Craving for Hot Sensation at Ayam Gepruk Surabaya

Craving for Hot Sensation at Ayam Gepruk Surabaya

Holla peeps,

Are you chilli lovers? or spicy food hunters?

Today, I want to give you good news about the suppa duppa spicy food. What is it?

Yap yap !

The happening spicy food nowadays.. “Ayam Gepruk” or usually we call it Ayam Geprek. This is a fried chicken which pounded with chilli. In Surabaya, Ayam Geprek become the one of most wanted food. Why? Because, we can request the spicy levels and enjoy a fried chicken in another way.

So, what’s the special things from “Ayam Gepruk”?

Here we go… Ayam Gepruk have 4 special menu’s, the most wanted is original “Ayam Gepruk”, just pay IDR 18k and you can request the spicy levels, got special tamarind vegetable soup (Sayur Asem), 2 pcs tempe, some of vegetable (basil, cabbage, cucumber) and yellow spices or “bumbu kuning”.

What’s the different of Ayam Gepruk with another Ayam Geprek brand?

Okay, Ayam Gepruk cooked with any special and secret spices from the owner before fried and pounded with chilli. So, the chicken more tasteful without seasoned flour. Ayam Gepruk not use garlic to much, so it doesn’t seem to be bitter. I like it. Seriously.

The next favourite menu in there is Babat Usus (beef offal), same with Ayam Gepruk with 20k you’ll got┬áspecial tamarind vegetable soup (Sayur Asem), 2 pcs tempe, some of vegetable (basil, cabbage, cucumber) and yellow spices or “bumbu kuning”. The taste is very delicious (sweet, spicy and savoury mix together). Fyi, the beef off all is very soft, so you’re not difficult to eat and the important thing is you can request spiciness level as much as you want.

Seriously, the owner is very humble, responsive, and always ask the customers about the taste or critics and suggestion. If you like, fried chicken with flour or beef you can order Ayam Tepung or Empal and Please tell the owner or crew about your spiciness level that you want before you pay.

Overall the taste of Ayam Gepruk and Babat Usus is fit with me, I like it so so much.. but I have some critics, please made the order faster than before and the tamarind vegetable soup (Sayur Asem) make it more sour and add more vegetable inside.I hope Ayam Gepruk Suroboyo more better and successful a head, can added more menu with special recipes, more new branch and keep the spiciness !

I want to say big thanks to @Ayamgepruksby (on IG) and @Sbybeautyblogger (on IG) for having me. I had so much fun and a lot of happiness, this is the first time we had chance for BukBer (Buka Bersama).

And last word from me, Enjoy your time in there peeps.. hope you have sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,


If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…

1st place – Ruko Taman Puspa Raya B20-21 (Open hours 9.30 – 17.30 – Accept Delivery Order, Call – 081243079955)

2nd place – Stand Food Court FF 37 City of Tomorrow (Open hours 10.00 – 22.00)


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