BIOKOS Battle Make Up ?

BIOKOS Battle Make Up ?

Battle of singing? It’s common.

Battle of dancing? It’s common.

Did you hear about battle of make up?

I know.. most of all of you will be thinking if battle make up is 2 person or more do the better make up, but.. it’s common too.

A while ago, on Jul, 25.. I have a chance to join a special battle make up at Beauty Carnival with BIOKOS. As you know, BIOKOS is the one of the best skin care in Indonesia. So, I don’t think twice and join.

Before do a make up, BIOKOS trainee teach us how to cleansing our face’s skin and we as a participant must do the step that’s exemplified in front of us. So, let’s get started :

First: Don’t forget to wash your face first. Fyi, you can use BIOKOS intensive brightening foam for this step. Next.. use the cleansing milk, you just tap in around your face and then you can clean your face start from the eyes area, cheeks, forehead, and all your face with a little massage. After that, you can wipe with clean cotton.

Second: Use the toner for the maximal cleansing. Pour sufficiently on clean cotton and wipe around your face and neck. Toner will makes your face skin more fresh, brighter, smoother, and hydrated.

Third: Use the serum. Please choose the serum that fit with your skin type and your needing, like anti-aging, anti-wrinkles or many more. Serum will help your face skin look more health, beauty and brighter than before. You can use the BIOKOS Derma Bright Intensive for this step.

After we do all the step above, next we can do our make up and the battle start now !

This battle divided into two team, the first one is Matte team with the coach @Jessica_ie and Glowing team with the coach @CynthianSunartio. We’re as the participant do self make up and BIOKOS provide all the make up stuff like Caring make up set, Caring compact powder, and Caring BB Cream (new product).

There’s two kind of BB Cream that we use in this battle, the first one is BB Cream Timeless Illuminate for Glowing team and BB Cream No More Shine for Matte team. Those product is the new innovation from caring by Biokos for the all skin type.

What’s the different?

BB Cream Timeless Illuminate– Best for youthful glowing skin (normal or dry skin), help your skin look more glowing/shinny, SPF 35 PA +++ and special ingredient with rejuvenating complex.

BB Cream No More Shine – Best for oily skin, help to control the oil, SPF 35 PA +++ with balancing complex.

Those BB Cream you can buy by online if it hasn’t marketed in stores near your place. Just check on their instagram and get the bundling package with the BIOKOS intensive brightening foam. I think the price is really affordable and this product is fits for all woman. Just choose the BB cream that fits with your skin type.

The battle lasts for 45 minutes, all participants from two team do the best make up, because one person from each team, will be choosing as a winner. In front of us, looked two coaches do the make up for the models and sometimes giving some tips to all guest how to do the best make up.

After the coaches done with the make up, they’re walking around to all participants to checking and scoring. They’ve to choose one person of each team to be a winners.

The winners is @AmandaTorquise from Glowing Team and @AliciaFebby15 from Matte team. Congrats for both of you❤

Even I’m not choosen as the one of the winner, I’m still excited to be a participant on this event because I got so much beauty and make up knowledge from BIOKOS speaker and two talented coaches. Uhm.. this is the rare chance right ! and taraaa… this is the Glowing make up by me. I don’t know the make up is good/not because until now I still learning a lot about make up.

Alright guys, I want to say thanks to Surabaya Beauty Blogger (@sbybeautyblogger) to once again having me in a great event. I always feel so honorable to be a parts of you guys. So much fun, so much friends and so much experience that I got.

Thanks too BIOKOS to having me on this battle make up and for the great goodie bag. I will review all the skin care and make up tools from Caring by BIOKOS on the next post. So, Stay Tune.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time today guys.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me onIG : @tephieteph or @tephtephie.

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