Cathy Doll Nude Me Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette

Cathy Doll Nude Me Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette

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Like my promise before, today I want to share with you special stuff from Cathy Doll. Maybe some of you wondering why I review this product separately and detail? Yap, because this is the first time I try Cathy Doll products and I super fall in love with their products !

Cathy Doll is the one of Korea brand cosmetic that happening in Indonesia lately. I can said, this is the middle-high cosmetic product. Why I said like that? Because Cathy Doll products not exactly cheap but WORH IT ! Their price is cheaper than the current USA products, but less expensive when I compared with local brand cosmetic.

I said it one more time, Cathy Doll is not that expensive but WORTH IT. Maybe you need to spend more bucks for one product, but you get more satisfaction. Let’s we prove it !

Cathy Doll Pink Champagne Palette

This is the product that I like the most ! I’ve tried some eyeshadow palettes from any different brands and this is my second choice after the balm (of course!). Comes with 3 variants, Cathy Doll offering us the under 200k eyeshadow palette with good pigmentation.

Cathy Doll Nude Me Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette carried 2 main colors, pink and brown. Honestly, I like the transition one color with another color, I know the color doesn’t look has too much difference but this is what I need the most. Until today, I still learning to make a perfect eyeshadow, withthis color choices, I find it easier to blend the colors.


The one thing that I love the most from this palette, I can apply it without eyeshadow base. I admit if this eyeshadow is very pigmented, flaky less, easy to applied, easy to blend, long-lasting and comes with super soft applicator.Seriously, Cathy Doll sell this palette under 200k is too cheap ! Really ! BecauseI’ve seen one of overseas cosmetics brand (this brand is not famous enough), sell their 5 color eyeshadow palette with price more 250k and(sorry) this palette has a low quality. This the 1st fact why I said Cathy Doll is WORTH IT.

Look at that ! the color choices are very beautiful,strongly describes thepink nude nuances. I love the shimmery Gold and dark brown color, those color is very pigmented and I’m usually applied it for my under eyes. As the saying goes “nobody’s perfect” so this also applied to this eyeshadow palette. Sadly, Cathy Doll comes with 12 pigmented color but they doesn’t give a name one by one to their color. So, I’m pretty hard to explain to you which color that I like and don’t.

Other than that, for you who’s pregnant and must to avoid the paraben contains, you can’t used this eyeshadow palette during the pregnancy. Yap! This eyeshadow palette not paraben free. Don’t be sad, Okay !You still can tried this eyeshadow after delivery.

Product Info

Cathy Doll Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette

Net/Netto : 1 g x 12

Brand Origin : Korea

Price :188.000

Where to buy :Supermarket, Drug Store,Cathy Doll Website

Overall, I really like this eyeshadow palette and super RECOMMEND this heaven stuff for you. I can guaranteed you’ll never be regret and maybe will re-buying or buy another series. InNUDE ME Series, Cathy Doll offering you 3 types eyeshadow palette #Nude, #Smokey, and #Pink (like mine❥). If you ask me “are you going to buy another series?”, and YES ! Maybe I wanna to buy the #smokey.

If you curious with the result, here we go….

Swatch result

To make this look I just need 4 different colors. Let we make a deal before, first row from left to the right is number 1-6 and second row number 2-8, Okay? I’m so sorry if I’m confusing you, I’m forget to editing the number.

I try to apply the eyeshadow without the base and used the default applicator. Seriously, the colors of this eyeshadow very easy to stick in my eyelid and super easy to blend. I love the shimmery too, especially for the light color. So, you can use the light color for inner eyes and highlighter too.

Based Matte Brownnumber 7,1 –light pink number 2;2 –Shimmery Goldnumber 6 ; 3 –shimmery brownnumber 8 ; 4 –shimmery dark brownnumber 11.

Some tips that I can share for you, please always pick one matte color as the based, this is will help you to get the natural finish (the original skin tone will not appear and make the gap). Just tapping twice if you wanna get the natural color (so, your eyes doesn’t look BOLD). Always use the default applicator for maximal result (or use your finger to tapped). The last one, use the fair color (white color) to fill the gap between your eyebrows and eyelids (the last line of your eyeshadow, maybe).


Talk about the package, Pink Champagne eyeshadow palette comes with rose gold as the outer package with super eye catching font and animation. I just need to slide aside to pick the real eyeshadow packaging. I really like the eyeshadow palette kit ! not so long (the length around 15cm) and super light. So, I didn’t need to worry to placing it. The transparent plasticat the front help us to see the real of eyeshadow colors. Oya, please be aware with the palette kit, it’s easily to broken.

So, that’s today guys.

I hope you enjoy it…..

I would like to say thankto Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Cathy Doll for those heaven stuff

Last word from me, Enjoy your time today and Have a great day !

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