttle from hotel to City of Tomorrow Mall. Easy right? Next, I want to told you about this hotel one by one.


As a 3 star hotel, their lobby is really really big and super awesome. First time I arrived in this hotel, I asked to myself “This is a 3 star hotel? are you sure? It’s look like a 4 star hotel”. In fact, this is a real 3 star hotel with premium quality. Honestly, I never stay in 3 star hotel with the great design like this. A lot of 3 star hotel out there, has a small lobby, lack of good service, staff is not friendly, and there’s no special facility inside. But, this hotel break down my stigma about 3 star hotel. Here’s the lobby :

Super big and comfy
They provide a free computer and mini bar to wait

So comfy ! Look at the design and furniture minimalist but elegant. In premier place hotel, they provide you a public computer too. Beside of it, they also provide you with welcome drink and some of local snack or I can said it “Jajan pasar”? You can enjoy it around 12PM or after breakfast time is end. Ohya, walk a little from lobby, you can enjoy the local food in their cafe. Well, you can choose to enjoy your meal inside the hotel or around the pool area.


I got room in second floor, it’s mean in the same floor with the lobby. You just walk one minute from the lobby to get your room. Actually, premier place hotel has some room with direct pool access, but the room is limited. You should to make a reservation first or the a note first when you booked this hotel and don’t forget, pool access just for deluxe room.

Thanks to premier place hotel team, which give me a deluxe room with pool access, that time. I’m very very excited ! because I like a hotel which have a pool access. Actually, this is the 3rd time I stayed in a room with direct pool access.

One king size bed

Office Desk
Pool access room view

The room that I get is quite big,there’s a bigger space beside the bed. So, we can eating together or invite our friends to come and play together in there. I love it ! Well, near the window, there’s a long sofa that we can used to enjoy the television show, read some book, or do some homework by looking at the pool view. Yap, in the morning and afternoon until 7 PM, there’s some people swimming in front of our room. Sometimes I feel annoyed because this room not soundproof. So, I canclearly heardthe noise from the outside and the next room. Maybe, this is the thing that makes me unable to give a perfect score to premier place hotel. I know, nothing is perfect in his world, so this hotel too.

The facility inside the room is very complete. There’s a long sofa, office desk,refrigerator that working well, hair dryer, free mini bar, safe deposit box, 2 extra pillow, bath amenities, coffee and tea maker, and many more. I think, in other 3 star hotel will not provide a complete facility like this. That’s why, I never expect too much about 3 star hotel facility, even to 4 star hotel too (especially Indonesia 3 star hotel). I give four thumbs up to premier place hotel ! They really spoil their guest well.

The shower aquarium

The bath amenities

The bathroom is not big, but not too tight too. It’s enough for me.But, I think with the spacious room like that, they can make the bathroom more bigger. They provide us with a complete amenities like shower cap, hair comb, tooth paste, etc. It’s complete enough for me. Well, the important thing about a bathroom is CLEAN ! I can give a bad review to a hotel, if they can’t keep their bathroom extra clean. Premier place hotel can keep the bath room cleanwithout any odor. I like it ! The exhaust working well and they choose the right design for the shower room.

Actually, my shower room in my house same like this, my dad put the door on the shower room, so the water doesn’t come out. I really hate the hotel which’s have a shower room without the door. So, I need to mop the floor first before I going out. Hey dude, I want to have a great moment there not being a maid. Omg ! Even tho, I can call the room service to clean it, but I feel uncomfortable if I seeking help for it.

A view in front of your room
The view while night is come

Honestly, I want to swimming that time, but I forgot to bring my swimsuit. So, I sit by the pool and read my book, meanwhile I also counting on “how many plane are landing”. Yes, because of premier place hotel is near from T2 juanda, the view that we got is like that. But, I like it guys, I feel like in Bali. The air is so fresh, the wind is well, and the pool view is great. That’s why my dad is like to sit in the outside of room (this is something that rarely happens).


I’m the type of person who’s come to the restaurant late. I was come at 9.30 AM and I’m shocked, because the food is still full. Omg !this is a rare thing except in 5 star hotels. I can look at the every corner, the foods is still full, the corner is clean, and the eating stuffs is complete. This view makes me speechless in the morning. Again, I never expect about it and once again they prove, good service is number one. Well, before I eat, I take a look in every bar and choose the menu that suitable with my taste.

The foods that provide in this restaurant is balance, half western food and the rest is local food like “nasi campur” or “gado gado”. That’s really good. So, some of foreigner can eat the local food without go out from the hotel. Ohya, they also provide a coffee latte too, Omg ! We can enjoy the coffee latte (not a raw coffee) for free in the morning. If you wake up early, you can enjoy the warm banana fried too.

The foods is too much, I can taste it one by one. So, I just eat the things that I want to eat. Talk about the taste, I can said it SO-SO, same as the other hotel’s food. Nothing special, but it’s “delicious enough”. The things that makes me can enjoyed my breakfast is the restaurant is already quiet, there’s just a few guest, who still eat their breakfast. The restaurant is clean and the tableware always complete. Other than that, the restaurant staffs is very polite, patience and friendly. I can see they help some guest well and explain about the menu that day patience.

Porridge corner
Nasi Campur Corner

Premier place hotel always tried to bring a local foods on the table. They also provide “manisan buah pedas” “pukis pandan” “bubur madura” and many more. I really appreciate the head chef who’s create the menu. I think this is important, remember a lot of foreigner that stay here. Look at the croissant too guys, they made it big enough, while other hotel try to make it as small as possible. The taste is good and, I like the filling too. I guarantee, you will fall in love with their breakfast same like me. Some of my friends who ever stay in this hotel, has the same testimony like me. So, I’m sure, my review is based on reality.

“Manisan Buah Pedas”

Overall, I can rate premier place hotel 8.5/10 and I REALLY RECOMMEND this hotel for you. I know, the place of this hotel is too far from Surabaya. But, if you looking for transit hotel, you can choose premier place hotel. Things that I like from this hotel is the room, the facility, the service, the staffs, the building, the food, and views. I can called it as 3 star premium hotel.

Ohya, some people as me about the room rate. Well, for the deluxe room with pool access like mine is around 700k. You can get special deal in traveloka, tiket.com, or you can choose the best deal that offer by the hotel. They have a lot of best deal guys, from 2 night stay, air asia boarding pass offer, and many more. You can visit their website or instagram for the promotion or best deal. I think, with the service and facility like this, I never regret to pay a room for 700k (it’s really cheap compared with the facility) and I’m sure will come back again next time.

Okay that’s all guys, I hope you like my review about Premier Place Hotel Juanda. I want to say big thank you to Premier Place Hotel for letting me enjoy my weekend with my parents in there. I had a good a family quality time ! See you again next time❥

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