Brightening Skin Aid – Clinelle Whiten Up

Brightening Skin Aid – Clinelle Whiten Up

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Lately, I always look up for a skin care that have whitening/brightening effect. Do I have a problem with that? Not really. But, I want to boost up my brightening/whitening skin level. So, that’s why I concern to look some of skin care with a good formulas and sensitive skin friendly.

The good news is, one of my favourite skin care brand finally launch their whitening skin care series. Yap ! CLINELLE finally launch their Whiten up series, yay… I waited this series for a long time (because in Malaysia is already launch) and now I can get this series in Indonesia. Lucky me ! because Clinelle team in Indonesia, let me try the Clinelle Whiten up series earlier.

Clinelle Whiten Up Series

What’s the special things on Clinelle whiten up series compared to another Clinelle series. Well, Clinelle whiten up series is complete withANTI-PHOTO AGINGformulas. What is it? This is a Clinelle secret formulas, which can protect and keep our skin good from the bad effect of electronic devices UV rays. Without us knowing, UV rays from gadget or lamp can damage our skin, like our skin look dull, sign of aging, dry, darker and many more. That’s why, Clinelle help use to prevent or repair our skin from bad effect of electronic devices. Moreover, Clinelle help us to boost our skin whitening/brightening level in this series with special ingredients like purple rice extract, daisy flower extract, great mullein flowers, and vitamin C.

Okay, don’t wait too long, I will explain to you step by step of Clinelle whiten up series.

STEP 1 – Clinelle whiten up brightening cleanser

Cleansing become the important part, before you put any skin care or make up. The cleanest face will help you to reduce any skin problem like acne, dead skin, dull skin, and etc. Honestly, first time I used this cleanser the thing that make me amaze is the formulas. I can’t lie, this cleanser can lift up the waterproof make upwithout any remaining. First try I don’t believe it, until I use it regularly for one week straight and I believe this cleanser is pretty awesome !

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Cleanser

Gel texture of this cleanser is super soft and has a cool sensation (but not like a menthol/mint). To use it, you need to put a little amount of gel and put it in 5 point on your face, nose, cheek left and right, forehead, chin and neck. After that, you just need to rub it until the make up lifting and wash it. TARAAA ! you will look clean, brighter and supple. This cleanser is suitable for all skin type, especially sensitive skin. I’m so grateful because Clinelle is always concern with sensitive skin like me, so they create a skin care with sensitive skin friendly formulas.

About the moisturizer inside it, I can said – this cleanser has a mosturizer but not too much. Your skin will feel moist and hydrating, but not in high levels. If you have dry skin (in several parts) like me, it’s okay to used it. Talk about the benefits, this cleanser has 3 benefits to removing skin dullness, brighter and clarity out skin tone, deep cleansing and soothing. If you want to get the maximal result you can use it twice a day.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Clenaser

Net/Netto : .100 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 99.000 (100ml)

Where to buy :Clinelle Online websiteor Guardian


Nothing special about the packaging, Clinelle has their own characteristic to design a cleanser tube. Clinelle always create an elastic plastic tube for cleanser (so, it doesn’t easily to broken). So far, I like the way Clinellechoosingthe color theme (soft purple), because this cleanser look simple, elegant and cute, even tho the tube is too ordinary.

STEP 2 – Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Toner

The next step aftercleansing our skin is using a toner. Toner is become the second thing that important to preparing our skin and accept another skin care or make up in the best way. Please don’t skip this step, I already approved if toner can make my make up look glowing, long-lasting, and my skin look healthier. Why? because toner will help the another formulas (from skin care or make up) absorbing perfectly into our skin. Trust me.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Toner

To use it, you just spray this toner on your face to neck and tapping until the toner liquid absorbed perfectly. Honestly, the droplets that came out from this tine is big. First you will feel too wet, but it’s okay, after you tapping it and wait around 2-3 minutes, the liquid will dry and your skin feel more moist. Well, in this series Clinelle create their toner in spray tube and it will help us to applied toner easily. They know, if sometimes we’re lazy to flatten toner perfectly.Talk about the smell, Clinelle has their own fragrance for all their skin care products. Yap ! Citrus fragrance become the characteristic of this brand. So, don’t be surprised if you feel fresher after use Clinelle products.

The 4 benefits inside of this toner is helping use to brighten and clarity our skin, soothe and hydrate skin with 6 essential oils, improve the absorption of subsequent product, relief pores and tone skin. I admit if this toner has a high moisturizing. That’s why, after the liquid absorb perfectly, your skin will feel moist, smooth, and supple. As usual, you can use this toner twice a day for maximal result.

This toner is suitable for all skin type (sensitive skin is included). Well, if you have your own toner and won’t to replace it. You can use it as a beauty blender liquid,indirectly you can add more nutrients into your skin. I do that kind of thing for almost 1 year and I can feel my facial skin healthier than 1 year ago, Really !

Clinelle Whiten Up BrighteningToner

Net/Netto : .120 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price :149,000

Where to buy :Clinelle Online websiteorGuardian


I like the color of toner packaging, light purple ! and we can see the liquid from the outside. I know this kind of packaging is ordinary but I still love the color. The size is pretty big if we need to bring it anywhere. So, I suggest to Clinelle, maybe in the future they can adding the small size or traveling size.

STEP 3 – Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Serum

Next step, you need to put a serum before you applying the day cream or sunblock. I know serum is optional for day skin care routine, but if you want to get the maximal result for boost up your whitening/brightening skin levels you need to put it. This serum will help you to prevent and lighten the pigmentation, improve overall dull or uneven skin tone, promote skin radiance and brighten, skin feels filled and lifted. Fyi in Clinelle white up series, this serum become the 1 of 3 HERO PRODUCTS.Yap ! the key to get the maximal result, you need to use this serum regularly (twice a day is good).

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Serum

Texture of this serum is look like a light clear gel, but it will change (like a liquid) as soon as you rub it on you skin. That’s why you just need to pump it once or twice, then flatten the gel all over your face. Moreover, this serum not too sticky, quick to dry dan easily to absorb into our skin. Serum become a hero products because the nano-technology inside it, will help you to speed up the process of absorption and repairing our skin.

Honestly, I can’t use a serum from previous series (Clinelle PureSwiss), I think some of formulas inside the serum can’t be accepted by my skin. But, Thanks God ! my skin can accept the formulas from Clinelle whiten up brightening serum. I didn’t feel any sore, itchy or burning effect on my skin, instead of it my skin feel so moist and supple. So, I can said this serum is suitable for all skin type, included sensitive skin.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Serum

Net/Netto : .20 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 299,000

Where to buy :Clinelle Online websiteor Guardian


Same as another Clinelle serum, they always pack it on a pump tube. As always, the design is simple, eye-catching and elegant. The slim tube and light-weighting, makes us easier to safe it or bring it any where. Moreover, the pump tube is the right choices for a serum packaging, so we can adjust the serum (gel/liquid) that will coming out.


STEP 4 – Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Day Cream SPF 20

Day cream or sunscreen become the next HERO PRODUCTin Clinelle whiten up series. I’m agree with that, sunscreen is our skin barrier. As I told you on my Instagram stories in a lot of time : DON’T SKIP THE SUNBLOCK/SUNSCREEN/DAY CREAM. Sunscreen will protect your skin from bad effect/damage of UV Rays, like dull skin, darker skin, milea, flex, hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin. Event tho, you’re not going anywhere (just stay at home) you need to used sunscreen.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening SPF 20

Clinelle whiten up brightening has a day cream with SPF 20, which will help you to protect skin from sun rays damage, prevent our skin problem like darkening and black spots, brighten and fix uneven skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost skin elasticity, nourish and moisture skin. See? not only keep your skin from bad damage of sun rays, but help to boost your brightening skin level and elasticity. SPF of this day cream just 20, so I suggest this day cream for you who have a lot of activity indoor (office, home, cafe, mall, etc). If you have a lot of activity outdoor (school, athlete work at outdoor place, etc) I suggest you to use day cream/sunscreen with SPF 50.

Texture of this day cream isquite thick, yeah.. just like another sunscreen/day cream. But, the cream is quick to dry and absorb in to our skin. Moreover, this day cream not too sticky and doesn’t make our skin (feel) dry after applying. Well, you need to use this day cream once a day, after you applied a moisturizer or serum. Clinelle whiten up brightening day cream is suitable for all skin type, included sensitive skin.

Clinelle Whiten Up BrighteningDay Cream SPF 20

Net/Netto : .40 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 239.000

Where to buy :Clinelle Online websiteor Guardian


Clinelle whiten up brightening day cream has the same packaging with their small size of daily cleanser. The form is so cute (tiny pack), but I think the fat tube makes this day cream need more space on my beauty box. Slim tube packaging or put it in jar, would be the best way.

STEP 5 – Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Night Cream

This step not the last I’m still have one item again, but I think it’s okay if you just want to follow the 5 steps. Clinelle whiten up brightening become the last PRODUCT HERO in this series. Once again, I told you not to skip any night cream, night serum, or another night skin care. At night your skin is rest and this is the best time to give skin nutrition. Night cream/night serum can work perfectly at night. I guarantee, you can feel the differences directly in the morning. Your skin will look healthy, brighten, moist and supple in the morning.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Night Cream

This night cream will help you to protect skin from photo-aging effects, keep skin transformed to a more vibrant and youthful glow, repair and promote cell renewal through the night, nourish and support skin’s moisture barrier. Texture of this night cream is not sticky at all and super soft. After you rub it on your skin, the cream will change like a liquid, so easy to flatten it and quick to dry.

Use it regularly and you’ll see the differences in one week. I know, you skin not suddenly white or super white, but you’ll see your skin to brighten than before, event tho just 5-10%. This night cream is suitable for all skin type, included sensitive skin like me. Fyi, I used this night cream every night until today. I reallysatisfied with the results.

Clinelle Whiten Up BrighteningNight Cream

Net/Netto : .40 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 269.000

Where to buy :Clinelle Online websiteor Guardian


I like the night cream packaging, Clinelle put in on a simple-elegant jar and we can see the white cream from outside. I want the day creamhas a packaging like this too. Clinelle makes the jar from glass, so don’t be surprised if this night cream is quite heavy. It’s okay, the jar not eat much space on my beauty box and the glass is not easy to broken.

STEP 6 – Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Spot Corrector Essence

Well, even tho this product not be a hero product in Clinelle whiten up series, but this product become a star in my skin care routine lately. Yap ! As you know, I have a lot of problem with dark spot, acne scars, uneven skin and redness. So, I can’t live without any whitening serum and dark spot essence. When Clinelle send me this series, the first product that I tried is spot corrector essence to proven their claims.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Spot Corrector Essence

I really interest with this product, because Clinelle in previous series doesn’t have special item like that. They just launch a common product, like 5 products above. A spot corrector essence like this is really important for you who have a acne skin type to removed any acne scars and dark spot. To use it, you just need to smear the gel on the troubled skin only, before you applying night cream/serum. Wait until the gel perfectly dry, before you applying the next skin care.

Don’t worry, even tho the gel ispretty sticky and thick, but the gel still quick to dry. You need to noted it, you will feel sore or “cekit cekit” on the injured skin, if you applying this gel on this part. It’s normal, you didn’t to worry or think this gel is not suitable with you. Well, after I tried this spot correction essence for one week, here’s the result :

See? after 5days my acne scar is totally gone. No redness and dark spot is appeared again. Honestly, I’m speechless, the formulas inside of this essence is pretty good ! You need to try it out now !

Well, like their claims Clinelle corrector spot essence will help you to visible or reduction of any pigmentation skin, lighten dark spots and scars, reduction discoloration and improve our skin tone. Yap, I used it once a day and just at night before serum. I think this product is hero from the 3 hero product above. This essence is suitable with all skin type.

Clinelle Whiten Up Brightening Spot Corrector Essence

Net/Netto : .15 ml

Brand Origin : Malaysia

Price : 259.000

Where to buy :Clinelle Online websiteor Guardian


Yey ! Clinelle create a spot corrector essence in small, tiny and slim tube. It’s easy for me to bring and put it any where. The packaging still simple, elegant and eye-catching, same as another corrector essence from another brand. Clinelle is also made it with the small tip, so we can easily adjust the gel that will came out. Good job, Clinelle !

Final Thought

Again and again, Clinelle is never failed to steal my heart from the beginning. After I craving for this product 2 month ago (if I’m not wrong), finally Clinelle give me a chance to tried their new series, Clinelle Whiten Up. I can’t lie about the formulas inside the product, I rate 5/5 for the formulas and 4/5 for the packaging.If you’re looking for a brightening/whitening skin care, I really RECOMMEND Clinelle Whiten Up series for you. All skin type are welcome to tried this skin care series. I already proven, if all products in Whiten up series is suitable for all skin type, included sensitive skin. One week I tried this skin care, my skin improved better everyday. No skin problems is appeared.

If you ask me about the favourite products, I choose the spot correction essence and the cleanser. Those products is pretty awesome, I can feel the big differences on it. So far, their claim about brightening/whitening effects is PROVEN. Well, talk about the price, I know Clinelle has a quite expensive price. But, I guarantee youwill never be disappointed to buy it. So,Clinelle White Up series become my favourite skin care of this month. YEY !

That’s all guys, Thank you so much for Clinelle ID teams and I hope you enjoy my review and see you on another review ! Oya, you can check Clinelle products and update on their Website and Instagram too guys.

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